Witness a CRIME with a FIREARM?!… There’s an App for That

Report It App

Our current society of tech savvy individuals is continually pushing for more use of our phones in everyday tasks, and we love our apps! The ATF is looking to capitalize on this by getting an app to help report crime. They have created an application for iPhones and Androids dubbed Report It where you can report crimes involving firearms, arson, explosives, and/or violence. It can currently be found in the iPhone App store or the Android Google Play store.

It is a novel idea in theory. My only criticism is that people may never seek out an app like this and install it on their phone. We are definitely at a point in our society where if we witness someone being treated wrongly or a crime is occurring we whip out our phones and take a video. Most people, but not all, seem to have this type of reaction.

The ATF is hoping because of this they can receive more information related to crimes. Their key words were this:

The fight to protect our communities is not just up to law enforcement; it’s a partnership between your community and law enforcement.  We look to you who live in these communities we protect to provide us with information about gun violence… Using your phone, tablet or computer, you will be able to tell us instantly and anonymously about crimes that may be happening in your communities that involve firearms, explosives, violent crime, or arson.

The app is primarily geared towards firearm crimes, but you can report others as well. With Report It you can anonymously submit videos, pictures, or descriptions of something you witnessed.

I think it is a great idea because everything we can do to support our men and women in blue is great. I just do not believe people will seek this app out and install it on their phone. A drive for advertising could go a long way with the success of this app.

You can check out the press release and download the app yourself through the ATF’s website HERE.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • DZ

    Gestapo on the go. Neat.

    • Billy Jack

      “Informing on friends and neighbors has never been easier!”

    • Travis

      EXACTLY! No different than Nazi Germany, when will we learn from history?!?!?

      • Billy Jack

        Considering a number of recent political operatives used tactics devised by the Nazis, we extracted Nazis to help us run various organizations and the most prominent political family in our nation who’s been involved in both of the former practices ran a bank for z Nazis here in the United States references to German national socialists aren’t as extreme as your sarcasm would suggest.

        • Travis

          I actually wasn’t being sarcastic, I do believe that there are people high up in the government are taking cues from Nazi Germany

          • Billy Jack

            Sorry. It’s so rare to hear people familiar with history actually recognize the slippery slope we are standing on.

            I actually had people tell me recently Obama isn’t doing anything wrong or according to his personal preferences because he and his appointees have to follow the law.

          • Travis

            WOW! yeah, people just don’t care about history and learning from the past…. I think history is so important because unless we remember and do something about it, history will repeat itself. In my state we have a woman that lived in Poland during the time of Hitler and she is a lobbyist in our legislature. She warns people all the time about the path that was taken by Hitler and how we are headed down the same path. She specifically talks about how the Gestapo would make neighbors into informants on each other, and you couldn’t trust anyone fro fear that you would be turned in. It was the government’s way of keeping the people from banding together.

        • Mystick


  • Bill Jordan

    Would it be performance art to spam them with thousands of pictures of auto parts stores freeze plug selections and maglites at walmart?

    • Ambassador Vader

      “Autozone closed by atf for illegally selling suppressors otherwise known as freeze plugs”. ATF director says freezeplugs have no other use other than suppressor manufacturing. lol

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I dont see whats wrong with calling the police. If its an emergency call 911. If its not an emergency then you have enough time to google the local departments phone number if you dont have it saved. Its pretty simple. An app complicates law enforcement’s ability to ask clarifying questions to the reporting party and makes it easier for people to “report” someone they dont like or for anti gunners to complain every time they see a gun in public.

    • Jeff Smith

      That’s a decent point – why not just call local law enforcement? Most police departments are equipped to deal with these problems and would probably have a faster response time.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Yeah, but what if local law enforcement isn’t interested in persecuting someone for shouldering a pistol brace or having a malfunctioning sear, or even *gasp* open carrying an assault rifle? Tattle-tale ratfinks who’ve had their safe space violated need an outlet like this app so they can vent to a sympathetic and responsible law enforcement agency.

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          Unfortunately I think this is exactly why the ATF made this app. They know local agencies are mostly reasonable and have no real problem with you shouldering an arm brace (or even know that its illegal) and the ATF is realizing how irrelevant they are and they feel like they need to do something to have a means of enforcing their unreasonable arbitrary decisions. The tattle tale ratfinks will be an annoying by product.

          • truth makes you free

            Who remembers “Operation Showtime”?

          • Billy Jack

            I wonder if I can earn an ATF TTR Investigator badge if I turn in enough people?
            I can send screenshots of YouTube videos all day!

          • Worked for Elvis.

    • jay

      Yep, another form of swatting.

  • KestrelBike

    Hello, I’d like to report weapons violations in tuscon and phoenix. Specific locations: the respective atf field offices.

    • Martin M

      I was going to mention weapon crimes that include horrible modifications and paint jobs, but you win.

  • Mike C

    Send them pictures of NFA items un secured in unlocked federal vehicles. Those seem very prone to being stolen…

    • PK

      I love this idea. Anyone who has been to a medium to large city or metropolis has had chance to take photos such as that.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Witness excessive CAPS on a WEBSITE?

