BREAKING: Walther Introduces New “Creed” Pistol – PPX Gets a Makeover?

Well I just heard the news today, Walther has introduced a new low budget 9mm handgun called the “Creed”. The pistol appears to be essentially a rebadged PPX with a new name and revamped external contours to match the company’s PPQ and CCP pistols. The Shooting Wire reports on the reworked handgun:

(FORT SMITH, Ark.) – Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the new Creed pistol. A Creed is a set of fundamental beliefs. For Walther, those beliefs are superior ergonomics, excellence in trigger design, and unparalleled accuracy, quality, and reliability. The new Walther Creed makes a statement in modern polymer-frame handguns that all of these features can be achieved with
an economic price-tag. The Creed offers a reinforced polymer frame with signature ergonomics that shooters have come to expect from Walther. The non-slip grip texturing, standard on most Walther pistols, ensures the gun remains firmly in the shooter’s hand during use. The Creed features a pre-cocked double-action trigger system and a bobbed hammer that ensure a no-snag draw from a concealment. This system provides the shooter with a light and smooth trigger pull, consistent from the first shot to the last. All metal components are treated with a corrosion and abrasion resistant TENIFER® coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. With an ambidextrous magazine release, low profile steel 3-dot sights, and front and rear cocking serrations on the slide, Walther refused to compromise on the quality or features of the Creed. Offered in 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and 1/10 twist. The Creed comes with two sixteen round 9mm magazines. The overall length is 7.3 inches and an empty magazine weight of 26.6 ounces.

“The value the Creed offers consumers is almost unbelievable. We are so excited to pack all these features into an amazingly ergonomic pistol with a great trigger.” said Luke Thorkildsen, VP of Marketing & Product Development of Fort Smith-based Walther Arms, Inc.

The MSRP is $399.

For more on the Creed visit, and all Walther Arms social media outlets.

In my opinion, this is a smart move on Walther’s part, although I can’t say I endorse their choice of name. The PPX is a very competitively priced pistol that suffers from being extremely ugly looking, with uninteresting, angular lines on the slide that clash with the more organic-looking frame, and a generally bulky appearance.


Pictured: A not very good looking pistol. The takedown lever in particular is a major eyesore. Image source:


Hopefully (assuming the Creed is in fact a PPX), Walther has made the essential bits of the Creed (magazines, triggers, barrels, etc) backwards-compatible with the PPX, so that what aftermarket there is for the latter pistol isn’t lost with the new model. Unfortunately, just based on the shape, it doesn’t look like holsters will be compatible between the two, although perhaps the Creed will be able to use PPQ holsters.

Will the market accept the new Walther with arms wide open, or will the pistols get all rusted and weathered? Let’s just hope it earns a better reputation than alternative rock music.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • derpmaster

    With such a silly name, I’m not exactly certain that the gun community will accept this “With Arms Wide Open”

  • Dan

    “With arms wide open” I see what you did there.

  • hking

    Still looks like a hipoint.

  • Mike N.

    Couldn’t resist getting a PPX for the prices CDNN was charging ($300 with threaded barrel). As fugly as the gun is, I love mine, it has a great trigger and shoots very nicely.

    “Creed” is a stupid name, they might just as well have called it the “Nickelback”.

    • PK

      When it gets revised next time, maybe they will name it “Nickelback” and even nickel the slide…

    • TheMaskedMan

      I don’t know why they didn’t just stick with PPX.

      • Some Guy

        Because while Walther employs excellent engineers they have literally zero clue what people want. Over the years they’ve been ahead of the curve on a lot of features that we now consider to be standard on pistols but they consistently fail to understand the market they’re in.

        Release the PPQ (an evolution of the P99) then release a second version whose magazines aren’t compatible with the older version.

        Release the PPX but make it take it’s own mags instead of P99 mags

        Release the PPS many years before the single stack 9mm boom, then fail to market it when that boom hits

        etc, etc

        I really want to like Walther but damn if they don’t make it hard.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          “Because while Walther employs excellent engineers they have literally zero clue what people want.”

          You have NO IDEA how perfectly true that is. Although I seriously question the “engineering” that went into the CCP.

