Measure twice cut once. Well in the case of selling firearms you should probably measure a few more times and understand ATF NFA guidelines of what constitutes an SBR. Josh P. saw this at a local Cabela’s. The store purchased a used Remington 700 chambered in .300blk and it has a 15″ barrel. Josh brought this to their attention and they are looking into it.  If they had sold it obviously the customer would be in possession of an unregistered SBR. But what ramifications would the FFL receive?





  • Drew Coleman

    Did they measure from breechface to the muzzle? I wonder if it’s just a typo.

    Also, does anyone else have a problem where it will randomly stop accepting text input in the comment boxes?

    • HSR47

      Yeah, my bet is on typo. “5” is next to “6” and the barrel profile shown matches the factory profile; That profile doesn’t have enough meat allow the barrel to be shortened exactly one inch without it being extremely obvious, which it isn’t.

      Occam’s Razor therefore demands that we assume that the person making the tag and/or measuring the barrel currently on the rifle screwed up.

    • No haven’t noticed any problem

    • DB

      Yes, I’m with you on that!! I understand there has to be a point that it stops, but a fair amount more room would definitely come in handy on occasion! For example, I’m in the middle of a point that needs a bit more room, but haven’t arrived at what I’m after, such as the highly volitile subject of

    • No Cents

      I went to the gun counter at a local store and saw they listed a .40 S&W Beretta as an M9A1. I asked to see it to check the markings to see what was wrong about the tag, the model or the caliber. It was the model, and clearly whoever made the tag was unaware that the .40 Berettas in a 92 style frame are by definition 96s. I went back a week or so later and the only change made was to move it from one shelf to another.

    • Core


  • PK

    That sure looks like the factory 16″ barrel. Perhaps they measured the outside (it happens, a lot) or it’s a typo. You can see the larger OD right behind the muzzle, where the thread protector is screwed on, that’s from the factory and provides a good shoulder to index a silencer.

    If it’s been shortened, then a new barrel was turned down exactly the same… which I doubt.

    • BillC

      Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense for a barrel to be 15″, factory or gunsmith cut.

      • Anonymoose

        Back in the 1960s Colt made some CAR-15 carbine prototypes with 15″ barrels. Pretty sure they were the ones with the rifle-length gas system that didn’t work for squat.

        • BillC

          Dissipators. The idea of a shorter barrel with rifle-length gas and iron sights. Good idea before optics were common, except for the horribly timed gas. They fixed it by using a faux Front Sight Base with the real gas block tucked under the handguard.

          Reminds me when I saw a fleet of beat-the-F-up police trade-ins Bushmaster AR-15s with Dissapator uppers (A2 upper receiver to boot and cheap plastic handguards) at Cabela’s about a year and a half ago. They wanted nearly $1,000 for those beat up stupid rifles. They must have been smoking crack. I saw them far away and thought, “oh, cool. If they are $400 or $500, maybe I will pick one up.” Hahahahaha.

          • Rick O’Shay

            In one of the online forums I frequent, a fellow asked about an AR build using a similar concept: he wanted to use a carbine handguard on a 300blk upper, but still use a pistol length gas system. Not sure where he’d find a “fake” FSB that compensates for the barrel taper, but it was an interesting thought.

          • BillC

            Some people, I tell ya. A Mini-Dissi in 300BLK SBR/pistol? Tell him to stop being weird and just get a free float carbine length handguard.

          • Rick O’Shay

            Which is exactly what the forum consensus was.

          • Dan

            I was the one who asked about it and We needed more handguard to accommodate a Wounded Veteran with a Wheelchair Mount. I am a Board Member on a Veterans Charity and stated why I needed it in the post. I was contacted by someone from the freedom group who had a solution for it. Sometimes people should not pass judgement on a question until they have all the facts.

          • Cymond

            CMMG 12.5″ barrel in 300 Blackout. I bought one back during the 2013 panic, before I had any hands-on knowledge of the AR. Lemme tell you, that upper is a fat little piggy. I have the numbers written down on a slip of paper somewhere, but it’s like a 5.5 pound upper or something like that.
            This style is sometimes referred to as a Kino, but I think that’s copyright to BCM.

          • Does it taper to less than a “lightweight” barrel? Because there are plenty of 0.625″ FSH on the market.

