Witness a CRIME with a FIREARM?!… There’s an App for That

    Report It App

    Our current society of tech savvy individuals is continually pushing for more use of our phones in everyday tasks, and we love our apps! The ATF is looking to capitalize on this by getting an app to help report crime. They have created an application for iPhones and Androids dubbed Report It where you can report crimes involving firearms, arson, explosives, and/or violence. It can currently be found in the iPhone App store or the Android Google Play store.

    It is a novel idea in theory. My only criticism is that people may never seek out an app like this and install it on their phone. We are definitely at a point in our society where if we witness someone being treated wrongly or a crime is occurring we whip out our phones and take a video. Most people, but not all, seem to have this type of reaction.

    The ATF is hoping because of this they can receive more information related to crimes. Their key words were this:

    The fight to protect our communities is not just up to law enforcement; it’s a partnership between your community and law enforcement.  We look to you who live in these communities we protect to provide us with information about gun violence… Using your phone, tablet or computer, you will be able to tell us instantly and anonymously about crimes that may be happening in your communities that involve firearms, explosives, violent crime, or arson.

    The app is primarily geared towards firearm crimes, but you can report others as well. With Report It you can anonymously submit videos, pictures, or descriptions of something you witnessed.

    I think it is a great idea because everything we can do to support our men and women in blue is great. I just do not believe people will seek this app out and install it on their phone. A drive for advertising could go a long way with the success of this app.

    You can check out the press release and download the app yourself through the ATF’s website HERE.

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