ALG Defense AKT-E AK Triggers Now Available

ALG Defense has finally released their new AKT-E trigger for AK47 and AK74 variant rifles and pistols. Their first trigger the AKT was debuted last year at the budget friendly price of just $49. The AKT trigger had a claimed pull weight of just 3.5lbs with a much smoother and shorter trigger pull compared to factory AK triggers. It is machined from triple alloy steel with a corrosion resistant Manganese Phosphate finish.

Both the AKT and AKT-E triggers feature a “Lightning Bow” shape that’s suppose to provide a much more comfortable feel and increased control compared to factory shaped triggers. According to ALG Defense their new AKT-E Enhanced version has a much more smoother pull and an even crisper reset and an improved trigger coating compared to their AKT trigger. Their triggers also are three parts towards 922(r) compliance. ALG is currently filling pre-orders on their AKT-E triggers but they should be available soon on their site over at and retailers.


I haven’t had the chance to shoot the ALG Defense AKT trigger but I do have one of their AR triggers and for the price they’re great. ALG’s AK triggers are among the cheapest on the market, CMC’s AK trigger retails for $225 and Elftmann Tactical’s AK-47 trigger retails at $295.

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  • Spencerhut

    If this is the same trigger we tried at Shot Show this year it is fantastic. Good enough to make me finally want an AK . . . and I hate AK’s.

    • Marcel

      They hate you right back

    • Minuteman

      I’m not exactly a fan of AK’s -because I just like the superior ergos, handling and accuracy performance of the AR very much-, but I sure don’t hate the AK. I think it’s underrated and deserves more respect for what it does. And with the aftermarket really picking up lately and ammo being consistently cheap, it’s becoming an ever more attractive option. A well tricked out, accurate AK from a reputable builder such as DDI might be a good investment after all, FWIW. I always try to keep an open mind and certainly always respect other people’s equipment choices.

      • HollowTs

        Definitive Arms, Arsenal, Krebs Customs, Rifle Dynamics or base model Vepr. There are plenty of great options

    • HollowTs

      My neighbor pulled rhe trigger in mine and said the same thing! Lol

  • Havok

    I installed and fired one of the original AKT’s in an Arsenal 107. They are very smooth and the break is crisp. I can’t imagine paying for the drop in triggers while this inexpensive option is available.

  • I’m sorry… but over 200 and almost 300 for an AK trigger is just crazy. Unless you were putting it in one of Rifle Dynamics Sharps builds.

  • Stompy

    I have the AKT paid $49. and the AKT-E is $75 msrp. No need to spend any more for an AK trigger.

    • andrey kireev

      how do you like it ?

      • HollowTs

        Just built a Bulgarian74 with the base trigger. It’s fantastic! Feels like a really well broken in Norinco / Polytech trigger. I don’t know why you would need the upgrade. I just polished the sear and rhe hammer pulls around 4lbs.

  • Joe

    “that’s suppose to”, “more smoother”. Not trying to be a jerk/snob, just pointing it out in case it mattered to you. I know I hate getting my errors quoted somewhere down the line.

  • Michael Adam MacDonald

    Wish they made this for m92 pap

    • jp

      It fits the m92. I have an akte in my m85. Which is the same as an m92

  • DanGoodShot

    I put an AKT in my saiga 12. Best up grade I did to that led spitter. No take up at all. Little over travel with a short crisp reset. At $49 it begs the question why would anyone ever bother with a tapco g2 ever again???

  • Foma Klimov

    One of the cheapest on the market compared to what? A couple of boutique triggers that no one buys? Tapco G2, Arsenal 922RS, Century RAK-1, Texas AK Trigger, etc, are all cheaper than the ALG AKT.

    • HollowTs

      Well Tapcos are good. Arrsenal triggers suck. But all I can tell ypu is that if you are willing to try it with an open mind…. I think you will dig it.

  • Jones2112

    I dunno, I have the RAK-1 in my latest AK and I kinda like it, I mean if I had to replace it, it would cost $20, why would I spend an extra $30, is it $30 better?

    • KC


    • HollowTs

      Yes it is better.

  • Wingbert

    I got mines from Brownells a week ago. I must say I’m impressed. Comparable to the $260 SD-3G in my AR. I watched the ALG video on youtube about the development of the AKT I find it funny that Bill Geissele never fired a AK before the AKT. Support from companies like ALG and Magpul are what finally brought me over to this weapon system. I’m also glad they understand the price point they need to be in. $300 AK triggers from their competitors? No thanks

  • Doom

    I put one in my SGL 21. The massive difference in pull weight is fantastic. The massive change in a shelf right before the break like I used to have I am not much of a fan of. I need to shoot it some more, but I have a hell of a time knowing when it will break and It makes it harder to really plan a shot. My all time favorite trigger that I have tried using is my k31 trigger. very light pull, but you know exactly when it is going off. Swiss Perfection.

  • Remington Lance

    I have to say that the original AKT trigger was the disappointment of the year. While the lightning bow had a “Cool” factor and was quite comfortable that was probably the only nice thing about it.

    Lets start off with its first big problem, the wall or lack there off. When you initially go to pull a single stage trigger you would expect to immediately hit a wall then apply pressure until the trigger breaks, this is not the case. Instead you have horrendous amounts of pre travel until the trigger finally and unexpectedly breaks. I would compare this to a 2 stage trigger that is rather gritty without a wall.

    The next huge problem would be the amount of over travel this trigger has. For those unaware over travel is the amount of travel the trigger makes after it breaks, ideally there should be none. Unfortunately this trigger has a significant amount of this. This coupled with about a 2.5 pound trigger break is a recipe for disaster.

    The result? This trigger was impossible to try a shoot precisely from a bench without accidentally bump firing it.

    Because of the nature of the trigger and the 7.62×39 AK having inherently more recoil than the 5.56 rifles im used to shooting means that I was unable to pull the trigger fully to the rear when taking precise trigger pulls due to the over travel and the recoil of the weapon coupled with the very light trigger break resulted in it be accidentally reset then fired again im my attempt to fully pull and keep the trigger to the rear.

    Given that ALG is the sister company of Geissele I expected more. Did I expect this to preform at the levels of my SSAE trigger form Geissele? No. However for the $45 I payed for this thing I would at least expect it to out preform the stock arsenal trigger that came in the gun.

    Unfortunately saying that this trigger was a dissapointment would be an understatement.