HK UMP and Brazilian Spec Ops Training For Rio 2016

    A good friend of TFB, Ronaldo, sent us some great photos of super secret squirrel type Brazilians training in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With large events like the Rio games, any number of scenarios can come up requiring an elite force to respond quickly.

    Taking a quick look at the weapons that they are using they look pretty high speed, with the exception of the EoTech sights that are prone to failure. The 9mm UMP is also a bit of an oddity as far as I can tell since I haven’t seen them in the wild in any great numbers.

    Ronaldo writes:

    The numerous military and police training activities being carried in Brazil in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have given a chance of showing  some of the weapons used by local forces, not often visible to the general public. One such case is the Heckler & Koch 9x19mm UMP submachine gun. The attached photos (courtesy of Oyoy Kanamox) show the German-made subgun in the hands of Brazilian Army Special Operations troops during a recent counter-terrorist training action in a Rio de Janeiro subway station. Weapons are fitted with add-on sound suppressors (aparently, Swiss-made Brügger & Thomet QD cans), EOTech holographic sights, and vertical foregrips with flashlights. For over three decades, the H&K MP5SD had been in use in Brazil until replaced by the UMP.
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    Hat tip to Ronaldo.