7.5 FK Field Pistol from BRNO Defense

    Recently shown off at the IWA tradeshow over in Germany, BRNO Defense has introduced their 7.5 FK BRNE Combat Field Pistol. Built around a proprietary caliber, the handgun is designed for military, law enforcement, and government personnel.

    Externally, the handgun bears a striking resemblance to the CZ series of handguns. Cocking serrations are both forward and to the rear with the sights mounted to the slide. Controls are biased to right-hand shooters with magazine release behind the trigger guard, slide release above and a 1911/CZ safety mounted at the top rear of the frame.

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    Its a decided fail to extended handgun size using a 6 inch barrel and coming in 45 ounces, nearly 3 lbs! Width is an inch (impressively thin), but over all length is 9 inches so it will have a long draw stroke for a combat pistol.

    The 7.5 FK is a unique round.  BRNO Defense lists it at 2000 FPS and 880 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle with the ability to roughly replicate the .44 Magnum in terms of route energy. Accuracy is touted as a 1.5 inches at 100 meters (an interesting mix of units, eh?). The round is rated to pierce Class IIIA ballistic protection (typical combat soft armor is IIIA) at 100 meters as well.

    The sights are likewise unique. The front sight is lined up not just between, but inside the rear sight aperture to create the sight picture. Its a novel approach, as it will allow a shooter to see how far the blade is off when the pistol has a downward declination.


    No word yet on final specs or availability/price. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further details.

    Specs per BRNO Defense:

    Calliber 7,5 FK
    Bullet weight 98-103 grains / 6,35 – 6,67 g
    Magazine capacity 14 + 1
    Barrel length 6 inch / 15 cm
    Gun width 1 inch / 2,5 cm
    Gun length 9 inch / 24 cm
    Gun weight 45 oz / 1280 g


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