This amazing photo was taken by Jeff W. of Parabellum Combat Systems. Parabellum Combat makes MP5s. Pretty good MP5s from what I hear. The photo above shows an MP5 with an SD handguard and Knights Armament suppressor.


  • Henry Reed

    Say what you want about pistol rounds, I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna be shot by that. Or maybe I would, not too many guns cooler than that to be shot with!

  • Jacen

    Still want one

    • Blake

      Yep, too bad that a portion of any money spent with MKE (one of the nicer MP5 makers out there) will probably go into Erdogan’s pockets…

  • SerArthurDayne

    Someday, the government is going to come to me because I am the only person in the world who can help them with their particular problem (I haven’t decided WHAT problem they could have that I am the only one who could help them, but I’m sure something out there is theoretically possible) and I’m going to agree to do it in exchange for an agreed-upon amount of guns and ammo (and accessories like magazines, scopes/optics, slings, all that good stuff) — and I am going to get something very much like this and take pictures of it on top of my crates of other cool-ace guns/ammo/stuff. Yeah man, one of these days………… yeah man.

  • Gus Butts
  • Schnee

    A friend has one. He used to let people shoot it when he had it at the range. They are so quiet and smooth that people start thinking of them as toys and get relaxed about safety. They begin to act like it’s an airsoft gun or a squirt gun. It sounds like a loud sewing machine and has essentially zero recoil. So he stopped letting people shoot it. They don’t have same reaction to a FA Uzi or M16. Just the SD.

  • Tim

    Gun Porn…

  • Mike

    I have 3 builds all done by Jeff aka Ghilliebear and they all run like sewong machines