Small Business Highlight: Harry’s Holsters

A quality holster choice can be just as important as the initial process of picking an individual’s handgun. As such, everyone’s needs, situations and environment are unique enough to support a very healthy holster industry. An industry that has seen dramatic growth in technology, materials and options in the last five years alone. Along with all the big contenders, several “boutique” operations have opened up allowing end users a wide selection of high-quality holsters for every day carry. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Harry’s Holsters is one of those new companies making solid products at affordable prices.

If you are a regular reader of TFB, you may recognize the name: ‘Harry’s Holsters’ is a frequent poster in the comments section here. Don’t worry, he didn’t twist my arm to write a story – in fact it was my idea. Much like the ‘Suppressor Spotlight’ series I like to write here at TFB, I wanted to highlight the work being done by smal businesses with even smaller advertising budgets.

“This company was started to fill an unaddressed need. Working in an office, I realized the holster that I wanted didn’t exist,” said owner Harrison Jones. “I nended to carry a defensive gun in a way that allowed for quick employment while wearing a tucked-in shirt or a tailored suit.” Jones started small, making holsters only for family and friends. A few months later, he’s making 30+ holsters a week with a burgeoning e-commerce site and an impressive social media following.

“The Insider, our current production model, is a unique Kydex shell with a set of hole patterns and features that allow for several attachments and multiple optimized configurations,” said Jones. “This allows the user to adapt their holster to fit their needs.”

TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters


TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters


TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters.


TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters



TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters


TFB: Harry's Holsters

TFB: Harry’s Holsters

Harry’s Holsters Features:

  • Taco Style Holster for the base
  • Accept Fomi Clip at 0 or 15 degree cant
  • Custom Pattern for UltiClip3 with 0, 10 and 15 degree positive and negative cants
  • Raven Concealment OverHook or strut attachable at the UltiClip3 pattern and at the adjustable retention point
  • Retention pattern accept claw for better concealment in the AIWB carry position
  • 1/8inch standoff for hardware
  • 2 points of adjustable retention
  • OverHook or Strut and Soft Loop can be added added at the retention point
  • Sweat guard making the it easier and safer to re-holster the weapon
  • Open Bottom Design to allow debris to fall through
  • Proper hardware standoff for long term durability
  • Molds enlarged to fit a Glock 26 properly
  • Vacuum formed for enhanced definition
  • Works the “The Tucker” foam wedge
  • The comes with retention hardware and a quick clip. You can add other hardware as options.

Hardware Compatibility:

  • FOMI style clips
  • RCS Claw
  • Ulticlip3
  • Soft Loops
  • RCS Overhook
  • Strut and Overhook
  • Strut and Soft Loop

The next time you are in the market for a new holster, swing by the ‘HH’ online market place or social media outlets and take a look, Maybe you’ll find an option just right for you.


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  • iksnilol

    There’s a holster manufacturer that is also called Harry’s Holsters?

    What a coincidence, there’s a poster here named the same. Can’t wait til he sees it.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Can’t tell if serious.

      • thedonn007

        Hmm, imagine that.

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        • Pete – TFB Writer

          If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.,,

          No offense iksnilol.

  • PK

    Joking aside, I like that you did this. I was curious about that poster.

  • Edeco

    Hmmm, similar price to Blade Tech, may give it a try.

  • Badwolf

    Make it optics ready.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      When I bring trim molds into the operation that’ll be the next step. The wrap around mid guard is also more comfortable that an optics ready mid guard. Optics on handguns is just such a small market it’s not worth hassle of offering it as a standard option till I have the trim molds. I personally want to find an optic small enough to mount to my Glock 43. I think that would make a killer carry setup!

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Great craftsmanship. Remember us little folk when you’re as big as Desantis or Safariland.

  • I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and love it!