James Yeager Leaks The Canik TP9SF ELITE

Love him or hate him, James Yeager still gives us a peek at the upcoming Canik TP9SF Elite. It appears that Mr. Yeager got his hands on the new mid-sized pistol while at a shoot with Ben “Mookie” Thomas. Yeager describes the pistol as having a 15 round capacity, on par with other mid-sized, compact designs like the P320 Compact and the Glock 19.

Yeager goes on to say the new gun will come with Warren Tactical sights as standard on the US model, which I think is a nice touch. Yeager also says that the trigger “condition thing” will be slightly different, whatever the hell that means.

With an anticipated price of about $399, the TP9SF Elite will undoubtedly be a contender that will put a small dent in the sales numbers of competing pistols. After all, the price is one of the leading motivators when the general public is choosing a pistol.

Yeager goes on to shoot the pistol in the last bit of the video. It appears the TP9SF Elite is a bit more flippy than other pistols I have seen Yeager shoot.  I would be interested to get my hands on one to determine if that is reality. No word on official specs at this time, but I imagine they will be out shortly. Check out Yeager’s video below.

Patrick R

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  • Brocus

    Push button and lever magazine release or what am I looking at?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Excellent question?

    • PK

      I can’t think of any other pistols that have both styles of mag release like this does! That’s interesting, for certain.

      • Billy Jack

        It’s the Walther/Glock mashup. I wonder if they had to license that lever from Walther too.

    • USMC03Vet

      The one is none concept just became serious.

    • Black Dots

      “Hey you in Europe? We got you covered! You in America? We got you covered! You want heel magazine release? Get the f*ck out of my souk!”

  • giannis kalyvas

    every dollar to turks is a dollar to ISIS

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      They have matching contributions just like NPR.

  • M-dasher

    Ide rather spend my money in countries that don’t actively support terrorism.

    It’s not like the Canik is some ground breaking news pistol with features never before seen in other guns…….

    • yodamiles

      Even if you don’t believe that Turkey support terrorism, you still shouldn’t support Erdoğan.

      • Al

        People shouldn’t vote for Hillary either, but half of the country will do it anyway 🙂

      • Bill

        Isn’t every third person in Turkey named Erdogan?

    • MoonStar

      Turkish troops are in Syria now and they fight against ISIS. Northern areas are completely cleaned. Operation for EL-BAB will begin in near future. This is a big city and one of industry center of Syria, so very important. It will be a difficult battle.

      • Billy Jack

        Just because they’re in Syria now preventing the Kurds from staking out too much territory adjacent to Turkey doesn’t mean they’re there fighting Isis. They’re creating a zone for Syrian Turks in the North to operate safely out of. Their actions now are in line with Russia which should be noted by Erdogan’s public apology to Russia, visit to the Kremlin and renewed energy pact with Russia.

        And previously they bought Isis oil and allowed Isis to purchase weapons and new trucks and have them imported through Turkey. They also pumped up another flavor of the month terror group to promote their own stake in the slicing up of Syria. That was after shooting down a Russian jet for NATO causing a massive escalation in the entire Syrian conflict causing Russia to deploy significant force to the region and use sanctions to put Turkey in check. And in return for the sanctions Erdogan blackmailed Europe for billions of euros under threat of allowing Syrian refugees free passage to Europe. That totally leaves out the fascist lockdown the country is under and having the US thinking twice about storing nukes there. Let’s not pretend the current regime in Turkey is remotely sane or honest or working against anything other than itself.

        • MoonStar

          Yes except Turkey, all other countries work for humanity, not for their interests.

          Be honest…USA work with a lot of groups that they are completely barbarian. Even they work with Iran. Every country think first their interests. This is the order of our world. So what?

          • Billy Jack

            So your original statement is not accurate. I offered a correction. Now you want to change the discussion to one of state morality.

            If I’m being jingoistic in hopes of disparaging foreign made products don’t come in here trying to make my bloodthirsty nation sound like your bloodthirsty nation. The blood is totally different. You just think it’s the same because of the color and all that.

    • TexTopCat

      Well, with Obama and Clinton, does that eliminate US made guns?

