FK BRNO Announces Immediate Importation to the USA of the 7.5 Field Pistol

Earlier today I received an email from the executive manager of FK BRNO. Mr. Slabke informed me that the ATF had just approved the immediate importation of their 7.5 Field Pistol into the USA. We should see these pistols on store shelves when enough arrive at the distributor.


TFB previously posted an article about this new pistol you may want to look over at 7.5 BRNO

The purpose of this pistol is long range competition target shooting or small to medium game hunting. The 7.5 round travels at 2000 fps with 880 fp of energy. Now that is really moving for a pistol round of that size. From the photos it appears to be a well made handsome pistol that should create a good deal of interest here in the USA.



The 7,5 FK is a completely new proprietary cartridge caliber. The case is 27 mm long, the total length of the cartridge is 35 mm, and the head diameter of the case is 10,8 mm. This caliber is not a necked down version of any other caliber. The case is designed to withstand higher pressures than is usually used in pistol calibers.

This cartridge will not fit in any magazine, nor will it function in any current production model pistol.

In the email we were invited to have a pistol sent to TFB for our testing here. I will certainly follow up and have one reviewed by one of our writers. It should prove to be very interesting. Now we have no word as yet on cost of the pistol or it’s proprietary ammunition.

FK BRNO Description
The 7,5 FK Field pistol is a single action, tilting barrel type mechanism, with a proprietary recoil attenuating system. This is not a modified design of another product or pistol model. This is a completely new and unique concept and design, and the intellectual rights to the system have been registered and claimed by FK Brno. The Design is very Ergonomic, and even though the magazine holds 14, 35 mm long rounds, the smallest hands will be able to fully wrap around the optimally angled grip of the pistol. The frame and slide are very slender and streamlined for such a size cartridge and caliber.

The pistol is made entirely by machining using an array of specialty high strength alloys and multiple controlled heat treatment methods and processes that are usually used on very large caliber high pressure firearms. It is produced to the highest standards in the industry.

FK BRNO Website

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • DW

    FK YES

    • Evil_Bonsai

      FK ‘n A

  • Havok

    Sorry, but everything behind the barrel looks like a CZ 75 to me.

    • Anomanom

      You say that like it’s a bad thing?

      • Havok

        Not at all. But when a company touts “This is a completely new and unique concept and design” when it quite obviously isn’t, it makes me want to point out the lie.

        • Veloxto

          I didn’t know counter-weight balanced CZ 75’s with new proprietary calibers with 100 yard capability and manageable recoil became so common in recent years… >_> -_-

          • Havok

            “everything behind the barrel looks like a CZ 75 to me.” What part of that has to do with the components you mentioned?

          • Amit Jones

            While innovative, this firearm does not use a counter weight system(going by the schematic). A counter weight or counter balance system utillizes a mass which moves opposite to the slide or bolt, as in something like the AK 107. This manages the momentum, and to some extent more or less maintaining the effective center of mass in the same position, hence flip and recoil are mitigated.
            This firearm manages recoil and flip by _limiting_ the effective movement of the total center of mass. It achieves this by putting a large mobile mass up front on the slide. This biases the center of mass to be more forwards, and hence when the slide moves rearwards, the mobile mass moves with it,and hence the effective center of mass does as well, but less as compared to conventional firearms. This has the effect of minimizing the resulting moment, angular acceleration and hence muzzle flip.
            A true counterbalance system would have the mass move opposite to the slide, something which they should have been able to do looking at their packaging for this firearm.

          • Amit Jones

            While innovative, this firearm does not use a counter weight system(going by the schematic). A counter weight or counter balance system utilizes a mass which moves opposite to the slide or bolt, as in something like the AK 107. This manages the momentum, and to some extent more or less maintains the effective center of mass in the same position, hence flip and recoil are mitigated.
            This firearm manages flip by limiting the effective movement of the total center of mass. It achieves this by putting a large mobile mass up front on the slide. This biases the center of mass to be more forwards, and hence when the slide moves rearwards, the mobile mass moves rearwards with it,and hence the effective center of mass does as well, but less as compared to conventional firearms. This has the effect of minimizing the resulting moment, angular acceleration and hence muzzle flip.
            A true counterbalance system would have the mass move opposite to the slide, something which they should have been able to do looking at their packaging for this firearm.

