22Plinkster Takes On a Tacti-Cool 22 – The Aklys ZK-22 Bullpup Chassis

    The ZK-22 bullpup chassis has a storied history. Originally developed at Red Jacket Firearms and featured prominently on one of their TV episodes, the ZK-22 started with the now ill-fated company with a slow release. With major controversy over the arrest of Will Hayden for some serious sexual crimes, Joe Meaux ported the product over to his new start-up, Aklys Defense.

    Aklys, despite the slow start, has been getting the ZK-22 up and going again. The futuristic looking hybrid between the P-90, FAMAS, and 10/22 has been a success as its arguable the most ergonomic stock set for the 10/22 ever. All functions of the weapon are truly ambidextrous. Its compatible with bull barrels, and includes a built-in picatinny rail.

    22Plinkster has had one of the stocks for a few months, putting it through its paces. Plinkster has multiple 10/22 rifles including Sub-MOA shooter (of course, he has to to make his incredible shots). Unfortunately, he had some difficulty getting this rifle together since it requires an 18.5″ barrel, which while common for stock 10/22 rifles, few are made in a threaded barrel for suppressors.

    Fortunately, Plinkster has a hook-up who threaded the stock barrel for his suppressor. Overall, he likes the rifle, especially the tacti-cool nature of the system. He makes me want to build one up. Enjoy the video:

    Nathan S

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