For those who already know what this is, good for you. I missed out on this silliness back in 2012. For those like me who have not seen this before, this is a double finger trigger. You may be scratching your head as to why someone would want this on their AR15. The double finger trigger actually comes from the Paintball world. You alternate each finger to pull the trigger and you can get a rather quick rate of fire with a paint ball gun.


Not sure how well this will work with an AR but I suspect it didnt fare well since they are no longer made. However the owner of the AR above put it on a select fire lower. He had to modify it to work with full auto. He did it as a joke.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im no gunsmith but that seems like a stupid waste of time.

  • Malcomr

    Should be “didn’t fare well”.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Can someone who knows something about paintball tell me why they don’t just make full-auto paintball guns? Especially since they have electronic firing?

    • Red McCloud

      Most fields don’t allow full-auto paintball guns because paintballs hurt and people are idiots and will spray people with paintballs for way too long, leading to actually quite bad injuries.

      • Nicholas C

        I dont see how that is any different to what the double finger does.

        The video I linked said 18 balls a second. That is 1080 rounds per minute. That is a decent rate of fire. You could berate someone with that method just as well as full auto.

        • Jako

          The faster the rate of fire the higher the risk of breaking a ball in the barrel, which then can screw your next shot(s).

          Then it’s squeegee time, which isn’t desirable when they are shooting back.

          I know the improved feed hoppers cleared up part of that problem (as well as the issue of dry firing) but it’s still a possibility.

          • Dan

            As well as pressure drop or what i believed was called “shoot down”? In anycase having to constantly adjust where your shots went was not desirable

          • Jako

            I think the switch to air over CO2 helped greatly with the pressure drops, but that was happening right as I was quitting the sport. Both my Markers (one open bolt, one closed bolt) ran on CO2 so I never got to really test or enjoy the benefits of air.

        • Sasquatch

          Most rec fields only allow around 10 bps (balls per second) for rec play. Now the 18+ bps gun are ment for speed ball. Look it up it gets quick intense.

        • Doctor Jelly

          It’s kind’ve like full auto vs bump/slide fire in the gun world. One is illegal (because of history, stigma, and lack of one’s skill required to use effectively) and one is not (because it’s newer to the sport, doesn’t have an illicit history, and requires a modicum of skill to operate properly).

          Afterthought warning: I meandered here, but can’t bring myself to delete the time I wasted, so stop if you don’t care about the different designs in paintball used to achieve high rates of fire and still skirt the no full auto rule…
          I haven’t played in over a decade, but double triggers could only be taken advantage of on electronic board trigger systems (obviously there were knock offs for style, but functionally you couldn’t walk the trigger. Also, there was ramping, which was halfway between full auto and walking the trigger, and Tippmann had the Response Trigger which emulated ramping without electronics). All methods of laying down paint became an issue because hoppers (most common paintball magazine) operated on gravity dropping the ball into the chamber. The faster you fired, the less likely a ball would fully chamber when firing, which caused a chop. Once that happened you had to pull the barrel and clean it to get back into the game. That’s where Tippmann put out another good design (in addition to being the first full auto paintball marker designer, Flatline, etc) with the A5. It forced balls into the chamber after pre-loading up to 5 via gravity. This allowed for up to 15 balls per second without chopping (the A5 is also what you commonly see prison guards/riot control use with pepper spray balls). The speedball world stuck to the single tube feed stack with gravity, but used an electronic agitator to encourage balls to drop down to the chamber more reliably.
          Man, I have a sudden urge to go play again!

      • Dan

        The full auto rule kinda became pointless when ramping and insane rates of somewhat semi auto came in to play. I was actually surprised to learn the full auto mode had a slower rate of fire(depending on make) It was also considered unsporting in the early years. Semi auto supposedly required more “skill” With the modern guns full auto kind of went away.

        • Dan

          I cannot speak for the major tournament leagues the league I played in banned it for the above reason and we took our rules from the NPPL

    • Zachary marrs

      i had a full auto tippman years ago, it was one of the ones made to look like an m4

      • Derrick Delgado

        Forgot about that thing!

    • Mystick

      Not all paintball guns fire electronically. And full auto guns with both mechanical and electrical fire control systems exist, and have existed for 20 years… The electronic ones are preferred since on most you can adjust rate of fire, delay, and can configure bursts of varying lengths.

    • J.T.

      They do, but they aren’t allowed in most tournaments.

  • Ken

    You can actually overrun the trigger and get hammer follow. Then you have to recock the hammer. You can do that as well with the binary trigger, but I believe there is now one that has a safety sear.

    • TexianPatriot

      Not hard to do by the way. Out running the binary doesn’t take much.

  • gusto

    longer triggers like that have been present on other service rifles outside of the US way before paintball hit the scene, it is not to fire quicker but to be able to reach the trigger when wearing mitten style gloves when it is cold outside

    The Alps gets cold during the winter and so does the Swedish/norweigan mountains and finnish woods (:

  • Jim_Macklin

    It is dark, the Trick or Treat kids are out. .

    You are a cop or a private citizen…

    You have less than 2 seconds left to decide, shoot or die?

    How old is the person behind the mask?

  • Conor Margraf

    A rep came into the FFL I worked at a few years back seeing if we’d like to carry them. We told him that it was an ND waiting to happen. Shooter goes to grab the gun as normal, trigger finger straight, middle finger where the grip normally is and bang. He seemed to have more faith in people than we did.

  • Nobody Inparticular

    Um, that’s a FA gun.

  • randomswede

    There is one benefit to a longer trigger, as paintball has taught me, with a longer lever you need less force over a longer travel.
    I sincerely doubt many people would be able to reach a higher ROF with that AR trigger but being able to drop the trigger finger to the lower groove and very precisely squeeze a round off could potentially be a thing, not really, but could be.