Magpul Integrates Deeper Into The Rear-End of Modern Sporting Rifles

Not content to dominate the exterior of Stoner-based modern sporting rifles, MagPul has decided to hop into them as well. Where previous accessories were limited to handguards, magazines, grips, etc. Magpul has gone full-tilt integrating itself with the rear-end of the rifle. On top of their recent announcement of magazine extension tubes, Magpul has released buffers, recoil springs, & receiver extension mounting hardware.

*Yes, I had a lot of fun writing that headline. 

The latest products include:

Honestly, this seems like a bit of a letdown from the typically innovative company. For most products, Magpul sets itself apart by offering products that are unique or otherwise increase the usability or functionality of the stock component they replace. The latest products (not counting the receiver extension) really are underwhelming. There is nothing “Magpul” about them and seems to violate their Foundation:

Do not betray the brand.

People who use Magpul products have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding the quality and amount of thought put into every design we release. As such, all products must have the “touch” of the Magpul design team as outlined in the first part of this document. On the same note, great care must be taken not to associate the brand with any third party product that does not adhere to the Magpul core values.

The springs are not polymer coated (or a different material), the buffers feature no special Magpul technology, and the end place and castle nut are marked-up reselling of outside manufactured product. Color me disappointed.

However, it does signal that the company is expanding quickly. Let’s hope the R&D department has some fun things in the hopper more than re-branding existing product with a logo.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • Isaac Newton

    I think you may have meant “Stoner-based” not “Stone-based”.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      The more ‘Stone-based’ the rifle, the more buffer tube technology needed.

    • CountryBoy

      Yes, but “Stoner-based” may also imply that the accuracy isn’t very consistent, if you know some of the stoners I’ve met over the years!

  • PK



    I’ll stop before I get out of hand.

    • Graham2


      • PK

        That pun rocks, and I’m not just being a gneiss guy.

        • CountryBoy

          “Our start was a bit rocky, but we’re finishing at the peak”

    • Iggy

      Well, when you think about it, a rifle is basically just a radical redesign of a sling.

      • PK

        Absolutely, 100% the case. Since the first rock was thrown, the foundation for all projectile weapons was laid. We’ve just been getting better at throwing rocks, in essence. Much faster, much further, but the same general idea for all kinetic weaponry.

        • 6.5x55Swedish

          I think the first thing we threw out of anger was poop, sorry.

          • Longhaired Redneck

            No sh!t? No, sh!t.

      • iksnilol

        You coukd use a literal sling to make a striker fired gun.

    • Matt Taylor


    • n0truscotsman

      Please dont stop


    • “The Stranger”


  • DW

    Magpul Integrates Deeper Into The Rear-End of Modern Sporting Rifles
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Soon they’ll pull out.

    • De Facto


    • Ezra Bristow

      Only on birthdays and 4th July

  • hking

    Does it offer any advantage over traditional items like the VLTOR A5 system or a braided wire spring like Geissele offers? It looks just like the same thing everyone else makes at probably a higher price.

    • PK

      “It looks just like the same thing everyone else makes at probably a higher price.”

      Hence the disappointment. I hope Magpul stops going down this path, it would be the beginning of the end of them as an innovative force.

    • The receiver extension is the part that is special, the rest is probably so people can have a one stop purchase by selling a kit.

      But hey it is better than that one company that sells $60 spring and buffer combo that per their own video seems only to be a marginal improvement over a $5 product.

    • Anonymoose

      It is an A5 tube.

      • Not quite I think it is somewhere in between. 7 positions but using the standard carbine spring and buffers.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Positions have nothing to with it being an A5 tube.

          Magpul’s AR10/SR25 tube on an AR-15 is an A5 compatible tube. Would require an A5 buffer and a rifle spring.

    • Joshua

      There’s no real point to a braided wire with our spring technology.

