This photo was posted recently but subsequently removed. It was posted by James Yeager of Tactical Response on his Instagram page. Now this photo is taken out of context but I fail to see how standing on a battle buddy’s torso is beneficial. Maybe they are training to shoot on an unstable platform? What happens if your partner is 300 lbs and you are the one who has to lay down?

Can anyone see the validity in this drill?


  • Mark

    Tactical training is dreaming up as many pants on head insane exercises as cross fit these days.

  • Advocate

    Standing on someone’s chest is a great way to crack a rib and potentially puncture a lung. No bueno.

    • Billy Jack

      “You’re not an operator until you’re in the operating room ” – James Yeager

  • c4v3man

    Damn it Tom, why did you wear your cowboy boots today, that heel is killing me!

    The fact that the instructor is standing behind a student bracing for the inevitable fall should be a clue as to whether this is a good idea or not. But it’s a free country, or used to be…

    • stephen

      Imagine the guy whose partner is wearing stiletto heels.



      • Harry’s Holsters

        I hope there weren’t any queens in the class!

        • Zachary marrs

          Yeager was there, so….

          • Phil Emore

            HA!!! Perfect!

      • Dotcoman

        That’d be the 300 lb Princess named Steve at the far end of the picture.

        Thank Bruce Jenner for that.

    • Billy Jack

      You should have seen the pics from Charlie Horse Wednesdays

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        Or noogie-noogie Tuesdays.

  • Kivaari

    No. If he were dead that’a one thing. Alive it leads to unneeded injuries to the stand-on-ee. Yeager seems to like to throw out silly techniques as it gets him attention. Perhaps he sees it as making him leading-edge, the vidette of gun instruction. To most it shows he’s off his tracks and students are too willing to do dumb stuff out of fear of losing their money.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    What was the famous P. T. Barnum quote??

    • borekfk

      A sucker is born every minute?

  • John

    Tactically, doesn’t make sense. Use your buddy as a bench rest, sure, in a morbid way it would work. Probably Normandy vets who did exactly that.

    Morally, probably psychological motivation to keep going. Step over the bodies of your enemies and keep shooting in a Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner kind of way. Very morbid and probably illegal.

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      Dropping a Warren Zevon on the thread. Nice.

  • Axel

    Maybe they do it to make the students really, really think about how they balance their weight on their feet. The people on top know that this nice cool guy that they just met gets uncomfortable if the guy on top messes up.

    It’s not like it’s dangerous, so I won’t judge.

    • stephen

      So what position does JY like better? Being on top, bottom or both?


      • Richard

        Probably on top

      • Joseph Goins

        In front.

    • Rick O’Shay

      There’s better ways to do that without standing on someone and potentially cracking their ribs or herniating their disc.

    • Joseph Goins

      2×6 and a cinderblock. That will teach you all about balance.

  • Big Daddy

    Now go home and think about all the stupid idiotic stuff they made you do and you PAID for it. I’d be embarrassed that I allowed these morons to talk me into it and I went along with it, like hazing or some type of peer pressure. Like your parents said if your friends jumped of a cliff would you do it also?

    I believe in training and getting proper instruction but this ain’t it.

  • stephen

    I have had absolutely no love for JY because of his egotistical attitude, his threats of violence against people (only those that disagree and do not bow down to his all knowing tactical prowess) and his many asinine, un-tactical and unsafe training drills.

    This just goes to show when one’s ego needs to be feed, one often resorts to stupidity. The sad part are all the new shooters who do not know the difference and buy JY drivel.

    The picture caption should read “We don’t do just gun stuff, we do stupid stuff with gun stuff too!”


  • John Yossarian

    Yeager’s just sharing his wartime experience – If it wasn’t for trampling fallen comrades, he might not be with us today.

    • A.WChuck

      I’ll admit I laughed at this.

