BREAKING: Remington Finally Introduces RP9 and RP45 Striker-Fired Handgun

Big Green is going “Glock”: Remington is finally introducing its long-in-development polymer handgun. The new handgun is a tilting-barrel striker-fired affair, but it possesses some unique features that hint at a wider family of Remington striker-fired pistols. The pistol will come in two varieties, the first to be launched will be the RP9 followed by the RP45.

UPDATE: Read our first impression review here.

phil shoots rp9

TFB Editor Phil White Shoots the RP9




Remington-RP45-right-side (1) Remington-RP45 Remington-RP45-new-pistol

One of the most distinctive features of the RP9 / RP45 is its heavily chamfered barrel surface. Most tilting-barrel recoil operated Browning guns use a slight chamfer on the barrel to allow it to pass underneath the slide, but the RP9 / RP45 has a much more extreme chamfer than normal. This has led some to speculate that the RP9 / RP45 might represent a unified slide and frame design that will be used for 9mm and .40 S&W variants in the future, in addition to the .45 ACP version just released. They also appears to feature an internal serialized chassis – a key feature of pistol’s designed for the US Army’s Modular Handgun System program.

It seems possible that the RP45 / 9 may have come about – like the Ruger American pistol – as part of a planned Modular Handgun System bid by Remington, or it may just be Remington’s belated attempt to get in on the popular law enforcement and commercial striker-fired pistol markets.

Our own Richard Johnson has also written an article on the new pistol over at his site

UPDATE: Read our first impression review here.

Nathaniel F

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  • DW

    the moment when even the APX looks better than this thing

    • Joe

      Nope, the ARX retains that title, in spite of Remington’s offering.

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    Uglier that a shootout on an elevator!

  • MeatPants


  • Edeco

    Those clips don’t look too wide. Will the 45 ones be assault-capacity?

    • JustAHologram

      If it was designed as a duty gun, I would expect 15+1 like the FNX 45 or at least 13+1 like the G21.

      • Ken

        It could be like the Ruger American .45 or the M&P45, which kind of have a 1.5 stack and don’t have the width or capacity that the Glock or FN have.

        • Robert

          The CZ 97 with its 10rd capacity kinda sorta falls into that same 1.5 category. Especially if you replace the factory grips with the thinner, newer milled aluminum ones.

        • JustAHologram

          I just have normal sized hands and I think the FNX 45 is very comfortable to shoot slightly less so one handed but still manageable

          • Edeco

            Exactly, I one-hand an FNX45 regularly, so for my part there’s no longer a good excuse for lower capacity in a duty- or larger size gun.

  • JustAHologram

    It could use more slide serrations.

  • Red McCloud

    Yaaay it’s an FNS but with an inevitable product recall! I just can’t wait for this to fly off the she-oh they’ve been recalled.

    • JustAHologram

      Much to my annoyance there is still no FNS 45

      • Harry’s Holsters

        LAV said on a FB live that FN was planning to release an updated FNS with some changed he consulted on.

  • James

    Welcome to 10 years ago remington! Geez talking about missing the boat…

  • QuadGMoto

    I’m confused by this article. It says the RP9 was released first, not the RP45. But also that only the .45 version has been released, and 9mm and .40 S&W versions are merely speculation.

    That seems contradictory.

    • DIR911911 .

      you did better than me , that gun is so ugly I didn’t even see the article

    • Both the 9mm and 45 will be available. The 9mm is what I shot in West Va at the Remington event. The article will be up later today with the facts. It’s going up much earlier than planned.
      No current plan for a 40 cal.

  • M-dasher

    Man, I’m glad a company finally came out with a polymer striker fired gun!……there’s been a huge need for one considering no one is making them!

  • Joseph Goins

    And it is going to fail like the R51.

  • Robert

    BREAKING: Remington Immediately Recalls RP9 and RP45 Striker-Fired Handgun

    • Anonymoose

      TTAG broke the news in the middle of the night last night, then yanked the story. It was almost as if Remington was trying to cover it up…

      • Swarf

        They posted it at least twice and yanked it at least twice.