          • Dougscamo

            Yeah….what he said….

        • Dracon1201

          There’s not a lot new in this industry, if you can’t tell firearms tech had plateaued. The 75 is a proven design, and on top of that, designing a gun for a whole new cartridge like this is more than scaling the original design up or down, so yes, this is new in the scope of the industry, but not in firearms technology, to put this whole thing in perspective.

          • Anomanom

            And hey, if you have to choose a exterior profile for the gun, choose a really elegant design. It could have looked like another 1911 clone, or a Austrian brick.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Probably because it’s from the same place as the CZ Seven-Five?

    • DW

      It’s a CZ75 in 7.5

  • Big Kat

    Did they say anything about ammo as well? Price and if they are going to be importing the ammo as well?

  • anonymouse

    Bye Alex C, will miss your postings. Shame comments are blocked on the notification that he’s off the pastures new.

    • USMC03Vet

      Yeah that strikes me as odd to block the community from saying goodbye. Bye, Alex.

      • Dougscamo

        He had to get out quick….the lever action guys were encircling his house with torches and pitch forks….and Model 94’s

      • ArkhamInmate

        I actually emailed Steve to inquire about this, and his response was that this was upon Alex’s request. He “did not want to generate drama”.

        • DanGoodShot

          I contacted him as well about that. Just wanted to say good luck and he will be missed

        • iksnilol

          Because that’s Nathaniel F’s job? What with his love for the exorbitantly superior M14.

          Just kidding, I can respect the reasons for that decision.

      • There would be a lot of drama. Lots of those who like Alex and those who didn’t so there was no sense it letting the fight between commenters go nuts.

    • gusto

      he was a leverophobe, can’t have gunigots like that on this site!

      no j/k I liked his milsurp gun videos, now James gotta step up, his short-shorts will attract the ladies to

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I really enjoyed his content and the banter between him and Patrick R. Hopefully we’ll see them pop up together from time to time.

      • Patrick will be here doing videos—-

        • Dougscamo

          Sounds good….his genetics match mine more closely than James…basically his shape….genes….

          • iksnilol

            Oh, but if I say something like that about James’ I suddenly am “not velcome no more” and have a “restraining order” filed against me.

          • Dougscamo

            Are you saying you have Jame’s genes? If so, I envy you…since I have the body characteristics of a fireplug (sorry Patrick)….though not quite as small a cap….I would gravitate toward Patrick……
            The only time I would seek a restraining order against you is if you insult me before I insult myself…..without smiling first that is….
            Been meaning to ask you….bark up or bark down?

          • iksnilol

            My physique is pretty slim and lightweight, but I am somewhat tall (1.9 meters). I’d say think lighter/less muscled up, paler James in regards to my physique.

            But to be fair, I doubt I have James’ genes. Unless our ancestors were up to something real fishy, lol.

          • SpartacusKhan

            What’s 1.9 meters in ‘merican?

          • iksnilol

            6 feet, 4 inchamajigs.

            I tgink

          • Edeco

            5’8″. It’s actually quite a stately height for a furriner.

          • Archie Montgomery

            Do a web search for ‘metric to English’ conversion. Helps with metric calibers as well.

          • Dougscamo

            Sorry dude, just got back from a basically drowned out hunting trip so I’ve been off the grid….I’m still in the fireplug category….but my calculator says 6’2″ for 1.9 meters….guess that is why I’m not a metric fan….the conversion factors that they taught me in school require a calculator….and still don’t work out….like those damn kilograms…..

          • iksnilol

            Oh, would ya look at that. You’re right.

          • Dougscamo

            Sarcasm….I think…..

          • iksnilol

            Surprisingly no.

            Let’s hope I grow into the 2 extra inches tho.

          • James Madison

            Would you rather be “six two” or “one point nine”? Yet another reason to not go metric:)

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            My genes never seem to hold their shape. Maybe I should stop buying store brand …

          • Dougscamo

            That’s why I wear cargo pants…..but wife says that round is a shape, bless her heart…..

          • CountryBoy

            Uh, you really need to ask your parents about that…especially if you got caught with your genes down.

        • Roguewriter

          Good! I liked Patrick’s input on videos and always thought he was insightful.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I found my one fan! Yay!

            The new videos will be a lot of fun though.