    There’s a comment section for that.

    • Billy Jack

      All caps should require a tax stamp

      • ATF would immediately interpret that as including ballcaps and issue fines and threats of criminal prosecution to the entire population of the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

  • Super Progressive Snowflake

    “Yes officer, I would like to report a thought crime”

  • SP mclaughlin

    This is gold for anyone who wants to troll the ATF

    • Billy Jack

      Trolling federal agency in any official capacity = very bad for troll. If you’ve disabled the GPS chip and it’s a throw away phone attached to a random WiFi network it’s still a bad idea.

  • Disarmed in CA

    This ammo pricing is downright criminal! Hello, ATF?

    • Nicholas C

      More like the processing time on my form 4 is criminal.

      • USMC03Vet

        A right delayed?

        Job well done, gents!

        – ATF

  • Audie Bakerson

    Hello. I think this guy is trying to sell guns to a foreign gang…

    • Billy Jack

      Suspicious moustache too.
      I also want to report this woman who was sending guns to Syria and has been discussing stealing my firearms with her henchmen.

    • USMC03Vet

      Patch update 1.02

      – You cannot report Barack Hussein Obama or the ATF for possible illegal sales of firearms to known criminals and/or terrorist organizations any longer.

  • Ambassador Vader

    “you will be able to tell us instantly and anonymously”
    -translation: We are going to get so many false tips and information about people messing with other people that we are going to have to shut down this half cocked idea.

    • Mystick

      Indeed… they already claim that they can’t look at NFA paperwork for six months due to budget limitations… imagine a spammed hotline that they are obligated to pay attention to, as well…

      • Ambassador Vader

        That’s exactly what government bureaucracy needs…….. more work lol.

  • ReadyorNot

    Liberals can now “SWAT” and get you “ATF’d!” too!

    • Tim Pearce

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. Except that the ATF is more likely to bring a tank and to shoot your children.

  • Bierstadt54

    Apps are great. But the secret sauce for this sort of thing is someone who integrates the app functions of these ‘every agency of government has its own app’ into a single easy-to-use app. That would be worth having on a phone. Probably around the time when we start online voting with 2 or 3-step verification, one of which will be on your phone. Until then, these things are going to be an afterthought or only for niche individuals.

  • jonjon7465

    awww he shouldered a pistol brace. I’M TELLING!!

    • De Facto

      Exactly. Couple that with a picture or video proving it and whoever shouldered it will regret doing so.

      • Billy Jack

        I want to send them a video of an amputee(arm) shouldering it for stability. A few robots may implode trying to figure out what to do.

  • How soon before the antis start reporting any and all coworkers and neighbors who they suspect own guns with this app.

    Seems like a waste of tax payer money to develop an app like this. At least if you wrongfully call 911 there are consequences, I seriously doubt the ATF is going to go after people for wrongful accusations on that app.

  • LazyReader

    A snitch app, why didn’t the black community think of that.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Dude… wtf. We really don’t need that here.

  • I have very little respect for the atf or its agents

    • Bill

      How many have you actually met and dealt with?

    • The overwhelming majority of ATF agents are just federal employees doing their jobs; almost all of ATF’s institutional filth is a function of the fact that cream ain’t the only thing that rises to the top. It’s no more fair to blame every LEO in the agency for the scumbaggery of its leadership than it is to blame every cop in a squad car nationwide for the scumbaggery of the handful of racist bastards who shoot unarmed and nonviolent subjects just for being Black; blame the scumbags, not everyone else who wears the uniform honorably.

      • by that logic, you would have us believe that we should have let off the hook all the germans at nuremberg who claimed they simply carried out orders and hold no responsibility for their actions.

      • Tim Pearce

        Yeah, in the years I was selling firearms, the few ATF agents I interacted with were actually pretty nice people who were happy to get their stuff done and get out of our hair as soon as possible.

  • PK

    Oh, come now. Hire more field agents and IOI if you want the rules and regulations enforced and the shooting public policed. We’re not going to do it for you.

  • HH

    What are they looking for ?

    Oh man they deserve to be trolled with this move.

    Seriously. Thousands of pics of perfectly legal things but by concerned citizens.

    I can imagine sending them a pic of my cat “shouldering” a Sig Brace or whatnot….

  • Andy Hills

    I dont get it, why would you not call 911 or the police

    • Cymond

      Those are great for reporting emergencies. This seems more appropriate for reporting bureaucratic/technical crimes.

    • Bill

      We locals may not have the technical knowledge or expertise to handle a situation, nor may our state or local codes fit as well as a USC or CFR violation. I handled a case that included the perp trying to make grenades out of surplus parts, and an ATF agent was able to guide our prosecutor in the right direction.

      They also bring federal weight. In a another case we disposed of some outlaw bikers who faced more serious federal charges and time for altered and illegal weapons than they would have gotten on our charges of receiving stolen property. It also kept them out of the state prison system where they had plenty of friends. No doubt they made new friends, but it did disrupt their criminal organization for a while.