        There must be some sort of internal kerfuffle going on over there, because they were first that I saw and then they got scooped by the entire rest of the internet.

      • Billy Jack

        There’s one sane person in their headquarters trying to hide that trash.

    • Quest

      Made my day haha ? , first thing i tought too

    • Dragonheart

      Now that is funny! Unfortunately, the truth often is.

  • Petto

    This thing is like with FNS frame and APX slide haha

    such a ugly looking pistol

  • Swarf


    Anyway, why did they use a re-badged Hi Point in their promo? Is that a place holder?

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Looks like a Sig P320 and a S&W M&P got drunk and had a bastard child.

  • Kevin Riley

    Observations –

    1. And people thought the Glock was ugly,
    2. Remington really, really wants you to know it’s made by them. (Big “R”s everywhere and Remington on the slide pretty big also.
    3. Pretty late to the game and after their latest failure with the R51, even if I was in the market for another pistol, I’d pass on this.
    4. Stick with what works for me – Glock.

  • DIR911911 .

    damn that’s an ugly gun. that giant r on the grip looks like a giant trump sign on the side of a building, tacky.

  • Raginzerker

    That’s a really ugly s&w m&p

  • A.WChuck

    With all those “R”s, I assume it is a pirate gun!

    • PK

      What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?

      • Anonymoose

        ’tis the C, me love!

        • PK

          I would also have accepted “yarr, it be the sea, matey”.

          • Anonymoose

            I got it from that stupid commercial.

  • Richard

    It looks like some built a smith and Wesson m&p clone with only their memory as a guide.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    That Remington is still in business is a perfect reminder that advertising is more important than quality standards.

    • JustAHologram

      And Taco Bell

      • SPQR9

        The difference is that Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars.

        • Gus Butts

          This type of comment is why I keep reading them.

      • Billy Jack

        But which causes more negligent discharges? Botulism isn’t a kind of parsley.

  • John Yossarian

    Sad how the “R” is now like a badge of shame. Without the big “R” on each side of the frame, this pistol wouldn’t look half as bad. However, the frame also seems very slick.

    I’m still curious about the trigger, the recoil and this pistols dimensions. Just because it’s nothing new, doesn’t mean that it isn’t something better.

  • Gus Butts

    When is Colt’s striker-fired polymer handgun due out next?

    • M-dasher

      Colt apparently wants to go out of business…….so likely never……

    • DaveP

      1992. It was called the All American or the Colt 2000 and was the handgun equivalent of a Yugo with a quart of sand in the crankcase. On fire.

      • Swarf

        But… wouldn’t the sand put out the fire?

  • KoyoteTan

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for some company to come out with a polymer striker fired handgun of some kind. Now I’ll finally have some options. Can’t wait for the Wal-Mart WM9 and WM45

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Walmart doesn’t sell handguns.

      • Jukku

        Not with that attitude.

      • KoyoteTan

        Man! You’re a buzz kill. Hahaha.

  • valorius

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • Sasquatch

    Hmm let’s see of they learned their lesson.

  • Gregory

    What do you get when a PPQ mates with a M&P? A sure to fail RP9 and RP45.

    • Minuteman

      I was just about to say the exact same thing.

    • Billy Jack

      A ND & FTF at the range and a ventilated chest cavity in a gun fight?

  • If my eyes are not deceiving me, it appears to use Para-Ord P14.45 magazines tubes with a different floorplate and a magazine catch slot added to the left side.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Looks like a badge engineered Ruger American Pistol.

    Heinous affront to aesthetics. I just can’t imagine there’s a demand for huge pistols like this in today’s CCW obsessed market.

    • The Ruger American is a chaotic eyesore, pretty much like most of their other releases in recent years. I prefer smooth curved transitions, not divergent planes and facets.

      • Hoplopfheil

        I think the SR series look relatively elegant compared to others on the market.

        And I may or may not own multiple P Series pistols, even though those were definitely not “lookers.”

        But the RAP is just so chunky. It looks like it has unnecessary bulk. It’s not beefy because it has to be, it’s beefy because they wanted to make it more angular (just from a visual standpoint. I have no idea about the mechanics of it).

