Bushnell Introduces New AK Scopes And Red Dots

If you have been paying attention to the optics market over the last several years, it isn’t going to be a surprise when I say that variable one power optics are becoming the go-to optic for many competitors as well as military and law enforcement types. Bushnell has been paying attention to that growing trend as well as the growing AK market in the US. The new AK focused optics are a clear indication that variable one powers are here to stay.

The new red dot is a 1x25mm optic with 11 brightness settings that looks a lot like the already popular TRS-25 AR-15 optic with “AK Optics” scrawled on the side of it. After a quick comparison, the only difference I could see was the adjustment clicks on the AK version are 1″ at 100 yards vs. the .5″ at 100 yards the TRS-25 is capable of.

The new AK 1-4x24mm, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more AK-centric with a 7.62×39 bullet drop compensating reticle as standard. The 1-4 power scope has an illuminated reticle, is second focal plane, and will feature fully coated lenses.

You can learn more about the new optics at the Bushnell website. The street price for the 1-4 power scope is currently $245.42, the red dot is a bit cheaper at $83.11.


Patrick R

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  • ReadyorNot

    The first generation of TRS-25s with the slightly bluer glass were excellent. The second gen version had the emitter protruding from a different location which made it slightly annoying even though it had clearer glass.

    • SGT Fish

      i think they are on a 3rd gen now. i just got one that looks like a 2nd gen but without the 2nd gen problems

      • ReadyorNot

        Nice, do you know if they moved the emitter location again?

        • SGT Fish

          it is in the lower corner. I read the GEN2s had them in the lower center and that caused the issue. So Id call mine a gen 3. Got it off amazon

  • Carter

    I already have a TRS-25 mounted on my Saiga AK 7.62×39.
    I didn’t realize I needed this new one (which looks exactly like the one I have, apart from the label).
    The 1-4X does look interesting, and the TRS-25 is a pretty decent sight for the money.

  • Thomas Gomez

    I have been running a TRS-25 for 4 years. I wish it were brighter, but it is a tough little optic.

  • A Red Dot for 83 dollars is not a red dot I want on a gun that is for serious social work. Maybe for a Range Toy… but I don’t own anything like that.

    • Dracon1201

      They work very well and their values are far higher than their pricepoint. Mine survived my AK, KSG, 870, and PTR91, a mosin, gunsite scout, and a few of my ARs. It’s been around since I got it on my first AR at 14. Many thousands of rounds, many drops, and all weather. I’d trust my life to another one.

    • Sasquatch

      Why by a Mercedes when a Toyota gets the job done……

    • imtoomuch

      How often do you do “serious social work” with your gun? This optic has amazing reviews all over. Treat your gun right and your optic will also be treated well and it will survive.

    • twr

      These have been around a long time and their reputation far exceeds their price point. The only reason no one talks about them any more is the battery life, which I would be curious to see if they have have improved to todays standards.

  • Sermon 7.62

    BDC reticle does not fit AK ballistics, as far as I can see, and eye relief of 90 mm does not fit AK length of pull.

  • Sasquatch

    Sweet! Something that isn’t AR15 specific.

  • NearlyTree

    So they changed it from 1/2 MOA adjustments to 1 MOA adjustments. That’s just stupid and people will be chasing their zero with them.

  • Max Glazer

    Can someone please explain to me the following: Companies make AK-specific optics. Why not make them mountable on the side rail? From what I’ve been taught back in my uniform days is that picattini-mounted optics will always lose zero if removed. Russian servicemen that I spoke to said that side rail mounted optic never does due to always ending up in the same spot.

  • Billy

    The AK is the second generation which will bring more brightness. It is supposed to be fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof. Trending in the right direction.