  • plumber576

    Magpul should just take control and actually be the legit public firearms manufacturer they’re trying to avoid.
    Recall Bushmaster’s throbbing miscarriage they call the ACR and give us the Masada.

    • Joshua

      There wasn’t a huge difference between the ACR and the patents for the Masada.

      • Kyle

        Now but Bushmaster’s somewhat shoddy manufacturing and complete U willingness to support the design killed it off pretty good. I had a Bushmaster ACR. I like the rifle but it was clearly cheaply made. Given how expensive it was it was kind of insulting when part of the assembly for quick changing the barrel snapped off the first time I used it.

      • plumber576

        The price and the barrel were WAY off. Also, the aftermarket.

  • Wolfgar

    Nothing innovative but I’m sure the quality is top end if it is Magpul. Believe it or not, not all stock components are made equally. I would have liked to have seen something as innovative as the JP Silent Captured Buffer Spring coming from Magpul. That said, Magpul has stood strong against any infringements to our Second Amendment and they will always have my loyalty.

  • Bub

    Saw the announcement yesterday, looks like some good stuff to me. Personally thought the price was pretty good.

  • I really wish you had at least mentioned what sets the Magpul Receiver Extension out from the typical one.

    “The Magpul Enhanced Receiver Extension is a 7-position, Mil-Spec
    sized, AR15/M4 profile buffer tube optimized to fit with the full line
    of Magpul Mil-Spec Carbine Stocks.

    Constructed of impact extruded 7075-T6 aluminum with Type III, Class 2 hard coat
    anodizing for an extremely hard, abrasion resistant surface. The
    interior of the receiver extension features Everlube® coating for
    enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced friction and wear. The
    additional position holes allow for more length-of-pull fitment options.”

    The price is a little higher (at $50 vs $39 for a stock one at BCM), but not out of line compared to some “improved” receiver extensions which I’ve seen go for as much as $100 for the extension alone. The rest are in line with BCM prices.

    It seems that as Magpul has gotten into actually selling their products online, they wanted to have the ability to provide the people buy stocks the ability to buy everything at Magpul. Rather than having to buy the stock at Magpul, and everything else at another vendor.

    Personally I like that, it always annoys me having to place orders at multiple vendors.

  • Anonymoose

    10 positions!

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Now thats a versatile rear end.

      • Sianmink


    • Longhaired Redneck

      Butt this goes to eleven…

      • Anonymoose

        Why not just make 10 higher?

        • mazkact

          It’s one longer.

      • CountryBoy

        Come on, let’s put these puns behind us…

  • DanGoodShot

    2 things surprise me here. 1, this didn’t happen sooner. 2, why did they go with an inferior spring metal as opposed to chrome silicon. Odd in deed.

    • Zachary marrs

      CS springs ARE inferior. Thats why not only magpul, but the military as well, do not use/specify CS springs in magazines, or firearms

      • DanGoodShot

        I’m seriously interested, why do you say the are inferior? Everything I found on them tells me different. Far superior life span with slightly more tension giving smoother functionality while reducing recoil and cyclic rate. As far as I know the mil didn’t go for them due to cost. Being that a mil spec spring runs 3 to 4 bucks and on average a CS is $20. Add that by thousands of rifles and you have a substantial savings by sticking with a regular spring.
        Thise are my reasons and what I know about them. I just want to know why you feel otherwise. I like to learn. 🙂 thx.

        • The regular stainless spring is made by the hundreds of thousands so it costs less. If the CS was produced in the same quantity it would cost about the same. I know for the 1911 the price difference between stainless and CS is 20 cents with the CS being the cheaper spring.

          Anyways it is 6 of one and half dozen of another. IMO you can’t call one inferior.

          Chrome silicon has better spring life, while stainless is more corrosion resistant.