        That’s why I don’t consider GLOCKs ugly, because they are as small and minimalistic as they can be while still containing the operating components.

        • Oh yes, everything has been downhill since the centerfire SR-series. To be fair, the later P-series like the P93 through the P97 were far better looking than the original P85 through P91.

          The RAP is chunky in part due to using a machined metal sub-frame, instead of welded stampings. The LCP2 is a definite retrograde step in aesthetics.

          • Hoplopfheil

            Damn right on all accounts!

            I quite like the P94 (the swinging link version that doesn’t have the aberrant polymer growth on the frame). Hefty, but also smoooooth.

    • TXPDelta

      I had to scroll almost down to the bottom of the comments before I saw someone make that connection. The RP series has a lot of the same proportions as Ruger’s American pistol and their all bad.

      What is the fad with the 4 lane wide back strap, huge ill fitting levers and slide-frame designs made to look like they were not supposed to be together.

  • SlowJoeCrow

    Based on their performance with the R51, I think the smart choice in striker fired pistols that start with R is Ruger, since you are far less likely to find yourself filling out recall paperwork.

  • Joseph Goins

    Remington shouldn’t offer new models until they learn what’s wrong with their current ones.

  • sean

    The Gun nobody asked for by the Company nobody wants a pistol from

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      In a field that is beyond over-saturated.

    • PK

      You have to give Remington some credit, at least. I really didn’t think anyone could clone a Glock and make it uglier than it was.

      That’s real innovation.

      • Anonymoose
        • Billy Jack

          You R P lover.

          • Anonymoose

            I haven’t roleplayed in a long time…

          • Billy Jack

            Say it in a Russian accent “You R P lover.”

            Yeah no surprise there. Remington has had their heads up their chassis for awhile.
            A Remington transformer. It transforms from trash to garbage.

          • Louis Bethel

            “Seems” to have one?
            The Nano, P320 and Honor Defense have that.
            How does it “seem” to have it?

          • No-Mo-BO

            BJ, my fake Indian bro! Went ‘biz-urk’ lately?

      • Anti_John_Wayne

        Glocks are the prettiest handgun ever made to any Shooter that appreciates functionality over cocobolo grips and an 7 round magazine. FYI the Garand ain’t exactly a work of art but it goes ‘ding’ every 8 rounds.

        • PK

          I own a bunch of different models. I use them. I carry them. I have a G19 on me right now, and a G17 in my desk.

          They’re still ugly as sin, but they are good, functional tools. I don’t find hammers pretty either, but I own a lot of those, too.

        • Nonya Bidness

          There’s nothing that says a functional gun has to be ugly. Quite the contrary. This is just an excuse Glockophiles use to justify their choices. Funny, all my 1911’s function just fine.

    • The Irredeemable Raven

      My R1E is one sweet shooting 1911…and I own many.

      When I carry a 1911, it’s usually the one that comes out of the safe.

  • Disarmed in CA

    They’re just giving the finger to California

  • Bullphrog855

    All these striker fires coming out and I’m sitting here thinking about trading mine in for a DASA pistol.

  • Robert

    I don’t put a lot of faith in a gun company that temporarily ruined Marlin, hid the fact that their 700 triggers were dangerous and also makes fashionable bedding!

    • Swarf


      • Anonymoose


    • Bierstadt54

      Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. 🙂

  • 40mmCattleDog

    Springfield has the “grip zone” guess Remington needed to have the “R” zone.

  • AC97

    Oh look, another aesthetically unappealing gun (even more so than the Glock) that’s from a company that’s had quite the terrible track record lately.


  • Chris22lr

    Gun that can’t decide if it is Walther PPQ, S&W SW99, S&W Sigma, Ruger SR9, Ruger American or FN FNS. Uncovered slide dust cover resembles competition models of HS Produkt pistols.

    Is it me or is the “P45” on the slide written in a font used by former ParaOrd? That’s all what was left of Para after acquisition by Green R?

    • The Irredeemable Raven

      Where do you think the “new” long barreled 10mm came from?


  • JSmath

    Definitely looks of the unwanted offspring of a fling between a PPQ and M&P.