          • Anonymoose

            No, I’m talking about the old CAR-15 carbines before Bushmaster came out with the Dissipators about 25 years ago. These only had a regular rifle gas system, but Colt had chopped the barrel down to 15″.

          • BillC

            Yeah, the Colt Model 605 I believe, the original Dissipator.

        • HSR47

          The Colt model 605. Yes. They basically just took M16 A1 rifles and cut 5″ off the barrels. Of course they weren’t reliable.

  • BillC

    Also, that price is a RIP OFF. Just went to Bud’s and the same rifle (UPC 047700842059) is $658, new. Also the 16.5″ barrel looks just as short in the stock photo as does this one here.

    • KestrelBike

      Well, it does appear to have the shoulder thingie that goes up (adjustable comb) which is surely worth the extra $200 + tax. I wonder how much Cabelas gave the original seller, $150?

      • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    • Kelly Jackson

      That’s not the same gun, your UPC is for a Remington 700, this gun is a Remington 7, a micro action. This particular gun was built by AAC and the MSRP was $899. The actual rifle in question is listed on Bud’s with UPC: 847128007746.

      • BillC

        That makes more sense.

    • AirborneSoldier

      Cabelas is like bass pro, but higher, imho

  • go4it

    Gotta be a typo or a mis-measurement. Surely Cabela’s wouldn’t knowingly take in an SBR in on trade or consignment; it could cost that store a horrendous fine … possibly their FFL!

  • ConservativeSurge

    My favorite articles are those that rat out FFLs or their customers.

    • Cymond

      Nobody likes a snitch, but we shouldn’t support turning unwitting customers into felons, either.

      I once called a guy out for selling 10/22 “pistols” he made from standard 10/22 carbines. If he wants to commit federal felonies at home, that’s his business, but I won’t stand by while he sells them on Gunbroker. His customers deserve better.

  • Kyle Blaylock

    Not even a good price.

    • jamezb

      What part of “Cabela’s” did you not catch?

      • dbdbdbdbdbdb

        I think all Cabela’s prices on used guns must be typo’s. Don’t know how they ever sell any at the prices they want.

  • Twilight sparkle

    I’ve seen a lot of tags with wrong numbers on them at Cabela’s I would assume the person making them just messed up.

    Either that or you’d be surprised how many 1-4x scopes go all the way to 9 power

    • FightFireJay

      I’m pretty sure thay whoever it is at corporate makes those tags is definitely into fishing, not guns.

      • Coty Jones

        As somebody who worked at Cabellas in the firearms dept. The tag info is provided to us by corporate and is pulled up by the skull that we type in. HOWEVER, the outfitter printing the tag has the power to overwrite it and write
        whatever he chooses.

        This outfitter was just careless and didn’t double check his work.

        • Nfld

          You type in a skull?

          • Billy Jack

            SKU + spell check

      • John Doe

        Current employee here. New gun tags (with ATF compliant typos) are supplied by corperate. That is used so it was made in strength custom by a library outfitter.

  • Kelly Jackson

    That’s not a Remington 700, it’s an AAC Remington Model 7. It’s a factory gun with a 16″ barrel. Note the way the barrel flairs out towards the threaded end cap.

    And the price is pretty fair, the Model 7 costs more than your run of the mill Model 700.

    • jamezb

      I think you nailed it.

    • Jwedel1231

      Investigative journalism, at it’s best in the comments. Impressive find.

  • Aaron E

    Printing error.
    There is a Ruger 10/22 Break-Down (heavy barrel) two rifles to the right of the Remington 700 in question.

    According to Ruger, the 10/22 Break-Down (in that configuration)
    Overall length: 34.62″
    Barrel length: 16.10″

    According to Remington, the 700 in .300 BLK has:
    Overall length: 35.75″
    Barrel length: 16.50″.

    The two rifles are nearly identical in height when looking at where the barrels rest on the rack, indicating a non-NFA barrel. The longer Remington appears equal because the buttstock is resting further out creating a greater angle (notice the larger/higher trigger lock than the rifle to the left).

    • jamezb


  • Southpaw89

    I would assume typo before believing it was an SBR, either that or measuring from the wrong point.

  • Jeff Smith

    I agree with other commenters: it’s probably a typo on behalf of Cabela’s.

    But if it were a 15″ barrel, the buyer would probably be protected under “buyer in the ordinary course of business” laws. I wouldn’t want to be the test case, but I’m guessing most people buying a gun from an established big box store would have no reason to believe purchasing said gun would violate federal law.