    • Giolli Joker

      …and still he has to deliver a PSG-1 review ?

  • Anomanom

    I want one of these so much it’s not even funny.

    • Bierstadt54

      Me too.

  • Trey

    So its a hotrod of 7.62×25 / 30.Mauser. with 2mm longer more or less.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

      • Trey

        Not good nor bad just a thing.

    • The case is fatter as well. The original prototype cases were formed from trimmed and necked down 10mm iAi Magnum.

      • Trey

        Thanks good to know, sort a WSM for 30 mauser ?

        • Pretty much. You could probably even have a 7.63mm Mauser/7.62mm Tokarev conversion barrel made for the FK. The breechface would be close enough to allow it to work, just like all of the 40 S&W to 9x19mm conversion barrels.

          Other nifty conversion barrel possibilities would be 10mm Norma and 9x25mm Dillon. The extra depth in the magazine would allow for handloading with projectiles seated to longer overall lengths for enhanced performance.

  • Spencerhut

    Wasn’t the initial price speculated to be in the $3k+ range? It looks nice, but it better work like a Sig P210 for that price.

  • Something tells me LifeSizePotato will have a new piece soon.

  • toms

    Cool- So did they indicate dealers and price? I’m sure it will be pricey. I will get one.

  • AC97

    So, is this going to be more expensive than .50AE per round or something like that?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      most likely

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn, if its shoots as good as it looks im down.

    • ostiariusalpha

      IKR, forget about zambies, I want to take down cyborgs.

      • Anonymoose

        With those hollowpoints all you’re going to be taking down is muggers and coyotes, unfortunately. Need to cook up some M993-based loads with this new cartridge for anti-cyborg use.

        • ostiariusalpha

          That’s mostly true, but plenty of them ain’t so smart as Gray Fox or the Cybermen; they just leave their fleshy bits flapping shamelessly out in the open.

          • Tassiebush

            Just add gold dust for the cybermen

        • They have a lot of rounds in the works—these were just a few.

        • GaryOlson

          Yer gonna need some unobtanium.

        • Roguewriter

          I really want to see what some of Underwood’s Xtreme Penetrators & Defenders would do in this pistol. Heh. The 10mm versions are fantastic performers.

          • kyle893

            I have the 357 sig with xtreme defender. I imagine the 7.5 would be comparable in it, but I haven’t seen then make a penetrator or defender below .355 yet. Im sure they could, and if they did the 7.5 would be really scary in that or the controlled chaos style.

          • Roguewriter

            There’s a big difference in muzzle velocity between what they’re saying the 7.5 Field Pistol has and .357 Sig. But I agree they will be scary. 10mm Xtreme Penetrators go through lots of things easily. Adding maybe half again or more on muzzle velocity? Heh.

          • kyle893

            The 7.5 is definitely hauling ass. The 357 sig when loaded to its true potential though is hotter than most people realize. The 90 grain xtreme defenders were going faster than the 1700 fps underwood advertized. Underwood has some people in the comments claiming the 125 hp were hitting 680 to even breaking 700 ft lbs of ammo. I believe it, 357 sig needs a +p designation if only for the hell of it. Reloading is a dream now with powder and tools becoming expensive/sparse. Anyway, the 7.5 is definitely screaming enough to make those penetrators cavitate the way they are supposed to. When we saw a boar taken with 357 mag XP, I only saw it before it was cut open but it dug a clean really bloody hole through the pig, unlike how SWC kind of push the tissue around them as they go through.

          • noob

            Hmm. I wonder if Kriss can get the rights to make a Vector carbine in 7.5. It seems like a logical thing to do

          • Vitor Roma

            They have the Xtreme Cavitator for .32 acp.

          • Giolli Joker

            Oh, yep, that one.

          • Giolli Joker

            I think they have a .32 Xtreme Defender that looks a lot like an improved THV.
            Maybe it even fits this cartridge.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Yes. Do want.

    • kyle893

      Im curious about that recoil attenuation system. I saw a video on it and it didn’t seem to have the effect I would like. They kept conparing it to a 45 acp which has a unique recoil due to the weight of the bullets it shoots. Thats why its not hard to shoot for beginners but even people that have been shooting it for years find the 9mm easier to group a target with when rapid firing. So it leaves me confused if they were just referring to felt recoil or movement of the barrel.