    It isn’t saying much at all, but it’s still better looking than the Walther, which is something tragic to be saying on its own.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Nice job with the serrations. It looks like a cheese grater with a trigger.
    I hope the design team at Ruger gets a nice credit in the user manual.

  • PK

    I’m stunned. Remington made the Glock even uglier and probably made it less reliable in function.

  • JB S Sii

    Man that’s ugly. I get function and what not. Yeah it’ll sit in a holster but it needs to look cool. It reminds me of a high point in looks

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I hope the trend of lockworks in handguns continuing instead of serializing the frame.

    I love picturing a future in which you can easily drop-in new frames, barrels, slides, calibers. I hope “handgun systems” become the future.

  • Negative Nelly

    Does it really say Rpus on the right side of the slide?

    • Joseph Simeone

      it should…lol…but it is RP45

  • Joseph Simeone

    ugly in a weird way, not ugly in a utilitarian Glock way

  • Joseph Simeone

    they look good… poop on

  • PeeDee

    I like how they put a huge ‘R’ on the grip…because I couldn’t tell it was a Remington by the huge Remington rollmark on the side of the slide! If they just left all trace of who made the gun they might actually trick someone into to buy one.

    Maybe they did it as a PSA so when you’re at the range you will know the person next to you is shooting a Remington pistol and can slowly back away for your own safety.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Ergonomics on these new designs don’t take modern shooting techniques into account.

    The large beavertail slows the draw, the tang is to far into the gun again slowing the draw and also adding some more recoil. There also isn’t a good place to rest your thumb and the bore axis is high.

    Someone needs to realize the only things glock didn’t get right were the trigger guard undercut and the hump on the back.

  • Bierstadt54

    This is a very interesting pistol. Interesting in the sense that it makes us stop and think about how ugly it is. My guess is that this line is the result of angry sex between a Ruger American and a HiPoint, which was then given hideous brands by a comittee of Big Green quality control managers, who decided it would uphold their finest recall traditions. Pass.

  • Frank Grimes

    Re-branded Canik?

    • R H

      As if a company could simply re-brand a foreign pistol and sell it successfully….oh wait!

      • Frank Grimes

        Any company that does that should be ashamed, I only buy the finest quality American made polymer framed pistols like those made by Springfield Armory.

        • R H

          Exactly why I don’t buy that European Glock crap from Australia! I buy ‘Merican!

          • DW

            Sarcasm aside you do know some Glocks are indeed made in the USA right?

          • R H

            Yep! In fact I own a pair of American made Gen4s (and even one of those Croatian XDms).

  • Joe Schmo

    Those look awful. Remington needs to stop.

  • CharlesH

    So they took the Ruger American and went “Let’s add an R to the grip and call it ours!”

  • Ted Wright

    I can’t decide which is uglier – the Ruger American, or this. I don’t see any value this gun adds to the existing market.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    They need to update their logo and script. Looks cheap on a pistol.

  • Billy Jack

    The Remington RP9 is not an unimaginative duplicate of a certain weapon from an European manufacturer. There’s not even a Q in the name guys! The Reuger RP… I mean the Remington American. Dammit. PP9? P99? Just a little tongue tied fellas. The RP9. No, MSRP is not 9 Rupees. It’s a really great gun guys honest. Look how plastic it is! Americans love love love plastic right guys? It’s as plastic as plastic gets guys honest. Look, if you buy one we’ll give you a year supply of Hardee’s delicious burgers! No sale? You gotta be kidding me. You don’t know what you’re missing pal.

  • Peter Nissen

    Someone should call Glock and apologise for calling their pistols “ugly”! This thing has raised the bar on being lumpy ugly!

  • AD

    Aesthetically speaking, it looks nicer to my eyes than a lot of polymer guns that have been coming out recently. Which isn’t saying very much. Eh, maybe I’m just getting old.

  • mazkact

    And Y’all thought the Ruger American Pistol was fugly.

  • John S. (HammerForgedNinja)

    *yawn. Too little too late.

  • Sneetches

    Just a bit uglier than Ruger’s American.