          • DanGoodShot

            Makes sence. Supply and demand. I didn’t know that about the corrosion resistance. Good to know. Personally, the extended life span and slightly more resistance is why I chose it after having issues at the beginning of a range trip due to a worn buffer spring. Its a LaRue spring. They claim a 250,000+ round life span. If I get half that I’ll be happy cause I doubt I’ll ever even hit that number. lol. But atleast I have confidence my rifle won’t bite it do to a worn out buffer spring.

          • 250,000 rounds might be possible, but it is unlikely.

            I just keep a few on hand and replace them often. Typically every 10,000 rounds, though the recommended schedule is every 5,000 rounds.

        • Zachary marrs

          Magpul has stated numbers of times that CS failed corrosion tests, and there are tons of data out there than get into the specifics, far better and more coherent than i would be able to

          • DanGoodShot

            Any direction you can point me for info would be appreciated. I did do research online and everything I found stated that the CS was better and cost was the reason they’re not used in military rifles. But the corrosion issue does explain why LaRue puts the coating on their springs. I’ll be sure to keep it well lubed too.

          • Zachary marrs

            Unfortunately i came up empty, the two sources i had bookmarked are now 404 links, sorry

          • DanGoodShot

            No worries. I did find the info. After reading up on it. I have to agree, Looks like the 17-7 stainless is a better choice. Its a bit of a trade off. Longer life cycle but susceptible to corrosion or shrt life span and less maintenance. After looking into it, I can change my spring every 2000 rounds. Thanks for the info. I guess the only question is flat or round! Lol.

      • jt

        Please explain. Thank you.

        • Zachary marrs

          Poor corrosion and wear resistance compared to SS

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I dont see the problem here. Its pretty smart really.
    Now people dont have to go to 20 different places to build a stock.
    Plus, Magpul people are pretty cool.
    My brother shot their calendar this year and they asked all the photogs what was on their wishlist and sent everybody boxes of gear. My brothers box was mis-shipped and they sent him out another one.
    Thats the type of thing that inspires brand loyalty.

  • Joshua

    I guess I’m just not seeing the point.

  • Duane Liptak

    The reality is that Magpul grew tired of crappy REs. We’ve had a lot of requests for stock completion components to be available direct, and we’ve long wanted to have tubes available that we knew was “right”. So, yes…it’s the “same” in that it’s a true, impact extruded 7075, correctly machined, correctly anodized set of REs. But, we kept it in the heart of the TDP spec, which is expensive, we demanded a proper interior finish quality, and we are using the correct dry film lubricant inside the tube, which not a lot of folks do. So, yes, we’d say that making sure the consumer is getting something of value for their money, with a few nice touches, is completely in line with the brand. The completion items are only there to provide convenience to the direct customer, but once again, they are all correct. You may see the tubes in distribution, but the other components–not likely. Just conveniently available, correct items. The springs are nothing fancy, but they are correct. The buffers are correct, and available, instead of searching 5 vendors to find an H3 in stock. And, yes, we put in some extra positions while we were at it, because it made sense. While we could probably cut back to only producing products that bloggers think are “cool” and “revolutionary”, the fact of the matter is that we are enthusiasts in both firearms and outdoor activities. So, we make things where there’s a void in the market, and sometimes just because a particular product is something that we want to have control in manufacturing, so we know what goes into it, along with the larger projects like the D-60, the Hunter 700, the most reliable magazines under any conditions, etc. And…yes, we do, as always have a lot of very cool things in the works. Some of these things take time, so you’ll have to be patient. What would be great is to see every article written on the internet be a beacon of journalistic integrity and worthy of Pulitzer prize consideration, but that’s obviously not realistic, either. SO, we’ll keep on cranking on short, medium, and long term projects that all have a place in the market, whether because it’s an innovation that solves a problem, something completely cool, or just items that provide value to the consumer without a lot of flash required.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Needs more rails.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Bravo. And a big +1 for marketing the SR-25 tube as also an A5 tube while making the new stocks fit A5 tubes. That shows me you guys know exactly what you’re doing. Despite the public really not having much of a clue to the bigger picture stuff.