  • De Facto

    I sincerely doubt anyone reporting will be truly “anonymous” – anonymous to the public, yes, but if you start trolling the ATF by abusing their app I’m certain they’ll deal with you one way or another.

    • Billy Jack

      I’m sure an app created by federal LE on your phone will open up users to informing on themselves without knowing it.

    • Absolutely nothing you do on a cell phone is “anonymous”; the one thing that hagiographical crapfest “Snowden” film got right is that the NSA is in fact watching literally everything that gets relayed through a cell network anywhere in the world.

  • Cymond

    “I think it is a great idea because everything we can do to support our men and women in blue is great.”

    This has nothing to do with supporting police, and everything to do with snitching to the feds about victimless or technical crimes that actual emergency responders wouldn’t bother with.

    I’ve seen discussion threads where the majority mock those who are afraid to shoulder an arm brace, joking about “ATF agents hiding in the bushes”. With this app, the joke practically becomes reality.

    • Edeco

      Yeah, I can’t believe the author typed that.

  • Bill

    I’m just here for the tinfoil and whine.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Do you guys really want the gov to have access to your phone porn?

    • I hate to break it to you, but NSA employees are already fully aware of your freaky fetishes.

      • Bigbigpoopi

        Nah I’m behind 8 proxies

    • Edeco

      With any luck their lives will be ruined forever, always thinking that beyond some thin door people are getting incredible kicks from things they’ll never understand.

  • Porty1119

    Gun crimes? Do crimes against guns count? If so, I’d like to turn in the bubba who put a Mauser 98 in a plastic fish-gun stock.

  • USMC03Vet

    This is the ATF overstepping their jurisdiction drastically. Feds telling citizens to report to them rather than their local law enforcement is troubling.

    • Bill

      1: On any case that involved anything remotely complex involving a gun, I’ve contacted the ATF for info, advice or guidance, or best of all, I can palm the case off on them.
      2: Typically they’ll call us if they have something sprout up in our sandbox – it’s just basic deconfliction between agencies.

  • Greg Anderson

    I have the feeling that this will be used by range busybodies that are nosy about other peoples kit(“erhhuh iz dat legul?”) and antis reporting a firearm of any type.

  • Amplified Heat

    Hey, just the app for all you Johnny Do-Gooders who think anyone who makes a silencer precursor or shoulders an arm-brace deserves to have their lives ruined! 🙂

    • Billy Jack

      Are you the guy I just saw purchasing oil filters that didn’t match his vehicle at the parking lot at AutoZone? Installing now!

  • JLR84

    Apps are a poor choice for something that is likely to be one-time use. No one is going to download an app waiting for the day where they might witness a crime they want to report. A mobile-friendly website makes more sense.

    Of course every pointy-haired manager these days thinks their organization needs an “app”, and government is apparently not immune to that idiocy.

  • zaqzilla

    A couple of years ago this guy named Eric Holder was party to selling firearms to Mexican cartels. Can I use this app to report him?

    • If they don’t already have eight or ten thousand reports on Holder… they’re probably lying about not having eight or ten thousand reports on Holder.

    • Billy Jack

      Sorry. His moustache is CFR approved and grants him immunity for life.

  • RICH

    The term, “anonymously submit” has to be a blatant lie that only the stupidest of individuals would believe. Anything you do with a cellular phone, and I repeat ‘anything’, is traceable and could subsequently be used to have you become ‘INVOLVED’ as a witness …! ! !

  • Justin Roney

    Yes, I’d like to report a violation of the 2nd and 10th Amendments, and the commerce clause.

    Your agency.

  • To be perfectly frank, given how full of $#!+ the BATFE is at literally every level of their existence, I would not report anything whatsoever to them, up to and including active terrorist attacks; actual violent crimes will be reported to 911, and statutory firearm-related crimes that are unrelated to any immediate or planned crime of violence will be dealt with by telling someone, “Hey, man, just so you know, that’s a federal felony, so be careful with that.”

    To hell with ATF, the entire organization should be $#!+canned and its duties given to federal agencies that actually know their ejection port from a hole in the ground.

  • Blake

    Has someone submitted Katie Couric’s name to them?

  • scaatylobo

    SORRY,but as a retired LEO.
    It was too obvious that no one was interested in CRIMINALS that were in possession of ILLEGAL GUNS.
    They are all “interested” in any citizen or LEO that made a purchase that was in any way questionable.
    That is sad and sickening.

  • Mystick

    So, the ATF, already crying about not having the budget to look at a piece of paper within 6 months, wants to have a spammable direct line from the public? Are they going to take 6 months to respond to a call? There’s continuum hierarchy of agency for a reason.

  • just because the precedent and principle that simply following orders does not absolve responsibility originated in the nuremberg trials doesnt make my point less valid.

    • No, it’s the hyperbolic false equivalence between “enforcing oftentimes nonsensical gun control laws” and “literally The Holocaust” that makes your point less valid.

      • citing the origin of legal precedence is not hyperbolic.

  • Razedbywolvs