    • Cattoo

      Heck, that sounds like a typo in and of itself.

  • jamezb

    I suspect a tag typo and a 16″ actual length.
    }What REALLY got my attention, was the Ruger .44 magnum carbine next to it on the left… ***drool***drool***drool***

    • Blake

      We sold our Deerfield 44 some time ago. It grouped about minute of dinner plate at 100 yards.

      Certainly went bang every time though, & put plenty of venison on the table…

  • MadMonkey

    Oh noes, a potential violation. Better post it everywhere to get as much attention as possible instead of quietly letting that person/business know.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    THIS doesn’t help the firearms community by bringing attention to this, which looks like a typo on the length of the Model 7.
    We want these stupid, crazy, good for nothing laws to be repealed or disappear.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I own that firearm (In California, no less) and that’s a factory 16″ barrel.

    It’s the AAC Micro-7, built on a Remington Model 7 action. The tag just has a typo. That’s it.

    What ever happened to fact checking? Didn’t a 15″ barrel strike anyone as a really weird length? Why was it reported to the store without at least attempting to maybe… I dunno.. MEASURE it? (It’s a Cabelas, there’s a tape measure around somewhere in the store. Check the fishing section).

    And so instead this overreaction becomes “news” on a popular firearms site. Sometimes I wonder how much you guys REALLY know about firearms.

  • Blastattack

    You Americans have stupid laws. We can put stocks on our Mare’s Legs and our pistols, run 8.5″ barrel shotguns, and buy as many Russian SKSs as we want for $200 a pop. Canada might have some goofy laws on the books, but they’re no worse than the crap you guys have to put up with.

    • Holdfast_II

      And yet you can’t have a pistol with a barrel less than 4.15 inches. Or carry one ever. That’s kind of a bigger deal.

    • Robert R Ramos

      Enjoy your 5 round mags.

  • Oldtrader3

    It is the Big Box Store Sy0ndrome and Minimum waged employees, who don’t know a rifle from a ham hock! I used to work at one part time,

  • mazkact

    I just went to our new Cabela’s in League City,TX for the first time. The boutique gun room off to the side had many rare delights, also had some freaky prices. Run of the mill NO4 MKI Enfield 899.00 just one example of entrapping the ignorant among us. Know your business before shopping in the Boutique.

  • ozzallos .

    Maybe I’d bring it to their attention, but 15″ on any barrel is an odd enough figure for me to immediately expect a typo.

  • datimes

    If its not ‘right’ I’d call ATF immediately and advise them of what occurred and inquire as to what they wanted me to do next. Or possibly destroy it and toss it in the ocean.

  • Old Gringo

    Part of the problem is that gun salesman are usually gun buffs that know a lot about guns that interest them but little about other firearms. Once upon a time after careers in the military and 4 different law enforcement agencies I was an Assistant District Attorney. The DA was a former state investigator and thought he knew everything about every gun. In the context of a shooting case, a model 29 SW 44 mag was used. The bad guy said it was an accidental shooting..he said he held the gun up the light and could see there was no ammo in it, so as a joke he then pointed it at his ex and pulled the trigger, scattering her brains across a parking lot. MY first question to the DA was,, what year was the gun made, of course he had no clue what I was talking about. So when the jury trial came, we took the model 29 and held it up to the jury…and completely across the room you could see the heads of the cases…the model 29 does not have recessed cylinders after 1984 or so…. the point is salesmen at Cabelas and Bass Pro and Academy are among the least knowledgeable folks in the room….often guns nuts like prolific TFB readers are more knowledgeable..duh? 90% of everyone reading this knew that the model 29 lost the recessed cylinder in 1984, right?

  • Don La Rue

    Well, according to the FBI, if there was no criminal intent….You should be good to-go.

  • Chris Miller

    Having actually worked a Cabela’s Gun Library, most of the staff know better, but sometimes there are typo’s. Other times you will get some who is into guns, but doesn’t know a whole lot. Somebody probably didn’t realize that the barrel length doesn’t end at the front of the receiver on most bolt guns, but about an inch into it.

  • foxtrap

    If it is indeed a SBR, an Obama ATF will pull Cabela’s FFL, and drag them into court. It would cost them huge $$$$$
    All of which Obama would love dearly!