Luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing. England wins!

For the ultimate in luxury lifestyle, let’s have a closer look at the latest “outdoor” editions from Range Rover and Bentley.

This Holland & Holland Range Rover comes “fully loaded”.

The new model has been designed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), which will build 40 units per year over a three-year period.

Below: Holland & Holland Green is a unique color for this model. The grille is painted in the same deep green and has chrome highlights. Holland & Holland badging can be found on the lower accent door badges of both long and standard wheelbase versions, as well as on the tailgate.


Based on the Range Rover Autobiography Black

Absolute madness – I love the attention to details like this door handle!


The fascia letterbox panels are decorated with gunstock checkering and the exquisite engraving of the centre console panel has been inspired by Holland & Holland’s distinctive forend diamonds.

On the inside, the Range Rover Autobiography Black has been tailored to accommodate the lifestyle pursuits of Holland & Holland’s customers. The Executive Class seating package in the long wheelbase car makes the most of the additional legroom and 17 degrees recline available to the rear seat passengers.


The interior is upholstered with the softest tan and espresso leather hides, with precision leather detailing including Holland & Holland embroidery on the front seats. Even the sides of the transmission tunnel are trimmed in the same shade of leather. This is perfectly complemented by the sustainably-sourced French walnut veneer, subtly polished to resemble the oil-finished gunstocks for which Holland & Holland’s craftsmen have been famous since the company’s foundation in 1835. To mark this, their logo is inlaid into the front center console.


The car’s woodwork is made from a single huge piece of walnut, 1500mm long by 500mm wide, to ensure that every veneer is perfectly matched like a pair of sporting guns.


What really sets the new Holland & Holland Range Rover apart, though, is located in the boot. A stunning leather-trimmed aluminium loadspace cabinet – debossed with the Holland & Holland logo – has been designed especially for this car. Its espresso Alcantara-trimmed interior can be precisely fitted to safely transport the owner of the car’s pair of Holland & Hollands.

For more on Holland & Holland, check out some pictures from TFB’s recent visit to their flagship store in London.

30 of these Range Rovers are coming to the USA. Price? …if you have to ask…but around 250.000 USD.


If there are too many of these H&Hs Roving around around where you live, then Bentley might have the answer for you.

Their new Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner has all the equipment required for a successful day on the river.



Four rods are stored in special tubes trimmed in Saddle leather with Linen cross-stitching and located on the underside of the parcel shelf. A pair of landing nets in matching leather bags are stored in a bespoke, carpet-trimmed hard pocket built into the side of the boot.



Below: The master tackle station and refreshment case sit on a sliding tray that allows for easy access. Inside the master tackle unit is a special Burr Walnut veneered drawer containing a fly-tying vice and tools, as well as a selection of cotton, hooks and feathers.

I’m seeing a version with a Dillon Reloading station in front of me. Am I the only one?


Waterproof boot-floor and rear-sill-protection covers are discreetly integrated into the rear of the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner, as is an electronic dehumidifier unit to ensure the area remains fresh and dry.


At the heart of the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner are three individual, Saddle-leather-trimmed units: a master tackle station; a refreshment case; and waterproof wader-stowage trunk.



The interior of the refreshment case is trimmed in Linen leather, and contains up to three metal flasks and a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware, as well as a separate food storage compartment.


As I’m not into Fly Fishing myself I had to ask Bentley for a Mulliner version, more built for my own interests.

Here’s the reply from Bentley:

Dear Erik,

Thank you for your e-mail request.

For the moment we do only have the Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner.  However our Mulliner designers, engineers and craftsmen are capable of making bespoke cars and interiors for customers so if they get a request for a similar version but for hunting equipment then they would be able to do this. 

Kind regards,


Superb! So now I ask myself, where are all the American equivalents?

If a “gun ban” country like United Kingdom can make cars like this I must say I’m disappointed when I look for American options.

Where’s the Jeep Cherokee AR-15 edition? Jeep Wrangler “Double Tap“?

Chevrolvet Suburban in Dillon Blue and a Dillon 1050 reloading bench in the back? Instead of the master tackle station.

Ford F750 “.50 BMG” edition?

Ford Expedition “.450 Bushmaster”?

And when will the BMW X5 “Heckler & Koch“, Mercedes Benz G-Class “HK G3” or Porsche Cayenne  Pepper Spray edition arrive?

For Tesla I suggest the Model S “Catch & Release” – the perfect car for environmentally friendly fishermen.

Tesla Model X, for sure the futuristic  “FN2000” edition would sell?

Lexus GS “Samuraj” edition?

I’m sure if italian Perazzi and Ferrari teamed up the results would be great. Matching pairs required.

