HK UMP and Brazilian Spec Ops Training For Rio 2016

A good friend of TFB, Ronaldo, sent us some great photos of super secret squirrel type Brazilians training in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With large events like the Rio games, any number of scenarios can come up requiring an elite force to respond quickly.

Taking a quick look at the weapons that they are using they look pretty high speed, with the exception of the EoTech sights that are prone to failure. The 9mm UMP is also a bit of an oddity as far as I can tell since I haven’t seen them in the wild in any great numbers.

Ronaldo writes:

The numerous military and police training activities being carried in Brazil in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have given a chance of showing  some of the weapons used by local forces, not often visible to the general public. One such case is the Heckler & Koch 9x19mm UMP submachine gun. The attached photos (courtesy of Oyoy Kanamox) show the German-made subgun in the hands of Brazilian Army Special Operations troops during a recent counter-terrorist training action in a Rio de Janeiro subway station. Weapons are fitted with add-on sound suppressors (aparently, Swiss-made Brügger & Thomet QD cans), EOTech holographic sights, and vertical foregrips with flashlights. For over three decades, the H&K MP5SD had been in use in Brazil until replaced by the UMP.
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Hat tip to Ronaldo.

Patrick R

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  • Bullphrog855

    UMP is a gun that shouldn’t be, but still manages to be kinda cool.

    • Cal.Bar

      Yeah, until you SHOOT it and wonder why they even bothered to make it and why you ever put down your MP5

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Kinda this. They’re so much larger than you think until you get hands on. In 45 it was an awful recoiling gun. I hated every second of it. Never shot it in 9mm but it can’t be that bad. Definitely no MP5 though.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Are they receiving any training on how to clean crap-filled rivers?

    • Vitor Roma

      It’s not a river, it is a bay, Bay of Guanabara.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        more like bajs

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    BTW how come EOTechs are “prone to failure”?

    • DC

      Zero drifting.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Since i’ve never used any eotechs i’ll just take others word for it when.

        Reminds me of an eotech ad i saw where did they this first person pov thing. The pandering was strong.

        • DC

          Eotech has effective recalled all rifle scopes. In temperature swings the zero moves. I have not seen it first hand but Eotech seems to be taking it quite seriously.

          • HollowTs

            Well that and they settled a 25 million dollar law suit with the D.O.D. over the fact that they knew the sight would fail at extreme temperature shifts.

    • GhostTrain81

      If I recall, the original advisory stated that the POI could shift in extreme temperature ranges (Something like 120F ). This of course, should not be an issue in Rio 😀 .

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Isn’t Rio fairly warm? Or did i just miss a joke?

        • GhostTrain81

          Yeah that’s what I meant, and the temperature doesn’t change that much.

        • ostiariusalpha

          The Olympics are being held in the “cool” season (it’s winter in the southern hemisphere), so the EOTech sights should be fine.

    • Pistolero

      I think just the early EOTechs like 2012 and before are prone to the POI shift in extreme temperatures…

  • mrsatyre

    Who’s paying them, that’s what I want to know (go online and see all the articles about the state of Rio declaring bankruptcy, the police and the public transportation and educators all threatening to strike because they aren’t being paid).

  • Giolli Joker

    ” the H&K MP5SD had been in use in Brazil until replaced by the UMP”

    I hope that the MP5 were too worn out (not impossible with Brazilian police) and the budget did not allow replacing them with the same model.
    My cynicism instead tells me that somebody got the UMPs approved as a modern improvement at a similar if not higher price, but I hope to be very wrong.

    • The UMP is much cheaper from H&K GmbH and a lower maintenance firearm.
      While I believe the MP5 is a better gun, they need more care and attention than a crude straight blowback SMG.

      • HollowTs

        Especially the SD version.

  • John L.

    When I saw the pic, all I could think was that the Japanese are getting *really* serious about getting people on the Tokyo subway…

    • rooftopvoter

      My thought was these dudes are collecting unpaid fares from turnstile jumpers.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Theyre probably looking for homeless kids to kidnap and murder.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Or to harvest their organs…

  • CommonSense23

    The Eotechs are such prone to failure that they still are the number one non magnified optic in Socom

    • Bill

      Because there are 18 trillion Eotechs in the wild and trying to replace them all at once is a logistical impossibility.

      I switched all of mine out, and I was a real fan of the reticle, because there’s no way I can professionally, ethically or morally go to work with such a critical piece of equipment as a weapon sight that has known issues that could cause me to blow a shot, even if none of mine ever acted up. I can’t take the chance with YOUR life on the line.

      I’m using Aimpoints and Trijicons now, but wish they’d put real reticle in them, cause I really miss that of the Eotech.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Just because the guys with the cool pants are still issued them by supply does not make them good in any fashion.

      • CommonSense23

        Are you really suggesting that the guys who are the best trained and equipped are running sub par optics? Are do you think the issue with Eotech was a little more complicated than it seems.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I like that those photos represent like 30% of all the 9mm UMPs ever made.

  • Bill

    Looks like everyone got new ninja jammies and kit for the big party. Never trust a dude in clean gear.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Why are they even wearing a sidearm? The holsters they are using will take longer to draw from than doing a reload with their primary. Seriously the $10 thigh rig don’t cut it.

  • Swarf

    Maybe they should work on having housing that the athletes won’t refuse to stay in and get the swimming pools clean enough to, you know, swim in before getting new toys for the train ninjas.

  • TheUnspoken

    I would have expected to see the Taurus SMT (like ct9 g2) sub guns instead of a 9mm UMP. I guess some of them preferred the import over the domestic offering.

  • So………who thought it was a good idea to hold the Olympics in Rio?

  • Frank Grimes

    3rd world illiterate criminals protecting tens of thousands of innocent people.

    Seems legit.

  • Nicks87

    I don’t get all the negative comments directed towards the Brazilian police/military. Those guys earn every bit of what they are paid and most of them are good honest people. I guess it’s not enough that Americans hate on their own police, they got to hate on other country’s cops too.

  • Michael S

    I wonder if we will get to see the skulls outside of rainbow six 🙂

  • n crawford

    “with the exception of the EoTech sights that are prone to failure.” Such a nauseating statement from a keyboard commando is really off-putting. The zero shift issue is such a non-issue in this situation that only a person with no hands on experience would make such a claim. How exactly do you suppose an Eotech would fail in a 9mm CQB situation?

    This makes me think thefirearmblog is a joke. Perpetuating falsities isn’t informational or responsible.

  • Steven Ling

    I thought the Eotechs only had issues in sub zero weather? Not sure when we’ll see the next 20 below day in Rio.