  • John Hanson

    Man, this is so cool! I wish my R51 worked.

  • TW

    Hey guys wanna but a Glock copy, just made by a company with bad QC and probably a similar price.

  • Dave

    Looks like a Walther and an M&P got drunk and bumped uglies.

  • Anonymous

    It looks nothing like a Glock but more like the new Sig or an M&P.

  • Ringolevio

    You guys just don’t understand today’s “designers” (I’m talkin’ designers, not engineers). Look at today’s sneakers (Oops, I mean athletic shoes!), toothbrushes, even motorhomes with their hideous supergraphics, and you’ll realize that everything is supposed to look like a fucking spaceship.

  • James Wegman

    I would not buy ANY Remington product ever, even if it came with Kate Upton as a bonus!!!

  • stu gotz

    Big whoop. Just what the world needs, another plastic Glock copy.

  • Anti_John_Wayne

    Introduce yet another high capacity wonder nine on the eve of the re-enactment of the federal awb and 10 round magazine limit being re-forced upon us…. brilliant. I see exactly where this firearm will find its place in history… right next to the browning BDM

  • Hoth

    Great, another safetyless plastic fantastic with a trigger on the trigger. I’ll pass.

  • Louis Bethel

    Appears to have a modular chassis? Either it does or it doesn’t?
    Why would a heavily chamfered barrel indicate use in other calibers?
    Get a grip dude.

  • B.H.P.

    Looks like Glock, S&W and HK had an orgy….

  • Will

    Everybody wants to be the best until it’s time to BE the best then they simply fall short.
    Remington should stick with bolt action rifles and pulmonary action shotguns.
    Leave the polymer, striker fired, handgun business to Glock.

  • Will

    PUMP action not pulmonary
    Da&$ed spellcheck.
    It’s my worst enema.

  • James Swan

    A american gun manufacturer is trying to reinvent itself and try to win the publics trust back. I see a lot of hate comments but I do not see the gun designs from the haters being shown or their much more improved gun designs. Maybe one day these haters will fall on bad times and all they will get is hate and no help. Everyone deserves a second chance to win our trust back. I own nothing remington but I will try this gun because I want a american company to be successful.

  • Derrel Carter

    Looks like the Walther?

  • John

    So they made an XD, groovy. Considering their track record with handguns, I think I’ll just stick with my Glock

  • ckeltz3

    Man…..that is one UGLY piece. Collaboration with Bersa, Hi-Point, who??
    Ugghhh… thanks, I’d never buy anything this fugly.

  • rmm911

    Looks a lot like the Walther PPQ.

  • buzzman1

    WOW someone finally designed a pistol uglier than a Glock!

  • Baggy270

    Heck of a lot better looking than the Ruger at least….if it works….

  • Baggy270

    Get reel reely

  • richard kluesek

    “Remington’s belated attempt” summarizes it all up very well, nothing new or noteworthy here, will retain my Glock gen 3 s and Ruger SR 9 s.

  • LilWolfy

    It looks like a Hi-Point and Ruger SR9 had a test tube baby in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. I’m ready to hurl.

  • No-Mo-BO

    WTH is ‘striker-fired’?

  • Eric B.

    Eh… I’ll take a Ruger American 9mm over this Remington. The Ruger is a proven pistol built to meet military standards.

    But even better is my Glock 17 which I know is the most reliable handgun on the planet.

  • Jason Lewis

    Of course no 10mm. I stick with Glock I suppose.

  • Jim B

    I don’t want to sound like a turd but for the last few years Rem has proven repeatedly they disregard quality at all levels. From not fixing the mess started by Para to their version of the 1911. They simply hide from customer service and until they are rebuilt from the ground up, not worth the risk when there are so many quality manufacturers begging for a bigger piece of the firearms sales pie.. These handful of early manufacturers that remain should see themselves as part of American history and produce the quality accordingly. Just a .02 opinion

  • Nonya Bidness

    Hmmm….lots of moaning about Remington quality, yet they build an excellent 1911.

    They have finally managed to design an uglier pistol than the much-worshiped and highly overrated marketing wonder known as Glock.