The TOZ-106 is a bolt action 20ga shotgun with a short barrel. It is magazine fed and made in Russia by Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod back in 1993. I was not able to find this shotgun available on their website.

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  • Joe

    I’d buy that

  • Sianmink

    I wish we could have those here because that’s one hell of a dufflebag gun.

    • ozzallos .

      You can. Can’t you tell that’s a sig brace/razor arm support?

      • Alex Agius

        perhaps as one of those 26″ “Firearm” deals, but not as a “shotgun”

        • Anonymoose

          Only if you did it in .410. 20 gauge is over .5″ so you’d have to either register it as an AOW (covered under “smoothbore pistols,” like the Serbu and those 14″ 870s and 500s), SBS, or DD (assuming you had a rifled barrel).

          • Jonathan Wright

            screw it, make it a fixed wood stock with an 18″ barrel and it’d still be a decent pack gun. I had a 12ga moss berg bolt action that somebody had butchered into minimum measurements and I loved it.

      • Sianmink

        Can’t put a brace on it if the POTUS and ATF don’t allow any to be imported.

  • Colin

    Could you do an article on the different shotgun gauges and there guns and what each combination does what jobs best please . An comprehensive idiots guide to how many gauges / cartridge size weapons do you need too cover all bases . Kids, ladies, buck, ball , slug , shot etc .double ,side by side ,up under ,pump ,semi etc what barrels.

  • CallMeLegend

    Funnily enough, the other model with 28″ barrel and traditional stock was specifically banned from US importation for unspecified reasons.

  • Andrey Martim

    This is beautiful.

  • J.J

    I’ll stick with my pump action.

  • gusto

    how the heck do you reach that safety?

    looks utilitarian

  • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

    That is awesome. I would love to have something like that for a pack gun, maybe in 12 gauge for availability.

    • Tassiebush

      Me too although I’d want an adjustable choke that could go very tight on it. Oh and some earplugs! But there’s definitely something very cool about guns that are not in the way but there when you see something tasty or pesky that’s just asking for it. Makes me want to customize a folding single barrel.

    • PK

      Easy enough to have one made if you find a reasonably priced gunsmith, or if you’re comfortable doing the work yourself!

      It would go something like this…
      Buy a bolt-action shotgun, new or used, that fits your budget.
      Cut the barrel as desired, recrown, bore out and thread internally for choke pattern of choice (Rem, Win, etc.)
      Modify stock, cut as desired, sand, stain
      Add grip nut for AK grip
      Add rear AK “trunnion” (no need to make it anywhere as nice, just with proper cutouts for your chosen folding stock)
      Install folding stock

      Just make sure you comply with State and Federal laws. In my opinion, this would be a project worth a few hundred dollars, easy. A used 12ga bolt action can be had for under $200, sometimes under $100. Used AK grips and folding stocks are under $20 each.

      The only expensive part would be having the barrel crowned/bored/threaded for chokes, if you don’t have the equipment to do it yourself.

      • Cymond

        Sounds like a nice idea. My opinion? Do the stock work first, then file the F1.

  • Duray

    Aside from single shots and double barrels, virtually all shotguns are “magazine fed.”

  • DaveP.

    You could probably make something similar from an old Marlin Goose Gun.

  • Tassiebush

    I recall that it used to be on their website but that was many years ago. One characteristic was it has some sort of blocking device to stop it firing with the stock folded. I’m pretty sure it was only offered in 20gauge (certainly not bigger anyway) and from memory it held 2+1 in the chamber.

  • Henrik Bergdahl

    They used to have a longer barrel version on their homepage years ago. I guess they stopped making it. I have been wanting one for probably 10 years now 🙁

  • Here is Tula’s former catalog page for the TOZ-106.

  • Sxm235

    This is my fetish ~_~

    • Tassiebush

      I’m more of a nak3d chicks in landcruiser with mud tyres running over kittens and puppies guy myself but each to their own I guess…

  • Southpaw89

    I like it.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Looks like the M1 Carbine Enforcer. Could make for a great youth hunting shotgun (if it weren’t illegal as hell).

    • Duray

      It’s not illegal, just requires some extra paperwork and a little engraving.

  • Tassiebush

    Anyone reading this and pondering if a short barreled shotgun might be handy might find this article interesting

  • Anonymoose

    No stocks, and the grip makes it over 26″ long.

    • Alex Agius

      Exactly, but you said you could only do it in a <0.5" round, these are in 12 gauge and are legal.