          Basically everything Walther has done after the release of the PPQ M2 has validated my decision to leave that company behind.

          • Some Guy

            Isn’t the CCP an umarex gun with a walther rollmark?

            I personally don’t think those count (except in the devaluation of the Walther name)

          • JoelC

            No, CCP is the Gas delayed blowback single stack 9mm that doesn’t really delay right and just blows hot gas everywhere.

        • mazkact

          They make a fantastic pellet rifle 😉

    • Judd Hack

      Never know. The balboa might be coming out next year.

    • RyanC

      I would get a Nickelback in an instant, and carry it in the hopes one day I’d get to actually use it in self-defense.

      And standing over my fallen foe, the last words he’d hear before expiring would be “Bro, you just got killed by Nickelback.”

  • Joe

    The bore axis looks pretty high compared to its contemporaries.
    It does resemble a Hi Point, but compared to the previous iteration it’s a decided improvement.

  • I love Walther, but the name is more reminiscent of the Rocky Franchise than one of the oldest and most respected firearms manufacturers in the world.

  • Slim934

    I really want a gen 2 CCP that does not have the stupid field stripping procedure of the current one.

    • AD

      I second that!

    • Harry’s Holsters

      And a bigger ambi thumb safety. It’s in a good position but just needs some more meat.

  • PK

    I’ve seen a phenomenal number of the recent Walther striker-fired pistols in the past few years.

    They’re all in TV shows, but still. Popular handgun to fit the super-modern and sci-fi look, and they must be reasonably priced as far as using them in blank firing configuration goes.

    • If it is a revamped PPX, it uses a hammer, not a striker.

      • PK

        My mistake, thanks for the correction. Concealed hammer. I haven’t handled one in person, so I had no idea.

        • Billy Jack

          Same here. Never looked at the PPX beyond a profile pic and I never noticed.

  • Zach

    I guess the name is a little weird, but aren’t we all a little worn out on gun companies having to have a badass tactical sounding acronym for everything? PPQ, CCP, FN FNS, XDM, S&W M&P, VP9, DDM4V11, etc. Those with just numbers in front of a letter (cough Glock and Sig) even further add to the confusion. I think maybe Ruger jump started a trend with their American Pistol that a bunch of manufactures are jumping on board with. We’re not used to this, but who really cares? I think it’s a nice departure from the norm. Now we’ve got the American Pistol, the Creed, and soon, the Springfield Armory “Saint”, probably a little easier to remember.

    • James Young

      Exactly what I was thinking. Gun companies just create confusion with their failure to even attempt branding. P99,PPX,PPQ,PPQM2,PPS,CCP…And that’s just Walther. I give Ruger higher marks on the name, but I think this is a step in the right direction.

      People above disagree, but that’s like the sales guy at the gunshop who has to lecture a new gunowner on terminology or someone who’s stuck on whatever legacy gun/caliber as the only thing you’ll ever need and anything new is inferior

    • Madcap_Magician

      I’m still predicting the “Saint” will end up being a much-ballyhooed line of athletic clothing under the SA brand.

  • GD Ajax

    They should have know better to name something “Creed” in the age of the internet.

    • Jim Slade

      The social consequences of a dumb name like that might not translate well into the native German of the decision makers.
      I’m waiting for the “Hasselhoff” in .40 .

      • David Harmon

        That thing better come with a hairy chest and carried to me by Pamela Anderson pre-Hep and in her 20’s

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Looking at the slide design I don’t think kydex PPQ holsters will work. It may work with a Leather holster.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      It’s not even close. That’s such a basic comment to make coming from an author who is supposed to be an expert.

      • The slide contour on the PPQ And Creed look very similar, what are you on about?

        • Harry’s Holsters

          You’re right the slide is very similar. I was looking at the PPX. The trigger guard on the Creed is completely different though and that’s where most of the retention of Kydex holsters come from.

          Through it in a M&P or Glock 21 holster and it’ll probably fit but it won’t be anywhere near optimal.

          • Right, the triggerguard would be my biggest concern.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Maybe you should start your own blog.
        Youre the Dwight Schrute of this forum. lol

    • Maybe some holsters will work, maybe none will. I don’t think we’ll know until someone tries.

