Full Auto from the wrist! Working Suicide Prop

A video has been released wherein the wrist mounted Glock 19s used by Will Smiths character Deadshot, are being tested in a movie prop facility, most likely the Movie Armaments Group based out of Toronto. In collaboration with Walter Klassen FX, the groups worked together to create a sort of gripless frame, that used a system to release the sear on the Glock 19 slide. This is from Imfdb, explaining how it all came together-

The props used in the film were designed and custom made by Walter Klassen FX and Movie Armaments Group (this included “design work, CAD renderings, machining, assembly, finishing and powder coating”). New CNC-machined frames were created for the the Glock 19s and the magazine release and ejection of the one mounted to Smith’s right wrist were reversed so that the casings would be able to eject upwards. The blank-firing wrist guns were fully automatic, fired via a thumb trigger connected to a system involving air tubes, a pneumatic actuator, and regulated CO2 canisters hidden in the holstered Glock 18s on Smith’s back. According to Walter Klassen FX employee Taku Dazai, firing them created a “rooster tail of fire” and a “huge plume of fire”, plus they “sound insane”. They are chambered in 9x19mm, due to the fact that they can be seen loaded with the magazines from Deadshot’s Glock 18s.

Props are all well and dandy in a movie, but what is the feasibility of this in real life? Considering that the slides were functioning and seemed to be designed well, is a plus. However, the only rounds through these things look to be blanks, and in many cases, blank cartridges don’t have as much power, recoil or force to equal that of its equivalent live round. So would this work with live rounds? It looks like it would functionally work, the CNC machined frame that the slide rides on certainly seems rigid enough. But as is the case with most machine pistols from the earliest Mausers to the latest Glock 18s, their ability to stay on target during fully automatic fire, at any considerable distance is extremely challenging without a stock. But then again, who needs a stock when you have arms? The armchair debate is certainly an interesting one. However, the support system for this seems to be more than awkward. A cord running behind your back, connected to a CO2 container?

Pictures are from IMFDB. Notice how the compensators are angled above the wrist. If this thing were shooting live rounds, I’d imagine some wrist safety awareness would have to be trained into the shooter!-

600px-SuicideS_417 500px-WristMagnumFramesBTS 600px-SuicideS_411

A trailer for the movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

-By the way TFB, I’m back from my hiatus in hiking the 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail across the state of Wisconsin. I’ll be contributing very regularly from now on again!


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  • Anonymoose

    This could help mitigate limp-wristing.

    • Gary Kirk

      If it doesn’t, I believe the faa would probably get involved some how..

      Sorry, rethought that.. That would be limp elbowing, limp wristing would just lead to losing parts of oneself..

  • Rusty S.

    Welcome back, Miles! Great article in SADJ as well.

  • randomswede

    Releasing the striker doesn’t take much force so a solenoid or electric motor could do that job if you want electric trigger and controllable rate of fire, a simple break wire off a bicycle could provide a mechanical linkage.

    Without sights you’d need to be a supervillain that can’t miss to hit anything with precision but with up to 60 9mm rounds you just need a 1 in 60 chance to hit.

    • Iggy

      Well given the bulkiness of the set up you could incorporate a couple of laser sights, which wouldn’t help a whole lot, but would look kinda cool.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Laser sights would be perfect in this setup.

      • randomswede

        If there’s a place for laser sights it’s for shooting where you can’t align sights such as shooting around a ballistic shield or this kind of weapon(s).

      • Matt Taylor

        I’ll just keep using my helmet with HUD and super powers, but thanks for the idea. 😛

    • aka_mythos

      Most of the time when he fires this in the movie he’s either wearing his helmet with the sci-fi HUD likely projecting were is is aiming or he’s shooting at things so close or so large precision isn’t going to make a difference.

      • randomswede

        That works.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      His character is LITERALLY a villain that can’t miss.

  • derfelcadarn

    As with 99% of movie BS, when reality intrudes useless and stupid reign supreme.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I always wanted a set up where I could punch a guy while I was shooting him.

    • iksnilol

      Fallout got you covered, fam. Wrist-mounted shotgun with a pressure plate on the knuckles to activate it.

      Gives anybody the Mike Tyson punch.

      • Laionidas

        Meh,.. still doesn’t beat a wrist mounted storm bolter.