      • noob

        I think it is about felt recoil because of that huge weighted guide rod that is aligned under the barrel to push straight back into your wrist

  • J.T.

    Now the question is how much for the gun and how much for ammo.

  • sean

    I got two hands so I want two of these…with shoulder mounts

  • Theodore Kennedy

    So: it’s a 10mm Auto, 2mm longer case, necked to .30 caliber… I wonder how a stock 10mm, necked to 7mm would perform? An idea for a new PDW pistol round; Glock 40 maybe?!

  • gordon

    Did my comment get moderated out?! I only said I asked my LGS to be ready to snag one of these a year ago and then this Monday thinking this Brno was vaporware, I changed my order to a Nighthawk/Korth. I then said this excrement (paraphrasing here) always happens to me. Are poohpooh words verboten here? Is this Sunday school?

    • Edeco

      Oh how terrible 😛

      • gordon

        Yeah, my life is pretty much over,… again. And those people in Syria think they have it bad!

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yes, this is Sunday school. Deal with it.

  • sean

    Does anyone know who is going to import this? I would think CZ but i haven’t seen anything on it yet.

  • nova3930

    It’s interesting but I see a lotta buzzwords that translate to “gonna cost about $9000”

    • BillC

      With ammo prices to match.

      • Dougscamo

        That dreaded word….”proprietary”….

        • Tassiebush

          I know it’s a scary word because it sounds like suppository!?

      • USMC03Vet

        It’s ok, guys. Everybody on the internet has a yacht and the whole catalog of Wilson Combat firearms.

    • PK

      Is… is it really that high of an MSRP? I heard numbers closer to $5,000! Nine thousand is going to take some real doing.

      • nova3930

        I was being facetious although I do expect the thing to be expensive

      • Mystick

        Anything over $1k, it better have an “oral pleasure” function…

        • Same with dates costing more than $25.

        • Please do not put the firearm in your mouth, that violates like eight or nine of the Four Rules.

          • Mystick

          • noob

            Although it complies with the rule about not pointing the gun at anything you do not wish to destroy

        • supergun

          I would be satisfied with a K&K USP 45 Tactical.

  • Edeco

    The cuts that narrow the frame just in front of and below the tail set my heart aflutter. Big but lean.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      it would be nice to have a threaded barrel, slap a decent 30 cal muzzle brake on there and i imagine it would be super controllable

      • Edeco

        Yep, with all the talk about low recoil already, FK might be loath to admit it. But all that high pressure gas; so much potential to quiet it down or use it against recoil.

        I hope there’s not some quirk of the mechanism that makes it more sensitive than a normal locking handgun to weight on the muzzle.

  • JT303

    It sounds a bit like the whole 5.7×28 concept with a bit more punch. Probably just as expensive. I wonder how it’ll fare compared to designs like the 7.62 Tokarev, .357 SIG &c.

  • GhostofBrowningNagle

    if i had any justification to get into that caliber, i’d pick one of these up.

  • ??

    As an avid handloader and experimenter I fully endorse my purchase of this pistol for science. Is there a gofundme for guns? hahahahaha.

    • PK

      I think the gofundme for guns is called a job.

      • ??

        Hahaha true ! I was joking you do understand.

        • kyle893

          Don’t let them tell you you can’t dream, just keep doin yo thang.

    • noob

      Start a website called “gunfundme” where people can say what they will do and thrn post updates as they do it. Whether it is professional varmint culling or competition where backers can put their logo on your jersey it could be a viable platform.

      You would need a way to stop people from using the site to blatantly promote crime, but it would be a wild ride trying.

      • ??

        Hahaha awesome!

  • Never thought this would actually be imported. If it’s within the $2k ballpark I’m snagging one.

    • PK

      I had heard the MSRP being closer to $5,000. I’ll save up and still buy one, this is a total must-have as far as the counterbalance and performance go.

      • I’m very intrigued, but at $5K it’s just too much. That’s 25 $200hr hookers, before even adding in the price of ammo 😉

      • Edeco

        It would be most humane if they just price it right out of my range. Take my hopes down quick and clean. Then the healing can begin right away as I fixate on other shiny things and carnal urgencies.

