AK Muzzle Flash In The Dark

    My friend Calvin asked to see a comparison of muzzle flash on an AK47. He was curious how much a factory Slant Brake could mitigate flash if at all compared to a bare muzzle. I took him up on it and said I could film it. I took my RAS47 out to my local range. The range does not have any real time limit since it is nestled in a cul de sac of mountains and no one lives near by. The results were surprising.

    I used cheap Tulammo from Walmart and my Century Arms RAS47. I tried to capture the muzzle flash from different angles. I used my DSLR and iPhone SE.

    From my iPhone I was able to screen grab these images. This was from one shot. Not sure why the fireball is split. You can see it illuminates my face at first, then illuminates everything below the rifle. Weird.



    Here is a POV shot of the muzzle flash seen through the Trijicon MRO.



    Next up was the Slant Brake. I saw some very mild muzzle flashes with an occasional large fire ball. I guess that is just the inconsistencies from the ammo?

    14720362_10154714449120337_8209195174455289338_n 14729130_10154714449175337_6748027363640334039_n 14713617_10154714449180337_5091332362795873841_n


    POV with Slant Brake.14716097_10154712354880337_8642651450925400535_n


    Then I tried my VG6 AK Epsilon Muzzle Brake and it helped diffuse the muzzle blast a great deal.



    POV of the VG6 AK Epsilon brake.14708241_10154712354915337_376417901960517269_n


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