      • Anonymoose

        You’re not getting it here. You can have a gun over .5″ but it has to be over 26 inches long and not have a shoulder stock. If you want to make a “shotgun pistol” that is not an AOW (due to having a bore over .5″ in diameter) and is less than 26″ in length (at which point you may as well have a KSG), then you are stuck with .410.

        • Alex Agius

          I’ll break down what you’ve said an address each bit in turn.

          “You can have a gun over .5″ but it has to be over 26 inches long and not have a shoulder stock”

          Well no, if its over .5 then its a DD unless the cartidge or gun has been exempt from DD classification, all 12 gauge guns are non DD except for a few which were reclassified as DDs (e.g. the USAS 12). This has only ever happened after huge amounts of lobbying.

          ” If you want to make a “shotgun pistol” that is not an AOW” – All smoothbore pistols are AOWs, the judges are legal as they have rifling and so are handguns.

          “(due to having a bore over .5″ in diameter)”
          AOW has nothing to do with bore diameter, that’s DDs.

          “(at which point you may as well have a KSG)” – Why? A shorty saiga 12 has more firepower and is just as short.

          So as I originally said you could have these if they were built as an “other” firearm with no stock and an OAL over 26″, you could use a folding brace system to bring the extended OAL to over 26″ and retain a short barrel. They would be non DD unless specifically ruled to be DD (which given that many firearms build in said fashion have got ATF approval as non NFA guns it seems unlikely).

          • Anonymoose

            We can get 14″ Mossbergs and Remingtons and the Black Aces because they’re made in America. That required nuanced working within US laws and working with the ATF to get a letter. The TOZ is not over 26″ unless you put your unnecessary brace-thingy on it (and it’s illegal to export Sig Braces or Shockwaves outside the country, even if it’s only to attach them to a gun you’re trying to bring in). Maybe you could just remove the actual buttpad of the stock and put straps through the stock bars and call it an “arm brace.”
            Also, the KSG is better than a Saiga SBS because it does not have to be registered with anyone and holds more rounds in a standard (non-drum) configuration, while still maintaining a respectable barrel length.

          • Alex Agius

            You could make them in the usa or import them with a longer barrel (making the 26 inch oal) and then cut them down after the brace system is installed.

            But yeah the NFA sucks, that being said you don’t really need a long barrel on a shotgun if its for social work, for shooting clays? sure.

          • Anonymoose

            You could do it with a Savage 212 or 220 action, but Savage isn’t exactly a “tacticool” brand.

          • Alex Agius

            If you just buy the action though you could build it yourself

          • jbjhillbilly

            Then you’d have to pay for the $200 tax stamp because the action had already been designated as a shotgun.

          • Anonymoose

            Not necessarily. The Serbu Super Shorties only require a $5 tax stamp unless you put a shoulder stock. anything that is just a receiver is a title 1 firearm (unrestricted by NFA) until you configure the thing as an actual rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Unfortunately you’d have to ask Savage directly to get an unbarreled 212/220 action, as they only normally sell short-length single-shot .223 and .308 actions by themselves.

          • jbjhillbilly

            I would have sworn I was replying to a poster that had written about buying an older gun and converting it. But you are correct – the Serbu Super starts as a bare action, hence the $5 stamp to register as new NFA.

            Jim Briggs at Northland Shooter Supply sells bare Savage actions. I wonder if you could do a .410 Striker?

  • Phil Elliott

    There is a YouTube video of a Russian firing one of these, he had a hangfire, re-cocked and tried to fire it a couple of times, set it down on the table in front of him, started to turn away and it fired, from his expression I’m sure he had to go change his pants. There was no discussion on whether it was an gun problem or an ammo problem.

  • David169

    I wish there was some way to get a survival rifle/shotgun combo that was very light and compact. I bought an M-6 Scout to keep in my airplane and I can say it is almost worthless. The 22 is hampered by very poor sights and after trying almost every brand of ammunition 35 yards is the limit of my ability to shoot a 1″ group. The 410 shotgun is worthless. I have patterned every brand of factory shells and had a friend load some for me with different wads, buffers and nickel plated shot and I can’t get a decent pattern beyond 15 yards. I have tried shot sizes of 6, 6.5, 7 and 7.5 and nothing works. I believe a larger bore shotgun such as a 28 would be better but again the regulations will not allow an effective survival gun.

    • jbjhillbilly

      The Savage model 42 combo guns might work for you. The newer ones are plug ugly, but the older wood stocked ones are decent looking.