    • Joe

      That’s really good

    • Actually so did I 🙂 To answer the authors question that is just useless,

    • Blackhawk

      As I recall from reading an article in AK magazine, this isn’t from Yeager’s training, it was an exercise in Sonny Pazouka’s (sic) AK course. He supposedly was a Spetznaz type and popular in Texas. This particular exercise was a result of his comparing USGI marksmanship, where the shooter gets tight behind his rifle, with the supposed Spetznaz was, which was to keep the shoulders loose so changes in terrain and balance wouldn’t affect short-range accuracy as much as the USGI way. I don”t know anything about Yeager, but this wasn’t his program.

      • Derp

        You fail at using [sic].

        • Phil Emore

          Good point. I was going to suggest a “look up” but it’s more amusing as is. It made me feel (sic).

        • Blackhawk

          Usually, I’m the grammar Nazi, but thanks for sharing your insight. As I said, I don’t know anything about Yeager’s courses and don’t have an opinion about them, but this picture is from someone else’s training program – a program that’s now defunct, I understand.

      • floogy

        Those students are far from Spetznaz material. Even if they were, suicidal Russian military training techniques have zero place in a civilian rifle class. Even if it wasn’t Yeager’s class, training relatively untrained, out of shape armchair operators like that is stupid.

        • billyoblivion

          I’ve taken a very, very little bet of systema training, and a part of that training is to accept and deal with pain. In a fight you’re going to be uncomfortable, get trivial to minor injuries at best, and you still have to focus and prevail. This drill is for both the shooter and the guy lying on the ground.

          As for “your “Russian military training techinques…zero place in a civilian rifle class…”

          This is America, we learn what we want, we train how we want and if you don’t like that, piss on you.

          • floogy

            Cool story bro. You’re using quotes to take my original comment out of context. I said, “suicidal”, not Russian training techniques in general. Yes, training like that is stupid for people that can barely hit 100 yard static targets with iron sights in the first place. But by all means, if it makes you feel like a hardcore operator, continue. Sorry I touched on some obvious insecurities about your training.

            Very few people taking so-called tactical classes do it enough to get to the point where they would benefit from riskier training. So unless you’re getting your training paid for by Uncle Sam or Academi, training like that is a waste of time. For the simple fact that few people outside of the military master basic firearms training, much less what is required to become a skilled gunfighter.

          • billyoblivion

            Right, so because you and 80% of the folks out there are too lazy to train hard, or you take classes for Walter Mittesque reasons, then instructors SHOULD NOT provide that training to anyone unless they’re a government approved operator?

            This is America, we learn what we want, we train how we want and you don’t like it, piss on you.

          • floogy

            Never said they shouldn’t, they make money off people like you. But silly techniques like that are of no benefit to those who aren’t proficient. Just keep repeating that last line over and over again. Doesn’t make the training any less stupid.

      • Cuvie

        Isn’t Sonny the guy who accidentally shot one of his own students during a course?

        • Joseph Goins

          @Cuvie Yes, he also was fired from Panteao for completely unsafe gun handling.

    • Mc Cain

      You win the Internet.

  • BigR

    I’ve never heard of this! I would have asked for my money back before I let anybody stand on my chest & stomach. I’ve already got a bad back, I don’t need this crap!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Seems like a good way to encourage students to strengthen their core!

    • Billy Jack

      Their core stupidity.

  • Will

    Makes you taller and you know exactly where your adversary or battle buddy is.
    Made me laugh that anyone would take this seriously.
    Yeah! NOT IMPRESSED!!!

    • Gary Kirk

      It’s how you maintain a 360 FOV when protecting a fallen comrade…

      • Billy Jack

        People are ignoring the tactical advantage of firing from an elevated position. Tactical operators operate.

  • Bob

    This seems like something stupid a zany drill instructor would do to his hapless privates, only to get in trouble for endangerment and disappear halfway through training. Good for Hollywood I suppose….

