Brazilian Frankenstein Rifle Seized In Rio

Our Brazilian friend Ronaldo sent us a photo of a strange rifle that was seized by police in Rio. He tells us that some of the rifles picked up by Brazilian police forces turn out to be some pretty unusual specimens. So far this year the PMERJ – Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State Military Police for those of us that don’t speak Portuguese, has confiscated about 160 rifles of varying makes and models between January to July. It appears that 60 of those turned out to be AR-15s of some type, 35 were some form of the AK design, and the remainder were of other makes.

Ronaldo tells us that every now and again a strange rifle pops up that defies convention like the franken-rifle he sent for us to develop a healthy migraine trying to identify. The rifle appears to be laying on top of a rather considerable load of cocaine recently seized in Rio.

Ronaldo would love to see if you guys can identify what the rifle actually is. I have a pretty good idea as to what the gun was built from. Hopefully, my analysis isn’t too far off from what the TFB Brain Trust spits out.

Patrick R

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  • Axel2485

    Brazil speaks Portugese, not Spanish.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      I probably should have Googled that instead of making an assumption. Thanks for pointing out the error, we will correct that.

    • Bill

      I traveled there a couple times and have been told both that Portuguese is Spanish badly spoken, and that Spanish is Portuguese badly spoken. I can’t speak either.

  • Sir Alec Douglas Home

    In fairness to Patrick now, he didn’t actually specifically state that the national language of Brazil is Spanish.

    >>For those of you that don’t speak Swahili, Serbo Croat or Esperanto, it means Rio de Janeiro State Military Police.

    But hey, I’m only leaping to his defence cos you beat me to it…
    ; p

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      I should have Googled it. I screwed up.

      • Bob Gallucci

        This is a firearms blog, not a course in language. no big deal.

        • Evan

          So that’s why my Japanese is so bad.

    • Evan

      I know some good profanity in Serbo-Croatian.

  • Michael Anthony Canizales

    Looks like a Baretta AR-70 to me.

  • Darin

    Hard to tell on my phone, but it kinda looks like a butchered Vz52

  • Micheal Unrau

    Its a butchered Fn 1949 (SAFN 49)

    • Xtorin O’hern

      me thinks this fine gentleman is correct

    • Jeremy

      I think we have a winner

    • dshield55

      Are those magazines at the bottom of the pic? I’m not 100% sure, but the black things look like some strange pistol caliber magazines.

      • Jake Holevinski

        2 of them are pistol caliber double stack mags looks like maybe for a Hi-Power, one looks like a colt SMG mag but not really sure, they’re definitely pistol mags though. And around them are Motorola PR4xx series Portable radios that don’t have their antennas attached.

    • Kivaari

      That’s my guess. As soon as I scrolled down and saw your posting, I guess my guess was confirmed.

    • Richard

      With an m16 stock, FAL pistol grip, and what looks like two ar-15 handguards rigged to it. The result isn’t too bad looking actually, I’ve seen worse.

      • Eric X Ericx

        Good call! In light of a better picture, I think you are dead on here.

    • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

      I concure. I almost posted hakim till I saw your post.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks like somebody just robbed Lowes of a sh-tload of wall hangers.

  • Is it an FN-49 underneath it all?

  • Tim

    Almost looks like a very mangled, pooly modified FAL.

  • Evan

    Poor rifle, that thing looks, well… Not so good.
    I’m very bad at identifying guns, I would have said an M1 or M14 with AR parts slapped on it if not for the bolt looking different, but I think the guys saying FN 1949 are right.
    So it looks like an FN 1949 with AR parts slapped on it.

  • Lance

    Poorly home made tactic cool FAL.

  • SP mclaughlin

    I wonder how “bubba” is said in Portuguese? “Carahlo?”

  • aka_mythos

    There is something special about these frakenguns. While they aren’t anywhere near the height of craftsmanship, there is a craftsmanship to how they’re made. I feel like there is a certain appreciation that should come with that.

  • Gianni Yapur

    I dont think its an FN 1949, but a FN-FAL. The FN-FAL is much more common here in southamerica than the FN 1949 (im from Peru), and some armies here still use it (like the peruvian). Even more, the FN-FAL was make in Brazil from 1958 to 62 by IMBEL. So if im going to bet, is a butchered IMBEL FN-FAL with AR stock and handguard jammed.

  • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

    It looks like they welded on a secondary charging handle. I can’t tell from the detail of the picture if they cut out a channel for the secondary handle to reciprocate though.

  • CJS3

    FN49 with other rifle parts jammed on.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    As long as it works right?

  • richard kluesek

    Appears to have an AR15 upper and buffer and stock joined by a Stoner / Robinson Arms stle receiver group. Interesting. Probably gas impingement.

  • ChiptheBarber

    Wow! That FN has such classic lines. To begin life looking so great, so useful, so beautiful, and end up looking like THAT. With your picture on the internet, people laughing at you, trying to figure out what you even are. It’s a little too close to the human experience for me. In the name of dignity, somebody put a sheet over it!

  • KyKPH

    So much for gun controls!