      Oh and as for nailing the things you guys do… Wore my Tejas belt to my wedding, it looked great.

      • Dan Atwater

        I checked their website and I don’t see any mention of the SR-25 RE doubling as an A5? Should I just be reading between the lines or something?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          It in all their marketing. And an just you he simple fact that an SR-25 tube is an A5 tube 😉

          Their website could use a little love tho.

    • AndyT

      I love this reply so much. Thank you for posting here!

    • My hats off the the guy that can match the snark, though the jab on the “journalistic integrity” was a bit over the top – I never said anything untrue though you may not like what I had to say.

      Don’t get me wrong, I get what you are doing. Its it convenient? Yes, but to put “convenience” and “correctness” as pillars of a brand known for innovation is silly.

      Your Foundations call out “Innovate or Die”. They call out “Fail Smart, Fail Often” and this does not seem like either (though will cede it may meet “Build What They Need, Not What They Want.”) Let’s call this what is is: its a play to “Profits are Not Evil”.

      So, I will absolutely stand by the assertion that their release is a let-down. You had the opportunity to improve upon the status quo and instead took the easy route and went with a TDP with extra holes. If my humor was not worthy of the Pulitzer, it doesn’t bother me.

      This was not an “Annoy The Establishment” move. It was you moving closer to becoming it.

      And for that, I am sad. I, like many of our readers, WANT you to stay true to ALL the Foundations, not just the ones you want to justify a particular move.

    • RickOAA .

      I haven’t seen that many positions in a long time!

  • Don Ward

    What is a “Modern Sporting Rifle” and why is TFB using this make-believe term?

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Should they use the other make-believe term, “Assault Rifle” instead?

      • Don Ward

        Other than the fact that by saying “Assault Rifle”, as imperfect as the term is, literally everyone knows what it is you’re talking about?

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          If you don’t know what a Modern Sporting Rifle refers to at this point, you’re either not paying attention or being willfully ignorant.

        • Other than the fact that “assault rifle” is misleading, factually inaccurate, and semantically highly charged, and “modern sporting rifle” is factually accurate, an industry standard, and not semantically highly charged?

          It is one of the most popular hunting rifles sold today, one of, if not the, most common rifle used for formal centerfire target shooting, and commonly used in the most rapidly growing rifle shooting sports. These are all “sporting” uses, and this file is the epitome of the modern rifle…

          After all, your typical civilian user of an AR these days ain assaulting anything but the Shoney’s buffet.

          Modern Sporting Rifle has been the industry standard fr a few years now, to *accurately* reflect the *actual* nature of these rifles, while avoiding the highly inaccurate and politically charged terminology.

    • Lt. Dan

      Think of it as playing the “political correctness” game. Using words to further an agenda. In this case, making AR-15’s sound less evil and scary.

      Turn about is fair play

  • Gus Butts

    Seven positions sure puts my four position receiver extension to shame.

  • Hyasuma

    if you add all that up it is over $100 plus without a stock, they are out of their minds. You can find a whole stock kit that is also MADE IN USA for $60 bucks. Go screw yourself Magpul

    • Wolfgar

      There is a difference between less expensive receiver tubes and mill spec or better. I see them fail at every multi gun match. There is a price for quality but people can choose which way to spend their money.

      • Hyasuma

        I dont know which brand you seen has failed. It is very rare for a buffer tube, stock would fail. Even Spikes tactical buffer kit only cost around $70 bucks, there is no reason why Magpuls are SO great. There are no difference between Spikes vs Magpul except 7 position and 10 position tube.

        • Wolfgar

          I have seen different dimensions,”meaning length” which caused the bolt carrier to short stroke. Take a true mill spec buffer tube and measure the length the bolt travels back from the mag stop. I have seen many cheap buffer tubes short stroke the BCG. I have also seen poor manufacturing spec causing failure of the upper to close on the lowers without modification. There are other good manufacturers but I have seen none that were on the cheap side I would ever install on my firearms.