  • Rob

    The more I look at the photo, the more fake it looks. Just taking the guys in the front as example, the shooters weight is mostly on his left foot, placed right on the gut of the guy on the ground…and there is zero sinking in? (And it almost looks like cowboy boots) No way.

    Second, when was the last time you saw a tac class with that many skinny/in shape people?

    If it wasn’t for the one guy lifting his arms it would look like they were on dummies.

    With all that said, who knows…crazy is all I see after that.

    • Gary Kirk

      They were “dumb”ies.. If they allowed this to be done to them

    • Dan

      The person laying closest to the camera does look to have fake arms. Especially his left arm.

  • Gary Kirk

    To be comfortable, you must first know uncomfortable??… P.I. D.I.s didn’t even do crap like this to us.. Well, there was that one time.. LOL

  • Anomanom

    Oh yes, what in incredible way to get 1 or more students injured or killed when they break ribs, or fall, or fall and have an accidental discharge.

  • Bill

    We’ve done training on unstable platforms or feet in unusual positions, but….

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Complete asshat. Wouldn’t want to anywhere near him in a firefight.

    • Dotcoman

      Oh, you wouldn’t. While you are engaging the enemy, he’s be running across the road and diving for the ditch. You know, like in that Iraq video when JY was a one time “operator” for some contractor.

      So at least that problem solved it’s self.

  • John

    This is a PERFECTLY valid exercise.

    So imagine this: You are fighting a bunch of perps. As you shoot two badies straight ahead, a dwarf perp runs up under your line of vision and punches you right in the nuts. Screaming in pain, you pistol whip the twerp perp and stand on his unconscious body and take out the boss! You need to learn pain management!

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      Dead on. Exactly. Happened to me last month. Except it was 2 dwarves and a really pissed off stutterer. I’m working up a curriculum for Yeager right now.

  • floogy

    Ol’ Yeagsack and company at it again. I saw the stomping on pistol ND and his ridiculous excuse for it, then I see this. How does he purport to be the leader of his company, then say he has no idea why his longtime trainer would do such a thing. It would seem that he just tells his trainers to just go do whatever rather than forming some sort of standardized curriculum. What a tool.

  • john huscio

    Doesn’t look like the most efficient way to escape into a ditch……

  • DanGoodShot


  • Mattblum

    That picture doesn’t look too bright to me. I didn’t have much opinion of Yeager before. As in, I didn’t know much much about him. Now I know that I don’t want to know any more about him.

  • Joseph Goins

    This is one more reason why Tactical Response is a ballistic masturbation company with little quality substance. I wish that people would stop buying into his cult.

    • DIR911911 .

      “ballistic masturbation” . . . I now have a title for that book about my high school years

  • Don Ward

    Wait. James Yeager is advocating something stupid, silly and potentially dangerous to the trainee, trainer and anyone standing around them?

    Shocking! Astounding!

    I think it is easier, TFB, to simply wait until Yeager does something that isn’t pants soiling retarded and make a post whenever that day should arrive.

  • JohnnyMoad

    It prepares you for all the bodies you’ll stack after one of his classes.

  • Ron

    Not exclusive to Tactical Response, but many “tactical shooting school” seem to push contrived reasons to do non-practical shooting

    • Kivaari

      We had an instructor that liked to throw out “new techniques”. We’d correct him fast and could get him stopped before harm was done.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Looks like they’re trying to simulate shooting from an unstable platform. Why they chose to stand on people? Because, reasons.

  • what a bunch of tools.

  • Mc Cain

    Geebus, why even give Yeager any attention at all? He is and always will be a blithering idiot.

  • Geremy Tibbles

    “I seen them Russians do it.” Is about all I could come up with.

  • adverse4

    When you run out of anything else, go stupid.

  • Billy Jack

    Do you really want to give the guys at Tactical Excuse ideas?

  • Sorry you had to endure that——

  • Blood283

    Well hopefully all their pick up trucks survived the class intact. LOL