  • Don Ward

    I’m just here to read the Creed movie/band jokes.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    My buddy just bought a PPS M2 and for the money I’m really impressed with these guns. From handling the PPX I’ve been impressed with it also. At the price point if you don’t have money to change out the sights and do other mods you get a lot of gun for the money. I wouldn’t suggest these over other guns but for the price they can’t be beat.

    Walther is doing a great job of providing the quality gun for at the lower end of the price spectrum.

  • DW

    Remington came out with the ugliest pistol, and walther came out the dumbest name, all in the samw day…

    • RSG

      I just commented above that this is uglier than the Remington. And even if they are close, and adding in the Ruger American, what’s up with all these hideous handguns?

      • Ernesto

        They all want to look like a Hi Point as it sells so well.

  • Oaf

    Creed is the perfect name for a gun that is actually pretty good, but everyone is going to hate.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Isnt Walthers lineup pretty redundant already? I have a hard enough time keeping up with what they already offer.

    • FightFireJay

      PPQ- flagship double stack
      PPS- standard single stack CCW
      CCP- Umarex gun with reduced cycling effort and thumb safety
      PPX/Creed- cheap but reliable brick
      P99- DASA gun

      That’s not so bad. Especially when compared to Glock or Kimber. Each of the above has multiple unique features.

      • ARCNA442

        I think its less redundancy and more their propensity to redesign existing guns and then continue to offer both variants under the same name – see PPQ and PPS M1 / M2 (which in the latter’s case looks like a different gun). And having almost every name start with “PP” somewhat confusing.

        Glock would have done their customers a huge favor if they had restricted new model numbers to frame sizes rather having one for every caliber configuration and the less said about Smith & Wesson’s factory numbers the better.

        • James Young

          S&W names are so confusing. Where is the logic? Well I guess it’s gotten better because the M&P9 or 9c makes perfect sense. The 642, 686, 629, 60, SDVE and whatever, I just dont get

          • mig1nc

            Yeah, and don’t even get me started on 3rd gens!

      • James Young

        I think they have a great lineup for the most part. I still am not sure about the CCP though. I think I’m missing something. You say Umarex and reduced cycling effort…I dont know what that means or why I should buy one

  • alex waits

    Think they will come out a left handed version? Maybe call it “Apollo”

    • Jack

      I thought Rocky was the south paw.

  • RSG

    That’s an incredibly ugly firearm. Even more than that new Remington pistol.

  • noamsaying

    Love my PPQ and PPS, but does this thing have the same blowback system as the CCP, that has been panned in some circles? Do you need a tool to disassemble?

    • Mike N.

      If it’s anything like my PPX it uses the usual tilting barrel action

  • Hoplopfheil

    The price is right… But it might be the only thing right with this pistol. Ugh.

  • Leadsled

    Ali I know is the PPX is one of the finest shooting handguns I have owned. Most comfortable to hold and smoothest trigger which equals the most accurate handgun I have fired. Only other 9mm more accurate is the Sub2000. It is also ugly to the observer on the side. Not so much from the shooter’s or target’s perspective.

  • Audie Bakerson

    James Bond won’t be posing with one of these on a movie poster.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    The Walther PPX was my favorite budget handgun. I like the updates, they just need to get that stupid name off of the slide.

  • David Harmon

    Walther’s do not sit in display cases for very long. For a very good reason too.

  • Zundfolge

    As for holsters, the only reason I know this pistol exists is because I get emails from Alien Gear and they sent out an email this morning touting their new holsters for the Creed.

  • Karl Hungus

    Still no long slide .45 PPQ, Walther must be smoking crack

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader


  • B Hawk

    The ugly spawn of a PPQ and Hi-Point.

  • jimpeel

    Great. The thing can’t be sold in Colorado due to the 15 round magazine ban.

    Just call it the CCCP and sell it to the Russians.

  • David Nicholas

    I own a Walther PPS M2 9mm. I’d put that up against any 9mm single stack for concealed carry. It’s well made, reliable and ergonomic. Ever since Walther established their own presence in the USA, they have come out with some great products that are focused on the US market. The Creed is going to disrupt the market at this price point.