  • Glenn Bellamy

    The mag sticking out seems a bit awkward, at best.

    • M40

      I’m guessing they won’t even show the magazines in the film. In the test shooting video for this rig, they are using an angle that makes it hard to see the magazine hanging out.
      In the actual movie, I’m guessing he’ll fire hundreds (or thousands) of rounds with no reloading (in Hollywood, bullets magically appear in guns as needed). The test rigs shown in this article will probably be used for one or two scenes, The rest will be filmed using non-functioning props and they’ll add muzzle flash with CGI.

  • iksnilol

    If it can work with blanks it should work with regular ammo. Harder to get blanks to cycle than live ammo in most cases.

  • Eric Sutton

    Marneus Calgar approves.

  • Sianmink

    If it has an electronic trigger, you can limit it however you like. Get a nice controllable rate. I’d recommend 300-400 rpm to start.

  • Vhyrus

    Too bad the movie sucked.

  • iksnilol

    Disappointing lack of 12 gauge.

    The design seems simpler though.

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    Did you walk through the Lodi Gibraltar rock area? Beautiful

  • Jason Wallentine

    Having that muzzle four inches back from his hand was making me cringe, blanks in the video or not…[shudders]

  • AD

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they created a functional prop rather than just go with a solid chunk of painted plastic with CG muzzle flash.

    I did enjoy the scene when he’s in prison firing at the steel targets, and he hits the same spot on each target so many times that he actually punches a hole through them.

  • valorius

    Since will smith saw fit to see he wants to see Trump supporters in america eradicated (while speaking in dubai), i certainly am not going to see any of his movies, or any of the gadgets in any of his movies.

    • Chris

      I saw that ! Dumb ass also said any one who’s concerned about Islamic terrorism is just a
      Islamaphobe “because he’s in Dubia, and they is treating us nice and all ! “

    • Core

      Was a fan until I read this. Won’t be watching his marginal performances anymore. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam as a religion specifically, it just so happens that most terrorists these days are Muslim. Maybe Smith should blame the wealthy Arabs in nations like UAE and Saudi Arabia for not dealing with their own business. I seriously don’t see why liberals think that Muslim nations have no blame in what is going on in the Mid East. My Muslim friend, said his people are not doing enough to curtail extremists back in 2003. Today in 2016 IS is destroying the Arab world. America has shed enough blood, they need to start dealing with their own problems. The oil companies are behind this instability, and we should demand their children for our children! Vote Hillary, to continue occupying the Middle East!

      • phil box

        people need to learn to “vote” with their money. if something goes against you beliefs don’t spend any money “there”. corporate America only understand their bottom line. i like ford cars but i just read they gave black lives matter 100 million. i will never own anything made by ford again. i hope others will follow suit.

  • noob

    It’s a good thing the men using the Sedgley Glove Gun would have been trained to never stand with their hands in their pockets.

  • phil box

    why waste time promoting an anti American, anti gun dupa’s movie? come on people vote with your pocket books. don’t support anyone who is not true blue American, no body.

    • Chris

      Willy is so concerned with telling us Americans how we should behave and what to believe ,when he can’t even teach his son to wear pants instead of skirts and dresses? Give me a break ! I will never give any of my money to a movie he is in !

      • phil box

        good. there needs to be more people who protest with their dollars.

    • M40

      Exactly. The other one that has had me cringing lately is Matt Damon. He’s been spouting off on crazy anti-gun rants… all while promoting the latest Jason Bourne movie. I saw the trailer on TV, and in just about every scene, there’s Matt Damon with all kinds of guns, running around shooting people.

      There’s nothing more hypocritical than going against your beliefs in order to fill your pockets with cash. This is the age-old liberal paradigm of, “Do as I say, not as I do”. Leftist politicians and Hollywood elites have armed guards to protect them, yet they don’t think you should have the same right to protect your own homes and families.

  • L Cavendish

    still shows way too many shots for the space/time…would be empty in a couple/few seconds on full auto…

    • M40

      I’m guessing they won’t show the magazines hanging off the side of these, nor will they show him changing the magazines. In the alternate universe of Hollywood, these will fire about a thousand rounds with no reloads.

  • L Cavendish

    anybody notice: Deadshot and Deadpool…both red and black costumes…both gun guys…
    no other colors to pick from?