  • Black Dots

    More stuff from Magpul is an unmitigated good. It would be nice if they offered RE/stock packages at discounted prices a la BCM.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I’ve integrated deeper into the rear-end of your mother.

    • BravoSeven

      So that makes you a ________? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Patriot Gunner

    I’m actually surprised it took them this long to make the buffer tube etc. Considering their issues with glock and AK mags…making weird belts…and crappy 700 stocks…and the fact that other competitors are eating their lunch in the AR mag world (Lancer specifically) I find that magpul has lost that innovative edge. They should have never gotten into the glock and AK mag game…Glock mags work great, are cheap and plentiful. The same goes with AK mags.

    • Wolfgar

      I have shot thousands of rounds through Magpul Glock mags without any problem and love their gen 3 AK mags. Magpul was the first truly reliable AR mags that stormed the market share when unpredictable aluminum mags were the norm. Magpul’s AK and AR furniture is second to none. Lost their innovation edge????? I think not………….try again

      • Roy

        I’m not agreeing or disagreeing about magpul. But your comment doesn’t follow logically. You cite a bunch of magpul products which were ground breaking when they came out or have been reliable for you. Patriot gunner is saying that the recent products have not been as innovative as the past products. Your comment didn’t offer anything to rebut that claim.

        • Patriot Gunner

          Thank you for actually reading my comment Roy.

          • Wolfgar

            Define time. It takes time to design and manufacture a good product. He stated issues with AR, AK and Glock mags. I have never had an issue with mine. I felt he was being a little unfair to Magpul considering all the great product they have brought to fruition. Lancer makes a great AR mag but at a higher price. Believe me, at this moment of time we are living in the Renaissance time when it comes to AR products, quality and choices.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Again you haven’t answered my original question. Just because you have had success with their glock mags doesn’t mean they are good and considering their horrendous launch I have a lot of reason to believe that your claims are highly dubious. I’ll give you that they were the first to innovate with their pmags, but have been surpassed by the competition since. Their AR furniture is not second to none, their own handguard are cheaply made and aren’t even free floating. You are seriously going to sit here and type that the magpul MOE handguards are the best on the market?

        • Wolfgar

          For their price I will stand by my statement. Their AR butt stocks are my favorite especially the CTR. The Glock mags have worked perfectly and are $15 dollars or less than factory. Considering the high round count I have with these mags , yea they are great The AK moe butt stock is my favorite no matter what price you quote. If you really think Magpul products are cheaply made we have nothing more to discus.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Still didn’t answer my question, but by avoiding it you’ve already answered it. Magpul products are cheaply made. The proof is the fact that they constantly break. Lancer mags are more expensive but by a whopping $5 a mag. Your magazine is the most important piece of a functioning semi-auto platform, if you want to go cheap and crappy be my guest and keep buying crappy Magpul products.

          • Wolfgar

            What question didn’t I answer. The Gen 3 AK mags have run perfectly for me as all of their mags. They fit all my AK’s without the steel wobble and they are lighter. The factory Glock mags cost $15 to $20 more than my Magpul mags. I thought they may not be as good as factory so I used them just for practice since they were cheaper. Guess what, they run just as good as factory. If you are dropping your mags out of your pockets five feet or more in the air I couldn’t honestly answer which mag is best. I never had that problem LOL

          • Patriot Gunner

            Glock mags are only $6-8 more than the magpul glock mags. Use bakelite or Bulgarian waffle mags and you won’t have any more wobble issues. Plus its an AK, the wobbling mag doesn’t effect performance so who cares?

            I’m telling you man I break stuff constantly so quality is very important. I’m the statistical anomaly. Oh your product has a 99.99% success rate? Well meet the .01% guy that breaks it. I’m the guy at any given training class with gun parts in my hand saying “Uhh can you give 5 minutes to put this back together?”

