For those not familiar with the ARES SCR, it is a lower receiver that has a buffer system similar to a semi auto shotgun. Check out James Reeve’s review. The reasoning for this is help those in restrictive states have an option that is not a Nike Swoosh stock or manually operated system.


NY Compliant Nike Swoosh stock


The ARES SCR is compatible with normal AR uppers. The one posted as the Photo Of The Day has been tricked out with a free float rail system, suppressor, Spectre Elcan, SureFire Raid M720 light, and a DBAL laser unit.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Actually looks pretty cool, well done.

  • Cattoo

    This has more of a “traditional” look to it. Maybe some old timers will look differently at the AR rifles now.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Actually, they’d probably be mortified by that quad rail and standard capacity magazine, and view the whole thing as a blasphemous abortion. As long as it has wooden furniture and a flush mag, a few of them might give it a begrudging pass.

      • Porty1119

        If I were to buy a semiauto, it would be that. That is just awesome looking.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        They will still be mad that there isn’t a lever on it.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    I guess that rifle would make less damage in the hands of a terrorist, than a regular AR-15.


    • Anonymoose

      Don’t worry. They’ll come after the “sniper/traditional/hunting”-styled semi-automatics next, because we all know hunting and eating animal products is evil too.

      • Dan

        That they will, My brother works for a state senator in Minnesota and they were talking about targeting scopes. Fortunately all it was was talk but it goes to show what they will go after.

        • hminsky

          They already have come after these, in Massachusetts. Our Attorney General decided that all semi-auto rifles are mass murder weapons, and is trying to enforce the “AWB” to say that any rifle that has “similar operation” to an AR15 is banned. That general term includes any semi auto.

          I think she’s trying this as a ploy to score political points so Hillary appoints her to her cabinet after the election. But anyway, take a look at MA, it’s where the Democrats are trying out their gun banning / confiscation ideas today.

  • Brett

    Is it wrong that I kind of want one?

    • Giolli Joker

      I don’t think so.
      There are a few ones online with wooden furniture and they look oddly sexy.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      If wanting one is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • JoshCalle

    I’m Texan and I still want an Ares SCR, there’s something undeniably sexy about a traditionally stocked but still politically incorrect rifle, like the special police Remington Model 8, the Remington 7615, or a Mauser with a trench mag.

    • Anonymoose

      I want one in wood. I used to drive past the ARES factory in Ohio all the time when I went fishing nearby.

    • Brian Peterson

      Yeah, I’m really digging it. I may have to track one down :-).

    • James Perkey

      Yep. I have the 7615 police & it’s a badass pump rifle!!

  • phauxtoe

    Its fine to want one or have the option, but not because its a work around because of stupid Politicians!
    Welcome to my NY State Nightmare!

    • Swarf

      I want one because I think pistol grips are ugly.

      • Jason

        Atleast they’re comfortable.

    • Swarf

      …and I want a gun with a part called a “rat tail”.

      • Shrike30

        Fixed-stock FALs were designed to use a system like this.

    • WRBuchanan

      Those Politicians may seen stupid to you, but I assure you they know exactly what they are doing, and the goal is the systematic disarming of America, so that they can have complete control.
      They just keep chipping away at the 2A and unless someone gets serious about stopping them it will continue until we cant do anything to stop them.
      Watch the “Hunger Games” to see their ultimate goal.
      Always look at the real logic behind such laws, Public Safety has nothing to do with it. Politician’s Safety has everything to do with it.
      Everyone on the right side of this and other issues needs to really pay attention. They are counting on you not paying attention!
      They love the stupid people out there because stupid people all have one thing in common. THEY DON’T PAY ATTENTION!
      The Democratic Party is the Party of Stupid People, why do you think they are trying to elect Hildegard who would lie about the color of her finger nail polish! They could only accomplish this with people who will believe whatever they tell them. IE: People who don’t pay attention.

      • phauxtoe

        there are a a few Politicians that want to take away the 2A, but most are just Dumb Sheep and follow the Party line. they do not and have Not ever thought about anything. the voters and Most politicians are just puppets for the party leaders.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Mag changes might be a little slower but I could get work done with that. You can make due if you need to. It’s sad this isn’t allowed under Mass law. I’m glad I live in a free state but if the lower was cheap I’d probably pick one up to learn the system.

  • David Harmon

    I like it. I even like the swoosh looking one too.

    • Cymond

      I’ve held the Swoosh (Thordsen) and found it surprisingly comfortable. I would have bought one if I had stayed in CA.

      Heck, is buy one anyway except I have higher budget priorities.

      • David Harmon

        It looks rather ergonomic especially compared to some of the alternatives. The actual M16/M4 equipment is lousy IMO.

    • Anonymoose

      The swoosh is disgusting.

      • David Harmon

        Sometime you need a little incivility to deal with uncivilized people and their ridiculous declarations and mandates.

  • SD

    I have to say it. Waste of a DD RIS II FDE.

    Let the hate flow.

