Breaking: New Aimpoint Nano Mini Red Dot Sight

TFB has learned that the Swiss company B&T will be introducing an exclusive new mini red dot sight from Aimpoint tomorrow called the Nano at a police firearms meeting along with their brand new duty weapon, the B&T Universal Service Weapon. We are going to follow up with some exclusive content in a separate post on the USW later today.

TFB spoke to the very kind people at Aimpoint about the Nano. It was developed specifically for the USW and there are no plans to offer the Nano separately from the USW. Sadly there was not very much information available for us to share with you as a result of how new the Nano is. The new red dot does appear to be a touch bigger than other MRDS offerings currently on the market and has an interesting mounting system.

Would we like to see Aimpoint develop this into a competitor to the RMR style sights that have become very popular on the market? Hell yes! Aimpoint has kind of ignored the MRDS market and has forced many fans of the brand to turn to the Micro line of sights from competitors.

Would you like to see Aimpoint develop this into a competitor to the RMR? I know I would!

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Phil Note: As Patrick said the sight will be offered on the USW and will likely not be sold in the US at least not for a good while.

Patrick R

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  • Spencerhut

    Not available without the gun . . . boo . . . hiss (and I’m an Aimpoint dealer)

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Call them and tell them you want a US version … if enough people get loud maybe they will build it.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    This looks cool and because it’s an aim point I’m interested. But if it runs off of a AAA then that alone makes it to big or high to run on a slide. Looking at it I’m still trying to figure where they fit a AAA?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      That will not run on an AAA battery. No word at this time on any specs.

    • Nope not a AAA. We were trying to figure out what it would use. More information to come though.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I want a Mini Red Dot that’ll Work with a Glock 43/Shield/XDs/PPS etc….

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Will it fit on a Glock slide?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      No, it will only fit the B&T Universal Service Weapon.

    • It was a direct contract between Aimpoint and the company making the pistol. It was designed solely for the USW.

      • Gorilla Biscuit

        Id love to see a diagram of the footprint. This transverse bar L-R is gonna be huge for stopping the set screws from backing out on a reciprocating slide. I find it hard to believe all of the R&D was done just to mount this on a goofy hybrid pistol caliber Swiss machine pistol. Aimpoint is in the market to sell high volume quality combat optics. There is no way this is NOT gonna make it to our shores in some form.. Unless Aimpoint suddenly hates to make money.

        • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

          They have built an optic before for a single user and not sold it stateside. The only one that comes to mind is the Aimpoint CS, but it looks like Midway USA has a few by some miracle.

          I might have just bought a CS for ….reasons.

          • Gorilla Biscuit

            While producing an optic for your home countries military force seems lucrative. Producing a bespoke optic for a bespoke company on a pistol caliber pdw doesn’t compute to me. Am I truly missing something here ?

          • ARCNA442

            However, looking at the Midway page, the CS looks like it’s just a modified Comp M4 with a different mount and a pic rail. I’m guessing Aimpoint doesn’t sell them because they are already producing an almost identical sight in greater volume.

            The Nano, on the other hand, appears to be completely different from anything else in their line and would fill an obvious market niche.

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    Boom. Nice work.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Thanks Pete!

  • Kelly Jackson

    Is it just me or is that pistol very CZish?
    The grip shape, the trigger, the slide even looks like it rides inside the frame like a CZ75.

    • Sean

      Exactly what I thought. I am sure that is exactly what it is

    • I suspect that B+T collaborated with Sphinx.

      • Anonymoose

        There was another Swiss company that copied the CZ75 design to make a .22cal PDW pistol. I can’t think of the name though.

        • You are likely thinking of the MTE VA-PDW. Martin Tuma had been responsible for the earlier Sphinx designs.

      • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

        That is a question I will ask them tomorrow. The construction of the frame lead me to think the same.

        I need to pick your brain about some M16 things, mind shooting me an email?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Sure does. We have a post coming up with more information shortly.

    • nova3930

      whole thing looks like the illegitimate spawn of a CZ and a Glock ….

      • Sam

        What makes that look anything like a Glock?

        • nova3930

          to me the squared off slide profile minus the “tail”.

    • Dave

      It’s a Sphinx frame

  • Thorbjørn Suther

    Wait, so is the Borchardt C-93 making a comeback?

  • jonjon7465

    That better be sub $500

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      It will not be for sale. It was designed only for the B&T Universal Service Weapon.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Because pictures

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      There is another post about the B&T gun with some pretty high quality photos.

  • Kyle Sherrer

    And just like that a Chinese made clone that cost 1/5 the price and possibly battery life begins going into production in 3…..2…1.

  • AD

    It looks to me like it might be designed to sit a little lower than current micro red dot sights? I get the impression that some of the workings have been moved from the base to the top and sides to get the window a little lower. Might be my imagination though.

  • thedonn007

    Sure, the more competition the better.

  • BjornTheBrave

    Bad marketing. It sounds a little like the Magpul and LWRC Six8 story…

  • Ryan

    Mmmmmm that’s funky.

  • uisconfruzed

    I’d like to see through that sight, I love my T-1 & T-2.
    That ‘pistol’ is a different story, With the length of that top it could have a longer barrel.