Spanish Mausers Auctioned By SAMCO Now For Sale

You might remember earlier this year Miles V. blogged that SAMCO, a firearms importer, and distributor, was being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Since then the auction appears to have been completed, and the assets of the once mighty importer of interesting rifles have been distributed to several dealers. Searching through Gunbroker I have come across several auctions for rifles I suspect that came from that auction, but Precise Shooter comes right out and says that the 55 Spanish Mausers they received were SAMCO guns.

They issue a warning to those that want to snatch up a good deal on the rifles that were sold to the highest bidder, some of the rifles on Gunbroker list condition as good, the rifles that they have seen in their large lot are anything but. Precise Shooter reports that about half of the 55 rifles were marked as poor, incomplete, a quarter marked good, incomplete, and the remainder marked as barreled actions.

If you do try to scoop up a good deal from the SAMCO auction, make sure that you inspect the rifle before taking it home and ask questions of the seller before committing to buy a rifle with no inspection period.

You can see the detailed photos over at Precise Shooter’s blog HERE.

Patrick R

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  • Ken

    Navy Arms/Old Western Scrounger sells at gun shows around here. They’ve had the Samco guns since at least July. At the most recent show, they had a number of Spanish M1916 short rifles, including a 1924 Oviedo that still had the receiver marking intact as well as the Lange rear sight. There was also what looked like a Bannerman Mosin cadet rifle (cut down to 03 size and fitted with an M1917 band) as well as a Bannerman low number 03 with an M1917 stock and bolt plus Krag rear sight. All of them had the Samco import mark. They also had all sorts of ammo like German WWII and Czech 8mm, Iranian .30/06, German 7.62 NATO, Egyptian 9mm, Swedish 6.5, and various .303.

  • Henry Reed
  • Sabertooth88

    Just got a 7mm one from JG sales last week, it’s not in the best shape ever, but after a good cleaning it’s not looking half-bad. Definitely glad I didn’t spring for the 7.62 one. None of the wobbly sites or jammed together parts. However, it certainly was one of the guns in the Samco lot (according to serial number) it was also marked “BA w/ stock” on the inventory tag. Don’t want to take it in, but it’ll probably be best to have her looked at. Particularly after seeing this. Thanks TFB!

    • nova3930

      I’ve been wondering about the J&G mausers. Even at $179 I was wondering if they were worth the $……

      • Sabertooth88

        As long as it shoots without blowing up/killing me, I think it should be worth the money. It’s a nifty little rifle, just expect to spend a bit of time cleaning and shining.
        Also I couldn’t help myself when I saw the cheap 7mm Brazilian surplus on stripper clips. However, about half of the cases ended up being split along the neck. Soooo im just in it for the stripper clips mostly I guess

        • nova3930

          Cleaning is what the parts washer is for 😉