    • Anonymoose

      They probably just swapped the upper off their Sopmod build for a lulzy picture.

  • Major Tom

    I’d buy a traditionally stocked semi-auto mag-fed .223 rifle for like a ranch gun or for coyotes. Problem is, I don’t want an AR design, I don’t want what is basically when you dig deepest a neutered M16. Unfortunately, there are very few non-AR weapons out there because “Innovation? F that! Here, have an overrated and overpriced AR-15!”.

    If there were deliberately designed for semi-auto rifles in .223 with options for traditional stocks among other things, I’d buy at least two. Sadly, all I know of that even comes close to that criteria is the Ruger Mini-14.

    • DW

      Sporter VEPR in .223 should count, yes?

      • Anonymoose

        You could go Vepr Pioneer (heavy af), Saiga (banned from import), Benelli MR1 (wonky and expensive), 7615 (not made anymore afaik), or Mini with one of those Accustrut things.
        The problem I see with all of those (except the Mini) is that you could get the exact same gun in a larger caliber, like .308, 54R, or .30-06/.35 Whelen and have a much more capable big game rifle instead of a very heavy platform for the .223. A friend of mine bought a 5.45 Vepr and complains about its weight constantly, and I always have to remind him that it’s his fault for buying a semi-auto LMG and trying to use it as a general “do-it-all” rifle for lugging around. The AR-based design beats all of those in terms of weight, wasted space, and ergonomics.

        • jono102

          I have a Vepr in .223 and I have to admit it is a big chunk of steel for what it is, but it is my “fun gun”. So for blasting hare’s, possums, wallabies and goats (all pests here) from the back of a ute or quad its perfect. The side blast from the muzzle brake and brass that goes 10m is pretty entertaining for me but not around me. I have to say though It has to be one of the most accurate AK’s I’ve ever used.

    • SlowJoeCrow

      What about a Kel-Tec SU16?

      • DW

        It does not contain wood at all.

        • SlowJoeCrow

          A lot of Mini-14s are plastic too. If looks are important, you could always make the stock look wood grain with paint or hydro dip.

      • Major Tom

        Possible, though I’d have to wonder how it performs. Any reviews on this place?

  • Sam

    Hate to admit it, but it is growing on me. Think of it with an 11.5″ barrel upper =D

    • Anonymoose

      Do it as a side-charger and it will be the bastard-child of the Mini-14 and the M14K.

  • Rob

    With a nice wood stock, it would look better than a normal AR (kind of does already). Put the right caliber upper on it and you’d have one sexy deer rifle.

  • Anonymoose

    Compliant SOPMOD. :O

  • Looks like an American rifle adapted from captured Wehrmacht designs from a game like Wolfenstein or Battlefield 1942.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I think this rifle looks cool, if for no other reason than being novel, snarky, and still fully functional. Big fan of this thing, especially all dolled up like that!

  • A guy named Joe

    So is this California compliant?

  • Joe Schmo

    That rig is expensive.

  • Secundius

    What’s the Name of the TV Show? Pimp My Piece…

  • joedeats

    If that were a wooden stock it would be like an M14 and an M16 had a baby. Kinda dig the look.

    • Secundius

      Last Year in 7 July 2015, TFB showed a M1 Garand Stock Conversion made by Sage International M1GALCS/PMRI Stock Battle Rifle to Assault Rifle Conversion with a 20-round magazine. Also Pretty Cool…

  • Christopher89

    Just looks silly with the 30 round mag sticking out like that

    • Secundius

      So does a 98k Mauser with a 20-round Trench Magazine. But wonse you get over the Shock Value, You’ll Find it Still Shoots Well…

  • Wolfgang

    I really want to do a build with one of these in 6.8 SPC or 6.5 Grendel for a deer rifle, just gets pricey since the lower and bolt carrier alone is $525.

  • frrst245

    so…a heavy version of the Keltec SU16

  • WRBuchanan

    If that is one with the Slide Catch on it then it would be OK. They have two versions and one doesn’t have the slide catch, never figured out why they omitted that important piece part?
    Tried to get one for a review myself a year ago and they blew me off. Have not heard anything good about dealing with the company yet.
    I have seen exactly one of these guns in person in the three years they’ve been out and the idea is a good one, however getting ahold of one is quite another matter.

  • fpo

    Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but we have a very good Governor here in The Great State of Texas. His name is Greg Abbott and he’s a gun lover just like everyone else, and will fight to keep our second amendment rights, Amen. We welcome anyone who wants to come, and live here in Texas, and to HELL with any other states that wants to give away your 2nd amendment rights, Amen. God Bless AMERICA!

  • Old Vet

    If GOD had wanted a rifle to look like that he would have made them himself. I am sorry but it is all just “accepting” limitations on our rights. Using the term “assault rifle” to describe semi-auto’s is a media manufactured anti-gun terminology for the gun grabbers to throw around willy-nilly. If I sound old and ill tempered it is because I am wondering what the hell happened to America in the last 50 years.