22Plinkster Takes On a Tacti-Cool 22 – The Aklys ZK-22 Bullpup Chassis

The ZK-22 bullpup chassis has a storied history. Originally developed at Red Jacket Firearms and featured prominently on one of their TV episodes, the ZK-22 started with the now ill-fated company with a slow release. With major controversy over the arrest of Will Hayden for some serious sexual crimes, Joe Meaux ported the product over to his new start-up, Aklys Defense.

Aklys, despite the slow start, has been getting the ZK-22 up and going again. The futuristic looking hybrid between the P-90, FAMAS, and 10/22 has been a success as its arguable the most ergonomic stock set for the 10/22 ever. All functions of the weapon are truly ambidextrous. Its compatible with bull barrels, and includes a built-in picatinny rail.

22Plinkster has had one of the stocks for a few months, putting it through its paces. Plinkster has multiple 10/22 rifles including Sub-MOA shooter (of course, he has to to make his incredible shots). Unfortunately, he had some difficulty getting this rifle together since it requires an 18.5″ barrel, which while common for stock 10/22 rifles, few are made in a threaded barrel for suppressors.

Fortunately, Plinkster has a hook-up who threaded the stock barrel for his suppressor. Overall, he likes the rifle, especially the tacti-cool nature of the system. He makes me want to build one up. Enjoy the video:

Nathan S

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    That’s the most Seburo looking thing I’ve seen in while.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t produce a 2″ buttpad.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      Because the original designer is currently wearing a 2″ (diameter) butt PLUG.

      • El Duderino

        Are you insinuating he’s…

        Ben Dun Befo?

        • Sgt. Stedenko

          That night was a Game Changa

    • De Facto

      Could the owner of the stock permanently attach a 2″ buttpad to meet OAL length requirements?

      • Duray

        The overall length length?

        • De Facto

          Typo fixed, you’re very helpful and have meaningful contributions. 😛

      • Cymond

        Yes, and in fact, OAL doesn’t need to be permanently attached, although it may be a good idea to avoid confusion.

        Also noteworthy is that adjustable/folding stocks are measured at their longest. Many underfolding AKs are less than 26″ when folded.

        • De Facto

          Thanks; a repurposed “limb saver” pad would seem to be just the ticket for this stock.

          • Cymond

            Yes, in theory except that you would technically be building and possessing a SBR after assembling the shell but before adding the pad.

            I just realized that you could increase OAL with a muzzle device, installed before putting the whole thing together. (Muzzle devices must be permanent to count as part of barrel length, but not for OAL.) Put on the butt pad, take off the muzzle device. Boom! Technically legal procedure.

    • DW

      You want 2″ increase in length of bull on a bullpup?

      • Bigbigpoopi

        So people don’t have to track down that 18″ barrel.

        You could even use the TacSol SB-X barrel

  • Joe

    Why would you design it to only accept a non standard barrel length to make it atf legal (Non sbr)? That’s a non starter for me.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      The classic “10/22 Carbine” model has a 18.5″ barrel. While they may or may not make up the majority of current 10/22 sales, the vast majority of 10/22s in America are the “Carbine” model with the 18.5″ barrel.

      That being said I dont see why it would have been a problem to make it .5″ longer anyway to accommodate both 18″ and 18.5″ barrels.

  • Twilight sparkle

    That looks like something that’s “Neva Ben dun befo”

  • AJ

    Aklys is just Red Jacket with a new name. Not a new start up. Same building, same BS.

    • At least the building has one fewer sexual predators in it.

      • El Duderino

        Well, they had to hire to replace, right? So you neva kno…

  • Neat shell. If they really want sales to take off, though, they’ll need to get it in some sci fi blockbusters as a blaster.

    • Nashvone

      I can see some Hollyweird actor flying backward after getting blasted with a 22LR.

  • StraightshooterJeff

    As a Stargate SG1 fan; I LIKE IT.

    • Twilight sparkle

      As a stargate fan I bought a ps90 instead :p

      • CTM_95

        As a broke stargate fan I bought the HTA 90/22

        • Stan Darsh

          Good choice. Compared to the ZK-22, the High Tower is hands down the superior product.

        • Twilight sparkle

          After buying the ps90 I am now a broke stargate fan…

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    From what Ive seen about it (not having handled or shot it), it looks like the handiest way to configure a 10/22 for practical use. It certainly wont be a 1/2 MOA gun; probably not even a 1 MOA gun, but it will be a very nice and compact package.

    It would also be really fun to SBR one and cut off the barrel at the end of the chassis.

    • Cymond

      And go integrally suppressed while you’re at it!

  • On a semi-unrelated note, how reliable are the new BX-25 mags?

  • Sasquatch

    Glad to see it back.

  • .30 M1 version needed.

  • Mike

    That Halo Battle Rifle though…