Boberg XR9-S Field Strip

The Boberg pistols were a line of fascinatingly complex pocket handguns mostly chambered in 9mm that live on in the Bond Arms Bullpup. These interesting pieces are very unconventionally laid out and even feature a cartridge switch like a 1919 or PKM machine gun, but draw from a magazine instead of a belt (which would be cooler). So, whats under the slide?

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • DaveP.

    Any update on when Bond Arms starts shipping?

  • ostiariusalpha

    I find this design very attractive, definitely looking forward to what Bond Arms is going to be putting out.

    And as always, Chuck Norris makes a good point.

  • Martin M

    Belt fed, huh? I can just see it now. Drum with tactical wrist attachment. I should go ahead and patent that, because you never know.

    • Swarf

      The drum can live on the support hand. Then, when you draw you can quick fire one handed if need be, then when you bring up the second hand in to the thumbs forward grip that is the current fashion, the belt engages from the drum using a cam and pulley system. Or neodymium magnets. Or… wizardry, or something.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Super cool gun and the design does differ from the norm which is why it’s such a cool gun.

    But I’m still trying to figure out what niche this fills. For most guys a longer barrel will help with concealment.

    I can see how this may help a woman wearing high ride pants who can’t conceal the barrel. That’s really it.

    • Bob

      Pocket carry?

      • mazkact


      • Harry’s Holsters

        The grip is to big. I’m 6 foot and I can barely pocket carry a Glock 42. Barrel length isn’t the issue on the Glock 42.

  • Raginzerker

    Other than a novelty, I don’t see these to be that practical, over complexity, ammo sensitivity, not (imho…. I know, you can’t have your own opinion on the internet) a good carry him, still near as hell though

    • Raginzerker

      ***gun, my liberal Brady campaign samsung likes to change that word

  • John L.

    Anybody know where to get magazines for the .45 version?

  • Giolli Joker

    Alex, I saw that the MWS guys (you showed us their ION prototype more than a year ago, then no more updates) made a .22TCM conversion for the Boberg.
    Any chance to see a review in the near future?

    A hot bottleneck cartridge seems a natural choice for this peculiar pistol.

  • Watch the language there Ellis–thanks.

    • MrEllis

      Sorry, didn’t realize it was for kids.

      • Some are but mainly because it’s a word we don’t really want used here.

      • When we get enough complaints about a word, especially that one, yea it’s a banned word. Do kids read the blog? Actually some do.

        • MrEllis

          But of course, probably a new rule. You know those “libtards” and how they have trigger words. I’m glad this is a safe zone.

  • ExMachina1

    I get sad every time I see this gun. It’s such a cool design, it functions flawlessly, and the extra inch of barrel in a 9mm pocket gun really adds significantly to cartridge performance. But it was obviously very expensive and some reviewers whose opinion I generally respect (including one here on TFB by Ian McCollum) became hyper-fixated on the gun’s ammo requirements. Ironically, after fixating on those requirements, many reviewers (including Mr McCollum) promptly ignored them and–after suffering the promised malfunctions–declared the gun’s design fatally flawed.

    If the Boberg could have been marketed at a lower price point, I think the gun would have vindicated itself even in the face of these unfair (IMO) reviews. The design simply works, and I think it could have gained a following among people who realize that a civilian defensive gun does not have to meet military-level standards of universal compatibility. Hopefully Bond Arms can lower the entry fee

    • ExMachina1

      tl;dr so you can afford to spend $1200 on a gun but not $0.2 per round on ammo? you might not be a rational person.

    • Machinegunnertim

      I agree, and if they could chamber these is .357 sig or something with a neck as well as lower the price we would have a winner.

  • Ted Unlis

    For the grand spent on a single XR9-S you could buy three Kahr CM-9’s or two Kahr PM-9’s or one CM-9 and 3500 rounds of 9mm practice ammo or…….you get my point.

    The Bond Arms Bullpup/Boberg XR9-S certainly has a lot of cool factor that might be appealing to a collector with ample discretionary funds, but is neither practical or cost efficient with a retail price tag 2 or 3 times higher than the Kahr CM-9 or PM-9, both of which are true pocket 9’s that are both reliable and significantly smaller than the G43, Shield, LC-9 or the rest of the competition. For affordability in a true pocket 9 offering quality and reliability, no other manufacturer can compete with the Kahr CM-9.

  • Leigh Rich

    I have an original .what about the Bond Derringer production?