      • M-dasher

        Hahaha damn, I think you’re right…….

      • Eddie_Baby

        Just stick to CZ.

    • MeaCulpa

      Turkey is a sad mess, if Europe hadn’t pushed hard for “democratic” reforms the army and construction would have been a safeguard against erdogans nonsense and the hard liners dragging the country back to the Middle Ages. I love Istanbul, it is a hell of a city with loads of nice people, great food and wonderful sights, unfortunately Istanbul is part of a country that is slipping and sliding it’s way to becoming Saudi Arabia light.

  • USMC03Vet

    Translation: Yeager paid to promote new product.

    • derpmaster

      They must be completely desperate if this tool was the only one they could hire to promote their product.

      • Billy Jack

        Not desperate just a good marketing campaign on YouTube. They’ve got most big YouTube gun advocates pumping up sales of a brand that many wouldn’t hear much about otherwise.

        • Uniform223

          Using that douche to promote your product is a dumb move.

          • Billy Jack

            Yeager has 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. And despite occasionally engaging in buckwild crazy BS that he passes off as safe training he actually is respected by mall ninjas and others who attend his classes or lust after his tattoos. And despite his mood swings Yeager is often a likeable person with good intentions, Hades Blvd asphalt notwithstanding. Making money often means compromising. 300k viewers vs standing on people’s chests shooting and standing near targets in live fire drills. Erdogan must approve of Yeager.

            Giving a $300 firearm to a guy on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of viewers is not dumb. It’s how you move units without name recognition in an industry sector full of names like Smith&Wesson and Glock. It’s smart marketing. Enough people with opinions that aren’t purchased for a couple hundred bucks in free merch say Canik TP9s are good firearms that I’m interested in shooting one. And I’m not alone.
            But that hermaphrodite magazine release on this new one and its Reuger American looks are kinda ugly.

          • APDT66

            James Yeager is the ultimate mall ninja who did nothing but get people killed. His youtube channel does nothing but actively damage gun owners as a whole while he profits off of the call of duty crowd among us. If you want to buy a Canik, so be it, but don’t feel compelled to defend this cowardly clown just because he has a moderately successful youtube following because you want a cheap pistol

          • Bill

            I don’t think he’s defending Yeager as much as Canick. The company has to move product, and if an enema nozzle like Yeager will do it, it’s a cheap investment. I won’t be influenced to buy or not buy a product based solely on the attributes of their spokesmodel.

          • Billy Jack

            Exactly. I highly doubt the CEO did background checks and personally signed off on every person on YouTube who got early access to a firearm they make. Same here with not throwing good money at bad products. If it’s within $50 of a new Gen 3 Glock it’s not exactly a Hi-Point (and word is their quality is more than the price reflects too.) Everything can’t be a Cartel bling 1911.

            There are moves that companies make that are so bad I can’t do business with them anymore. Dow Corning poisoning Americans and loading the FDA review panel for their product with people beholden to them. Smart business but horrible morals and actually deadly. Yeager = Mass murder? Not to me but maybe I’m not aware of some of the evidence. In my mid-20’s I learned that if I tried to not do business with companies and organizations that did not share my sense of morality I’d be forced to live off the land in an unpopulated area of the world. Of all the things to list that are wrong with our world, Yeager’s merc blooper reel and stupid showboating doesn’t rate or remotely raise my blood pressure.

            He isn’t a danger to my constitutional rights either. If a fool could imperil my rights, how secure can they be?

          • Bill

            “He isn’t a danger to my constitutional rights either.”

            There we might disagree: he’s the stereotypical tatted-up shaved-head no-neck shoot-from-the-lip might-go-on-CNN-wearing-a-T-shirt meatball that has a platform that can cast ALL gun owners as bloodthirsty whackjobs. 😉

          • Billy Jack

            If a fool can threaten my God given Constitutional rights, what state must they be in? He’s a tactical jester. The fool used to attack our freedom is not the threat. The threat is those who would exploit his carelessness.

            Rather than being fearful that our masters will punish us for another slave’s folly we should set our minds on being free from bondage.