          • W

            I have a friend like you LOL, he breaks everything. Bulgarian circle 10 mags are out of my price range now and Magpul has filled that need. Where do you get you Glock mags since I have not found that close of price for my Magpul mags. In any case I have had zero problems with my Magpul mags. Nothing beats experience to flavor or sour a product.

          • Patriot Gunner

            I work in “the industry” so I can get them well below $20 per mag, but if you want a good deal Botach Tactical has them for $21.20, but you have to buy 10. Another great way is police surplus, the mags look like crap, but they are in good condition. And just for peace of mind I swap out the springs so it’s pretty much brand new, but those purchases are few and far between. Lastly gun shows can have good deals. There is always one guy selling only magazines and his advertised prices are high, but if you and several buddies can go in on a group buy and pay cash I have found that 98% of the time they are willing to strike a deal. Introduce yourself, take his card and call him several days after the show and tell him that you and several buddies are interested in a group buy. For some reason people are always hesitant to make deals at a gun show, I guess they figure the guy standing next to you will want the same deal. “Nothing beats experience to flavor or sour a product” Yeahh that pretty much nails it.

    • blotonthelandscape

      You might be off the mark a little.

      PMags are still the undisputed king of magazines in both military and commercial sales. Their biggest competitor are still PMag clones, not any of the clear mags.

      The 700 stock seems very well accepted by the precision rife crowd as great value for money with aluminum V block bedding and low cost drop in magazine option.

      The D60 is tearing it up. The Glock mags had a issue on release but that was taken care of immediately and since then they have been widely regarded as GTG with just minimal issues with some steel cased ammo. AK PMags are everywhere. Hell even their gun belts have great reviews on Amazon.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Are PMAGS now aluminum GI Mags? Because last time I check no US armed forces were using pmags. Now if you meant military sales overseas it is still a moot point because are we going to discern the quality of the product quantitatively based on its merits or by sheer volume of sales? What you basically said is that the Toyota Camry is the highest selling car so therefore it is the best. Every LEO or alphabet soup federal agency is using aluminum GI mags or switching over the Lancers because of the steel reinforced lips. Lancer just makes a better product. Period.

        The 700 stock is literally the laughingstock (pun intended) of the PRS community. NO ONE runs them and if you do find that random fool, they are nowhere near the top in rankings.

        The D60 doesn’t offer anything substantial over the drum mags that X Products produces. Their problematic release of the glock mags is just my point, and if it doesn’t run a particular kind of ammo then it can’t be called reliable!! Again with the “AK PMAGS are everywhere” just because they are ubiquitous doesn’t mean they are quality! Load them to the max and drop them from 5 feet, they crack their feed lips quite easily. The fact that they have to venture off into cowboy leather gun belts tells me that they are out of ideas for the tactical market. It would be like HK competing with Henry Rifles, HK would never do that.

        Plus you never answered my question, which was what did magpul bring to the glock and AK magazine market that wasn’t already being done better and at a lower cost? Why on earth would you use their glock mags when glock themselves make the best mags for their own guns! Is there a shortage of glock mags? Are they $100’s of dollars where you live? And why would you use something other than a circle 10 AK/bakelite or surplus mag? The steel surplus AK mags are bulletproof. And if I wanted to use an American made polymer AK mag I would go with US Palm.

        Stop with this corporate cult BS, I swear people in the gun community can be the most gullible bunch of sheeple. YAY MAGPUL YAY MAGPUL YAY MAGPUL! Sometime we are our own worst enemies.

        • blotonthelandscape

          OK I will bite…

          PMags/EMags are not only standard issue for all UK deployed troops for the last 5 years, they are also used exclusively by many US units including the one that took out OBL. PMags and Lancer have been out for almost the same time but a look at combat photography of US troops show the PMag being overwhelming used more than any other commercial magazine.

