CMC AK Triggers Shipping Out Soon

    Remember our post about CMC Trigger’s new drop-in trigger kit for AK-47 pattern rifles from last year? Well it looks like they’re going to ship out soon. Their new modular drop-in trigger that they also showed off at the 2016 SHOT Show is one of only a few aftermarket AK trigger that are available so far, ALG Defense as well as Elftmann Tactical are a few of the other trigger makers that have jumped into the AK market. The AR-15 on the other hand has a ton of aftermarket triggers available.

    Fellow TFB writer Rusty got a chance to try out the new CMC AK trigger at the SHOT Show and he seemed to have liked it. I currently have a Tapco G2 trigger in my Yugo N-PAP rifle and while I like it I wouldn’t mind replacing it for something a bit better. While we don’t know an exact release date just yet, CMC Triggers posted on their Instagram page that they will be building them soon and they should be shipping out to distributors next week. We do know that they will have an MSRP of $225. Elftmann Tactical’s AK-47 Trigger retails at $295 while ALG Defense’s AKT trigger retails at just $49.

    Ray I.

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