  • El Duderino

    Think I’d rather have a Glock 40 with an RMR and a comped 9×25 Dillon barrel. Lightweight bullets can easily get to 880ft-lb. And I’ll pocket the $1500+ I save vs what’s projected to be street price for the BRNO.

  • JustAHologram

    It could be coincidental but those case specs are very close to what a necked down 10mm Magnum would be

    • mig1nc

      Hmm… Possibility for a new wildcat? 10mm Auto necked down to .32 ACP?

      • JustAHologram

        Go all the way and neck it down to 4.6mm

  • micmac80

    Its suposed to be acurat to under 3moa at 100m

  • Black Dots

    I’ve never wanted to rub a gun against my cheek until this moment.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Beautiful gun!

    Who’s distributing ammo?
    Are they making ammo/chamber specs open source or easily available to qualified companies.
    Will other companies offer firearms in this chambering?
    Can current brass work for this round?
    Will dies be available?

    If reloaders can’t reform brass then it is really risky to buy this gun unless you a buying a lifetime supply of ammo with it.

  • DaveP.

    This and the Russian PL-14 are on my wish list. It’s so nice to see designers actually paying attention to aesthetics.

    • Richard

      Unlike the PL-14 you can buy one of these

  • Hoplopfheil

    Looks awesome. Probably going to be prohibitively expensive though.

    Also the coolest feature looks to be the shoulder stock, which you can’t have in this country.

  • gunsandrockets

    No doubt way too pricey for my peasant level subsistence income, but still awesome!

    I am dubious of the claims that it would fit a small hand well, not when the grip is stuffed with so many huge cartridges. I also wonder about the muzzle blast.

  • scaatylobo

    WHY is that article devoid of any ballistics for that round —- other than speed of the round ?.
    At 3500.00 per, that is going to put it in the belt of those who have a sponsor,or deep pockets.
    The rounds will be VERY pricey,and who is going to be the armorer / gunsmith for that gun.
    Just a few questions that come to mind.

  • Rusty S.

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try one out.

  • Andy Hills

    Looks like deckard’s next pistol , (blade runner) and i love it

    • Lujan

      No that was a fat pistol. Check out that myth busters guy replica. This is unusually slim. Want a carbine version. IMO, this is where military small arms should go.

      • Andy Hills

        I know it was a fat pistol, I am saying natural evolution, this would be his “next” choice. It would fit that “world” I think the fat blaster was dubbed M2019, so logically this would be the M2020 🙂

    • hikerguy

      Deckard would be proud.

  • JimFromHouston

    Why on earth would I EVER buy a gun that used proprietary ammunition?

    • Edeco

      Well, to me 22 TCM or Lazzeroni guns aren’t worth it. But this FK is spectacular.

    • iksnilol

      .223 was once proprietary.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Very handsome pistol.

  • Richard

    Dammit I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake


    The prodigal son of Tokarev has returned. In an absolutely gorgeous handgun to boot. (Movie propmasters & armorers take note).

    & I want a CZ-527 carbine in this caliber too. Higher case pressure means that even a short carbine will see more substantial increase in performance vs. typical pistol calibers.

    • Duray

      But the 527 it’s already chambered in 7. 62×39, so what on earth would this offer you? Less efficient projectiles, and a lack of useful magazines?

      • Blake

        Fair enough.

        Can I have this awesome handgun chambered in 7.62×39 then?


  • BearSlayer338

    Cool gun and cartridge,however the proprietary ammo and the cost of the gun is going to make this pistol not sell very well in the US market.

  • Southpaw89

    Like the concept, look forward to seeing how it performs. Beautiful piece either way.

  • AD

    I recall a much older post about this pistol that quoted some very, very big claims as to the accuracy of the pistol. Does anyone remember that? I would love to see some real testing to see what kind of accuracy it’s actually capable of (as in, ransom rest at 50 yards on paper, not “offhand at 20 yards at a steel plate” sort of testing).

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I know hardly anything about this gun, but I love the way it looks and the stats have me salivating.

  • rbdthnfngfnh

    Looks like 357sig on steroids. Sounds awesome until we see ammo prices >.<

  • mazkact

    I am a CZ-75 nut so I am excited about this. Price will be nuts.
    Alex will be missed. Is it just me……………..At the start of the article “Alex C is a man of many passions” in my mind I immediately went to the documentary within the movie “Boggie Nights” . “Dirk Diggler is a man of many passions” cracks ME up.

