Brazilian Frankenstein Rifle Seized In Rio

    Our Brazilian friend Ronaldo sent us a photo of a strange rifle that was seized by police in Rio. He tells us that some of the rifles picked up by Brazilian police forces turn out to be some pretty unusual specimens. So far this year the PMERJ – Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State Military Police for those of us that don’t speak Portuguese, has confiscated about 160 rifles of varying makes and models between January to July. It appears that 60 of those turned out to be AR-15s of some type, 35 were some form of the AK design, and the remainder were of other makes.

    Ronaldo tells us that every now and again a strange rifle pops up that defies convention like the franken-rifle he sent for us to develop a healthy migraine trying to identify. The rifle appears to be laying on top of a rather considerable load of cocaine recently seized in Rio.

    Ronaldo would love to see if you guys can identify what the rifle actually is. I have a pretty good idea as to what the gun was built from. Hopefully, my analysis isn’t too far off from what the TFB Brain Trust spits out.