          For the Hunter 700 I will just quote from the Sniper’s Hide review..
          “This is a lower cost option for guys with factory 700 stocks. Retailing at just $260 dollars, the stock as configured in the video is only $353. It’s not a direct competitor with the $800 – $1200+ Stocks and Chassis, but an excellent option for those not looking to invest so much money.”

          The D60 offers 10 more rounds in the same footprint but at substantially less cost and weight than the XProducts drum. It also has multible favorable reliability reports even in full auto.

          Before the PMag Glock mags were released, Glock never really serviced the US market and shortages were everywhere. In response to competition Glock OEM mags can now be found in volume and at discount. Glock PMags are still lower cost/lighter weight so who wouldn’t want the option?

          The AK PMags are US made so count towards US made parts. They seem to be reliable too from reports. Drop an AK PMag from 5 feet and yes it will develop a crack but will probably still run. Guess what happens when you drop a Russian steel mag at that height? The feedlips dent so much that the magazine is inoperable. Same thing with a US Palm AK mag.

          • Patriot Gunner

            I still see a vast majority of UK troops using standard GI mags, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that the vast majority use pmags. However, I will not concede that just because they use pmags makes them a better magazine. That decision has more to do with the bean counters at the MOD than any intelligent decision.

            What I take away from the snipers hide comment is that for the money the stock is OK. I don’t see any advantage the magpul stock has over the standard remington 700 coupled with the fact that no one on the PRS circuit actually use them. And I’ve seen guys take 1st place with a $800 stock Tikka rifle at a PRS event so not everyone is rocking 10K rigs.

            The D60 has 10 more rounds? OK fine I’ll concede that fact, but I still say it is a matter of time before the feed lips on that mag crack as well given magpuls history. So I’d still rather pay more and get the X Products mag.

            Glock never serviced the US market? Dude I don’t know where you live but even when I lived in Los Angeles I could walk into any gun/sporting goods store and pick up Glock mags. Plus they are always available online from a variety of sellers. I just did a search and found new Glock 19 15 round mags for $21 and glock pmags for $15. $6 difference for peace of mind is cheap insurance in my book. No matter how “good” the glock pmags are they will never be as good as the Glock factory mags.

            If you want 922r compliance then the US Palm AK Mags are a better route. I’ve dropped a fully loaded Russian surplus mag from 10 ft on to concrete and it worked just fine. If the feed lips ever bent I could always use a rock and bang it out, can I do that with the pmags? No! Also, the bakelite AK mags are indestructible.

            I’m the guy on the other end of the bell curve that always ends up breaking something. I run my stuff hard and to tell you the truth I can be lazy when it comes to maintaining them. So my philosophy is buy once, cry once. If magpul stuff works for you then God bless you. I’ve just had the worst luck with ALL their products.

          • Now, now, I managed to bust a “Bakelite” AK mag.

            Of.course, it dropped about 20 feet to concrete, loaded, and hit lips first… 😉

          • CountryBoy

            Ouch! Face-first to concrete, what a way to go!

            I’ll bet its lips are swollen now!

          • Snapped one side’s lip clean off, resulting in a brass fountain and “spontaneous self disassembly”.

            Luckily, I realize magazine are wear items. Although I prefer not to risk the orange “Bakelite” ones, so.oly because I like having a full complement of “proper” magazines for my “early Afghan War” style AK74. So I use other magazines if I’m going to be beating around, because they are easier to replace. (I wanted a -74 as close to the ones I read about in Soldier of Fortune in highschool, so having the orange mags as part of the set is part of that.)

  • Sledgecrowbar

    More positions on stock adjustment is always good, provided you can get used to finding the same position every time. I saw the buffer tubes a few days ago on their site, is either an A5-length or just some weird carbine-style, rifle-length thing for the longer one? I know the new UBR 2.0 stock is A5-length. For what it’s worth, everyone who has one raves about the A5 buffer. As far as I can tell its a slightly longer carbine buffer and buffer tube meant to fit one additional weight inside for a greater range of tuning.