  • jordan Hyers

    Why do I want this so bad

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Hell of an introduction to the US market. I guess they’re worried about coming here and selling out of something? I’d like to see guns here from the BRNO factory, another CZ copy would be fine but not for $5000 or whatever actual MSRP this is supposed to have. The Witness series of modified copies has taken off with Turkish clones, it would be great to see another Czech company do them, too.

  • Jim Thatcher

    I love the way this looks, i would be very interested if it was not going to be priced WAY out of my budget. Besides, i have a hard enough time convincing my wife that firearms need to be fed regularly without adding a new caliber.

  • Billy Pettit

    Hey any smart gun guys out there? Isn’t this pretty much the same thing as 9×25 Dillon? About 2000 fps with a light load and close to 9mm in size? I think you can get a barrel for it from Lone Wolf on a Glock. And it would be way less money.

  • Troy Lund

    880 ft/Lbs from a tiny 7.5mm projectile? Something doesn’t add up. That’s 150 ft/Lbs more that a hot 10mm Auto load.

    • abecido

      100 grains at 2,000 fps = 880 ft/lbs.

      • Troy Lund

        No… I get the numbers. Just hard to believe. And with a price North of $5,000 (I can buy 8 Glock model 20 10mm Autos for that kind of money). And wh knows what the ammo will cost? I think they have priced themselves right out of the market.

        • abecido

          $5,000 is just a rumor. No one knows what the price will be. If the cost is not astronomical, there will be one of these in my future.

          • Troy Lund

            Me too. Wonder about hand-loading… Could a man buy the “Law Enforcement only” penetrator rounds as components (bulk bullets)?

  • Keith Brockmiller

    I… WANT!!!!!

  • Glenfilthie

    Love the gun – hate the cartridge. If it doesn’t have dies, comprehensive loading data and a legendary history – I don’t want it!

    The management is hereby informed that I will troll the gun geeks without mercy until such time as one of these guns is produced in the manly .45 ACP.

    Had enough yet? Would you like some more? Or would you like some more…? I can do this all day, boys….

  • durabo

    Bottleneck cartridge pistols have come and gone away. Better to withhold opinion on this one.

  • Have Blue

    Looks like a cross between a CZ 75 and a Sig p210. Looks good, except for the recurved trigger guard.

  • George Schneider

    You can get the same performance out of .357 SIG in a 5″barrel. FN has done nothing of note here.

    • Bob


    • RocketScientist

      From memory, doesn;t the SIG round come out in the 500-600 FPE range? According to this post this new cartridge is pushin 800 FPE… seems pretty significant to me. Am I missing something?

      Also, correction to your post, this gun is by BRNO, not FN.

      • George Schneider

        Guess reading glasses got fogged, thought it said FN, rocket.

        Normal pressure 357 Sig runs under 600 ME, but handloaders are pushing that up quite a bit.

  • Archie Montgomery

    The grip, ‘beavertail’ and controls remind me of the CZ pistols; which isn’t a bad thing although I think I’m the only person in the world who isn’t excited about the grip shape.

    The barrel (and slide) seem to be rather long for a semi-automatic pistol. This no doubt contributes to the high muzzle velocity, but makes it awkward for any carry except in open, field type holsters. As mentioned, this is designed for “…long range competition target shooting or small to medium game hunting”; which may or may not ensure a place in the handgun community.

    7.5 millimeter caliber is rather close to .30 caliber. The 7.5 Swiss round is a .308 inch bore and the French 7.5 is .31 caliber, so it seems this new round is another “.32” caliber round – which is not really .32 inches in bore size either. Very similar to the .30 Luger, .30 Mauser or .30 Tokarev. No mention of bullet weight, but I’m guessing somewhere in the 75 to 90 grain range. Base diameter is listed at 10.8 millimeter, which translates to .425 (and some change) inches. The U. S. 10 mm and .40 S&W have a base diameter of .423 inches. That’s pretty close. Length of 27mm translates to 1.06 inches; a bit shorter than the .40 S&W length of 1.135 inches or the .45 ACP length of 1.17 inches. Then again, the new round has to work through a semi-automatic pistol with a detachable magazine in the butt (grip). Too long a round and the pistol is difficult to hold.