I’m not too keen on Russian automobiles, but perhaps if Kalashnikov started making one?

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Giolli Joker

    “I’m sure if italian Perazzi and Ferrari teamed up the results would be great.”

    Maserati Levante would a better choice.
    With Perazzi or Beretta as well.
    Actually I wouldn’t be too much surprised if Beretta was pulling a marketing stunt like that.

    • Dan

      Chevy had a beretta does that count?

      • Martin Grønsdal

        Lada and Baikal? Just trolling

        • Calimero

          Double the value of the Lada by putting a Baikal 12Ga in the trunk? Might work.

          • JamesG3

            More bears have probably been taken with that combo than you can imagine.

          • Oremilac

            I actually own a couple of Baikal 12ga semi-autos. 2/3rd the cost of a Glock, well built (contrary to some of the POS coming from Turkey). The finish is a little rough on some spots but nothing that impacts actual function.

            And I’ve been much less reluctant to practice with my Dremel (opening the loading port for load2/load4) on my 400€ MP153 than if it were a 1300€ Beretta 1301. 😀

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I’ve been looking for a new case for my Mossberg 88. That range rover will do nicely.

  • Tony Williams

    I have to say that Bentley gets marked down for showing over-and-under shotguns: a true gentleman would use side-by-side….

  • Badwolf

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Tom

    “If a “gun ban” country like United Kingdom can make cars like this I must say I’m disappointed when I look for American options.”

    To be honest I think its more to do with the market, the sort of people [in the UK] who will buy Land Rovers and Bentley cars ether support the traditional countryside pursuits of hunting and fishing or are indifferent to them. As such there is no negative publicity associated with the companies involved offering such models.

    Sure a few morons might whinge but they are the sort of pennyless losers who could never afford one of these to begin with so who cares. Whereas in the US if a mainstream company did this I am sure the usual suspects would be out in force setting up online petitions and twitter mobs to nag the companies involved to stop.

    • Martin M

      Neither of these companies are British anymore. Rover is owned by Tata (India), and Bentley is part of VW Auto Group (Germany).

      • Tom

        True but both still made in Britain and are distinctly British.

        • Martin M

          I intended to illustrate the irony, but failed to do so in my late night post.

  • Ken

    Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser with a DShK, pair of AKM’s, and an RPG-7. Russian weaponry goes best with Toyota trucks.

    Or, first generation Toyota Tacoma paired with some H&K 416’s and an M240 variant.

    • AirborneSoldier

      Thats called a Technical. Think Somalia, or most of Africa. Usually with a .51 HMG, Commie style

      • Ken

        Yeah, Toyota should capitalize on their reputation. It might even be a discount to buy the whole package at once and already assembled.

  • Ken

    Also, an Aston Martin and Walther PPk combo for the James Bond fans.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    The G class or a 150 raptor like truck would make pefect gun vehicles. Considering how many raptor guys are also gun guys and girls you could say it’s the unoffical truck of younger second amendment supporters.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Plus in the US we like to modify all our stuff. I haven’t seen as many mods done in other countries.

  • Quasimofo

    Just reminds me of an old joke: Why don’t the British build televisions?

    Because they haven’t found a way to make them leak oil.

  • GhostTrain81

    Nice car, but Ford-150 will do just fine.

  • Does it play the Downton Abbey theme music when you press the horn?

  • Sermon 7.62

    People are strange.

  • In Texas we have what we call “The Critter Getter”.
    Your move, England.

    • Rob

      When I used to live/hunt in S. Florida, many had rigs along the same lines…generally called swamp buggies, made of every shape and size. If the above was mine, I call it my land yacht.

  • Anonymoose

    I’ll stick with my old Suburban, thanks.

  • Gregory

    Here, here, my good man, let me pull the money out of my buttocks so I can purchase one of these fine vehicle. What a bunch of ?. As long as a vehicle has four good wheels, it runs and the a/c works, it is good enough for me.

  • Jeff S

    Where’s the Land Rover Defender with Accuracy International package?

  • phuzz

    Luxury SUVs that might actually be taken offroad occasionally?
    What is the world coming to?

  • Ezra Bristow

    The guns cost as much as the cars! Besides, these are for posh “shooters” on driven shoots rather than what you in the colonies regard as hunters 😉 The rest of us common folk use Landrover Defenders

  • phauxtoe

    thats one Expensive Audi!

  • LazyReader

    oookay, your move

  • AirborneSoldier

    Beautiful. My next brit will be a 3 wheeled Morgan however. Think grown up go cart, and scary fast. Love the Cherokee AR idea. Kind of what id been modding my 99 into