          • Billy Jack

            I’m not defending Yeager. I’m saying why $300 of merchandise is worth free commercials on YouTube that get seen by up to 300k people who are gun owners. And like all people, good and bad, they are not all good or all bad. How many people will hold working with Yeager against Canik? Among all the other mall ninja trainers, ex-military, off-duty LE and other part-time video bloggers Yeager is just another guy.
            There are too many reasons to list for not liking Yeager and I have no interest in defending him or Canik. If you think it isn’t smart to use him as Canik has then I’d suggest your emotions are clouding your judgement. In a perfect world would anyone enlist him to sell their products? Likely not.

          • Bill

            “Hades Blvd asphalt”

            I’m stealing that line.

  • Bob

    $399 for a Turkish made pistol with limited market support and questionable supply line from a different batch of importers.

    No thanks.

    I;ll keep buying Glocks for $399 with Blue Label pricing and GSSF Membership.

    • Ken

      I see various TP9 models here barely used for $250, and new for $320ish. I wouldn’t mind buying a used one of these at that price. I like to buy my guns used to let someone else take the hit on the value. But yeah, for new guns, I’ll stick with Blue Label Glocks.

  • Chad Brown

    “Love him or hate him”…

    Hate him. And that softbelly, Mookie, too.

  • El Duderino

    Whaaa? Doesn’t Buck Cherry carry like, 3 Glocks plus a J frame just to walk to the mailbox?

    Check must have been pretty nice to get him to switch.

  • Black Dots

    If this were the Canik Ataturk model that is chambered in secular government w/ education for women, I might consider it. For stopping power, it’s hard to beat total government reform.

  • Greg Beals

    The way Yeager has difficulty finishing sentences makes me wonder if he is on drugs, or if that’s just how he is. I have noticed this in many of his videos. Either way, this video was very non-descriptive and could have included specs, etc. Way to advertise em, Yeager! 😛

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I think Canik might be afraid throwing facts and numbers into the mix might be counter productive…

  • Bucho4Prez

    There are many options around that price point without the politically troubling baggage. Or if you’re cool enough, Just pony up the extra buck fifty and get a PPQ.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Just what I expected to find here in the comments… “I hate James Yaeger” and “Youre giving your money to terrorists”

    That being said Im not saying any of you are wrong; just unoriginal.

    • Billy Jack

      Right? Truth schmooth b o r i n g

  • That should be Warren Tactical sights, not Warne.


    • Harry’s Holsters

      This is the biggest selling point of the gun IMO. Better than spending another $75 and dealing with the hassle of installing.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Whoops, James wasn’t terribly clear when speaking.

  • APDT66

    A cheap knock off of the real thing with a questionable background and unsupported boasts, that discerning gun owners should want nothing to do with.

    And a Canik.

  • Kevin Gibson

    Canik is going to screw around and grab up some market share.

  • Nicholas C

    Why are there two mag releases?

    • M-dasher

      one for each thumb….obviously.

    • Bill

      One to release the mag, and one to suck it back in if you change your mind?

  • Joseph Goins

    James Yeager…why can’t we let him fade in the obscurity he needs?

  • Jeff S

    So, is it throwable?

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      And stomp-proof?

  • Omerli

    Nicely done

  • Bob

    Nicely done. Will definitely check it out for that price. By the way, getting upset with a politician or policies and going after private firms and a whole country seems pretty childish. The market will decide based on quality and price and that’s how it should be. Thanks for the piece TFB.

  • L. Roger Rich

    I like it. I have the TP9 SA which I love. They just keep on improving them.

  • Tom Allison

    I can’t think of a good reason to buy that gun… I already have a 17 and 19 and all the stuff that goes with them….

  • John Richardson

    So Canik releases the TP9SF Elite but still can’t get the TP9SFX out to market despite teasing it since the SHOT Show in January. Hmm.


    For that price I would buy one.

  • Paper Cut

    I would like the remind you this is a gun review site , not a politic discussion play ground .
    For those do hate Turkey and Turkish government go pee some where else will you? . You also can pile your lies there too…