Bushnell Introduces New AK Scopes And Red Dots

    If you have been paying attention to the optics market over the last several years, it isn’t going to be a surprise when I say that variable one power optics are becoming the go-to optic for many competitors as well as military and law enforcement types. Bushnell has been paying attention to that growing trend as well as the growing AK market in the US. The new AK focused optics are a clear indication that variable one powers are here to stay.

    The new red dot is a 1x25mm optic with 11 brightness settings that looks a lot like the already popular TRS-25 AR-15 optic with “AK Optics” scrawled on the side of it. After a quick comparison, the only difference I could see was the adjustment clicks on the AK version are 1″ at 100 yards vs. the .5″ at 100 yards the TRS-25 is capable of.

    The new AK 1-4x24mm, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more AK-centric with a 7.62×39 bullet drop compensating reticle as standard. The 1-4 power scope has an illuminated reticle, is second focal plane, and will feature fully coated lenses.

    You can learn more about the new optics at the Bushnell website. The street price for the 1-4 power scope is currently $245.42, the red dot is a bit cheaper at $83.11.