Multi-Gun Ready: The New Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense announced a new rifle aimed at the multi gun competitive shooter. It is called the DDM4V7 Pro.

The rifle uses a cold hammer forged, chrome lined 18″ barrel and is fitted with the company’s Muzzle Climb Mitigator, Gen II muzzle device. Daniel Defense uses its 15″ MFR XS M-LOK rail that is made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

Daniel Defense plugs a Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger into the machined lower and attaches one of their own adjustable buttstocks with the rubber over molding. A rubber over molded pistol grip matches the stock.

Inside, Daniel Defense uses a rifle length gas system, M16 bolt carrier group and an H buffer. The total weight (unloaded of course) for this rifle is 7.4 pounds.

Included with the gun is a Magpul 30 round Pmag and a impact resistant carrying case. Rifles are available in black only. The DDM4V7 Pro has a suggested retail price of $1,849.

These rifles are based on, and are very similar to, the DDM4V7 rifle. Those rifles sport many of the same features, though with a 16″ barrel and a DD flash suppressor instead of an 18″ barrel with the Muzzle Climb Mitigator. Additionally, the Pro model steps up to the Geissele trigger. The original DDM4V7 carries a MSRP of $1,599.

Richard Johnson

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  • Ryfyle

    Is there anything other than an AR-15 based platform? Has anyone used anything outside the AR-15 platform?

    • BravoSeven

      What’s this AR-15 thing you speak of? Never heard of it.

      • PK

        I think it’s what people used to call rifles before they were all the same…

        Joking aside, what I’m really waiting for is an AR-15 inspired 1911.

        Sarcasm aside, when new designs come out, they’re rejected in favor of continual sales of the familiar, solid, proven designs such as Glocks, Sigs, 1911s, AR-15s, AKs, Mauser actions, 870s, and similar. Boberg, Kriss, and other unusual ideas spring to mind.

        The reason the old favorites are old favorites is, in my opinion, they are near the technological best we can do right now. Anything similar in performance, use, etc., will fall by the wayside until there is a truly novel advance, or a novel need to fill – or a design so wonderful, it creates a need all its own.

        • Ryfyle

          Man, I gotta find me a open source CAD file and make something different.

      • Ryfyle

        Stoners Armalite Rifle. The one everybody loves?

    • Sermon 7.62

      Sure! There is AK platform. A piece of crap made for peasants. Except the ones made in Israel. Those are good.

      • Anonymoose

        And the ones from South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, and Sweden. Dunno about the ones from Indonesia, but I suppose they’re pretty good too.

    • USMC03Vet

      CZ Scorpion platform maybe? They already have a carbine version they just need to get into different calibers.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        The carbine is a cool setup. They did it right for what they had to work with. Ergonomic and looks good. The safety kind of sucks though.

    • Anonymoose

      AKs, SCARs, M1As, FALs, PTR91s, AR-10s (which are technically an AR-15-based platform since the SR-25, AR10B, DPMS, and the various manufacturers that have sprung up since DPMS popularized the concept of a .308 AR- are all based on a scaled up modernized AR15A2 and AR15A3, and not straight from the original 1950s AR10), various SMGs like the MP5 (in pistol-cal 2-gun), M1 Carbines, and even M1903s (see Forgotten Weapons’s video of Ian’s WWI 2-gun run, and his M1 Carbine run), among other things, have been used in multigun competitions. Basically any modern, reliable semi-auto rifle has been used for multigun competition by someone at some point..

      • Ryfyle

        No weirdly Functional Bubba’d SKS’s?

        • Anonymoose

          No, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, has used a Garand at some point for Heavy Metal 3-gun.

          • Gabriel Owens

            Oh you just made my worm wiggle

  • Pod

    The specs as listed both here and on DD’s website say that they include a Magpul PMAG with the kit. However, the press photos depict the rifle with the new Daniel Defense DD Mag.

    I would think DD would include one of their own mags?

  • Random note, is this the rifle Nutnfancy reviewed this week?

    • MrFN

      It is indeed.

    • CruisingTroll

      No. He reviewed the standard DDM4 V7. Differences are the Pro has the 18″ S2W barrel, Geiselle 3 Gun trigger, and maybe a different muzzle device. The cost difference between the V7 vs V7 Pro is less than the cost of the Geiselle trigger.

  • Gary Kirk

    Yep, another 3 gun rifle.. And instead of building one that fits you, you can just buying one they say does.. I mean, looks like a decent platform to get into it.. But that’s like starting to race with a hellcat, learn the fundamentals first. Start basic, mod up as need be.. Then you understand, and can get the parts “you” need.. This instant gratification crap is getting out of hand..

    • Anonymoose

      Cheaper and just as effective to buy a Colt 6920-OEM and put the a free-float Mlok, Keymod, or even bolt-on handguard, CTR or whatever stock you like, and maybe a better grip, etc, or even building a rifle from the ground up, than buying this fancy DD.

      • Jack

        Wow it’s like I’m on M4C or something. The 6920 isn’t always the best option, it is a carbine length 16″ barrel. Building from the ground up would be a way better option than the Colt. The problem with the Daniel Defense is it is expensive but otherwise the features are okay.

        Nor do I think it is “racing with a hellcat” – in the scope of things parts are cheap while ammo is not. What are you going to discover? You don’t like free float rails?

      • C. Her

        I kindly disagree with you. My Colt 6920 was around $900 new. If you add a quality M-lok 15″ rail, heavier buffer, Geissele’s SD3G trigger and DD’s awesome muzzle brake it would exceed the price of the V11 pro’s. Another lesson I learned is Frakenguns don’t have warranties since they don’t know if their component or other components caused a failure. My BCM BCG failed and had a very hard time trying to get it warrantied.

        • Anonymoose

          The 6920-OEM models have no furniture except a grip to hold the selector detent in place, and they are several hundred bucks cheaper. It’s not quite a frankengun, but sold because most people who buy an AR will put a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it. 80% lowers, (AK and HK) receiver flats, and parts kits and stripped receivers in general are the extreme end of that.

          • C. Her

            Plain furniture Colt 6920 $815 (add $670 for 15″ handguard, Geissele trigger, BCM charging handle, heavy buffer, buttstock, muzzle brake) and you’re only $200 shy of a V11’s street price.

          • CruisingTroll

            And the V11 Pro/V7 Pro still have 18″ barrels and rifle gas systems, something that the Colt doesn’t have…

            Add another $200 dollars to upgrade both. (That accounts for selling the Colt barrel.)

  • CS

    Is this a Direct Impingement or Piston Rifle?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Internal piston, Daniel Defense doesn’t make op rod guns.

  • C. Her

    Last year I picked up the DDM4 V11 Pro (keymod railed version) for $1550 out the door. This is my 6th AR I’ve purchased (3 of them I’ve built). For the price that I paid and for the features of this AR it will be extremely hard to custom build one or customize another AR to the level of the DDM4 V11 Pro’s. If you find it for under $1600 this is a great rifle. My V11 Pro shoots better and softer than my latest custom build using Geissele, Spikes, Rainer and BlackRain parts that costed $1700. I wish the V11 Pro’s were available in DD’s cerakoting or Kryptek patterns.