    The velocity sounds impressive. However, a light bullet is going to have a fairly low ballistic coefficient, so the bullet will lose velocity quickly.

    Based on the advertised velocity and the claim of ‘new, improved case’, I’m betting the operating pressure is in the ‘enthusiastic’ range. Which makes me wonder if the case will be reloadable. Not important to governmental agencies who run on tax money, but I’m just a guy on my own and reloading is a consideration.

    I’d like to test this pistol and ammunition when it hits the market. I’m not sure I want to buy one early on.

    • Bob

      ho hum…. who really needs another caliber?
      I already load for 38/357, 41 mag, 44 spc & mag, 45 auto.
      I just bought a “wonder 9” upon the urging of a friend, and I now WONDER why I bought it. I don’t load for 9’s and the ammo cost what it costs to shoot my 45 (that I load for..-not a “fair” comparison but its still there).
      I’ll probably use the 9 for barter down the road. EAA SAR K29 with factory 15 round and THREE factory 17 round mags. Adjustable white dot sights.

      Furthermore, I believe the 38 super would out perform this “new kid on the block”

      • Archie Montgomery

        Good point, Bob. It does nothing for me which isn’t already done by something I own.
        I reload as well. Since I collect rifles of “Vorlt Vor Vun” (say it out loud if it doesn’t ring a bell) I load for some oddballs as well. Another bottleneck handgun round? No thanks.

        It could be interesting from a mechanical standpoint. And I’m still muttering to myself about not buying a H&K P9S when I had the chance and storing it in cosmoline or something.

    • Mog Grat

      The article claims 880 fp, 100gr bullet at 2000fps gives 887fp.

      • Archie Montgomery

        So either the article or the source of information is off by 7 foot pounds? That’s just a little less than .8% of error. Being a reloader with a chronograph, I’ll bet every round fired isn’t exactly 2000 fps either. For that matter, I’ll bet every bullet doesn’t weigh exactly 100 grains each.

  • Great_Baldung

    God damn, I want to pull one apart so damn hard.

  • maodeedee

    That beavertail is too much of a hook. It’s more like a gaff, for landing large fish. I like the gun but if I got one, my gunsmith would have to remedy that problem which would add to the base price of the gun which probably isn’t exactly cheap.

    Otherwise I like the grip shape, which resembles the CZ 75 which was derived from the Browning Hi-power and I like the cartridge which is sort of a magnumized version of the 30 Tokerev and comes close to duplicating the ballistics of the 30 carbine.

  • Mark Horning

    Looks like a cross between a CZ-75 and Pure Sex Appeal.

    Make it in 9mm and engineer it to use common (if slightly pricey) CZ mags and they would have a real winner.

    Oddball proprietary 30 caliber cartridge? Yawn.

  • Cottersay

    The wood-gripped model is Beautiful! Just get rid of the ridiculous “hook” on the trigger guard, and chamber it for 9mm and .45ACP, and they’d have a HUGE winner — unless it costs $$$$$$……

  • cisco kid

    I hear its priced totally out of range for the majority of shooters being in the $2,500 range. Its horrendous weight of almost 46 ounces makes it not a carry pistol but an extreme specialty pistol. It will be a prestige pistol for the upper 1 per cent of society that makes obscene salaries but only a pipe dream for the troglodyte worker drones working part time at Wal-Mart. They are marketing a folding stock for the pistol as well but will probably be totally illegal here in the U.S.
    The cartridge supposedly is unique and not made simply by necking down an existing cartridge because of the tremendous pressures of this cartridge meaning you will be raped on ammo prices and empty case prices assuming you can even get empty cases for hand loading. This will matter not a wit to the well healed who will be its primary purchasers. To them the price will be a mere pittance.
    I would imagine the recoil and muzzled blast and muzzle fireball will be something to behold but most will never see such a gun in the flesh unless they watch You Tube videos of the rich and famous firing it.

  • Eurk Burkell

    It’s a 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev, basically. I’ve always wanted a bolt action rifle in Tokarev for small game.

    • Archie Montgomery

      That idea appeals to me as well. Perhaps the 5×28 in a light, bolt rifle as well? Or the .30 Luger and .30 Mauser strikes me as ‘fun’. Probably not a deer gun, but…