Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings

Some guns just seem to attract the most ravenous fanboys. These fanatics collaborate and overtime form cult-like cells within the community of firearm enthusiasts. In this video we explore five firearms that have developed a fan base akin to cults, often bordering on outright religious behavior.

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Dario B.

    I don’t get why you didn’t mentioned the Ar-15 cult and his open minded followers

    • They’re currently in a street brawl with the Kalashnikov groupies.

      • Gambler X

        its like the fight scene from Anchroman except a lot of Oakley M-Frames, shooter vests and 5.11 pants.

        • Major Tom

          Are we sure it wouldn’t be a Mexican standoff with everyone arguing whose derivative is the best?

        • Heretical Politik

          AK fans wear telnyashkas.

          • Anonymoose

            AK fans wear Adidas track suits.

          • Heretical Politik

            I do sport a pair of Superstar IIs on the reg… Count me in as a Kalashnikovist!

          • Da !

          • Kyle

            BAHAHAHA you deserve more upvotes

          • Cmex

            I actually just bought one so I can gopnik cosplay. Should be fun. Very chiki briki.

          • Cmex

            Please, I speak Russian. In this usage, you need accusative plural, so it’s Tel’nyashki.

    • I figured the AR and AK are so mainstream that they can’t really be considered to have a “cult following”. I think the casual owners far outnumber the die hard fanboys.
      For this same reason I though about excluding Glock, but I just couldn’t resist.

      • M

        Sooo…. basically… They’re major religions, not cults

        • Major Tom

          Major religions start off as cults though…

      • jono102

        Could’ve broken down by make then and added the K&K 416….So highly rated by those that haven’t used it

        • Sasquatch

          Oh but wait they have use it as a navy seal on a Sony gaming device. That counts right?

        • n0truscotsman

          Sounds to me like the G36

          • jono102

            In the late 90’s I’d definitely agree, Arguably now it would be the opposite. Those who’ve never used it, decided it didn’t work contrary to what the actual users say.

      • ozzallos .

        Yeah, not sure how you can exempt the AR/AK platform when glock is not just main stream, but virtually the LEO sidearm of choice.

  • borekfk

    You forgot the Winchester Model 70.

  • LG

    The dual deities of the SAA and the snake guns better known as The Pony and The Snake, who superseded Castor and Pollux of pagan times, can never be denied.

    • All hail Smith! All hail Wesson! Purge the unclean, burn the heretics!

    • Billy Jack

      My little pony will make something fly through the air. Friendship is magic.

  • plingr2

    I don’t know why, but I need have P7. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Heretical Politik

    I currently worship at the churches of Gaston, Garand, and Browning. I’m thinking I may attend services at the FAL temple as well, soon. Gun-ligion is a lot like religion: there are ribbons of truth running through all faiths.

    • At least there are only four commandments rather than 10. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • LG

      No. The enlightened follow Moses, JMB, and not the plastic heretic, anti-Christ Gaston!!!

      • Heretical Politik

        John is a disciple, chosen to write a gospel. Gaston is like Paul, struck blind and then allowed to see the genius of the short-recoil tilting barrel action. He has spread the word and now the rugerites, Springfieldians, and smithandwessonians all have been brought into the light.

        • jamezb

          John MOSES Browning parted the sea of competitors, and led us into the PROMISED LAND..

        • n0truscotsman

          This is funny, considering your disqus handle name ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Cmex

        No one… shoots like Gaston, points like Gaston, is perfected square plastic like Gaston!

  • Drunk Possum

    Sweet transcript, Alex…

    • Not my job to get videos transcribed or posted.

      • Drunk Possum

        Funny, it’s always your videos, and Phil told me he’d make sure YOU get those transcripts up. But hey, it’s all good. You do whatever it is rich guys with all the time in the world do. Besides, of course, transcripting your videos.

        • thedonn007

          WTF? I am happy he takes time out of his busy day to make all of these videos. Keep up the good work Alex.

          • Drunk Possum

            Cool beans, bro. I can’t watch videos, but I can read a transcript. Every other video on this site gets transcripted except Alex’s.

          • SP mclaughlin

            That’s like reading the transcript to pornos, you’re “missing out on the action”

          • My friend once attempted to measure how many feet/miles of pole some porn star was by measuring length of ‘pole’ then multiplying by pumps per minute. *random*

          • The guys who transcribes all videos has been on vacation. If Phil told you that is my job then he is mistaken. Phil also has no involvement with TFBTV so that is a bit odd.

          • I didn’t say it was your job Alex only that transcripts are normally done on TFBTV video post. I normally don’t have any involvement in TFB but during Steve’s absence I do have involvement in TFBTV if need be.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Cant watch videos?
            A $49 kindle will let you watch any video or does mommy not let you on the youtube?

          • Drunk Possum

            Sick burn bro.

          • I find it ironic that you accuse Alex of being entitled in the same breath that you are demanding a transcript of the video he made.

            You could perhaps wait until you got home to watch the video, or barring that view it on a public library computer, but instead you insist you are entitled to a transcript.

          • Drunk Possum

            I don’t care to watch them, I prefer to read. I don’t feel entitled, I’ve come to expect a transcript from this blog on videos. I’ve noticed a trend on Alex’s videos not being transcripted.

          • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy them!

        • Well sir how it works is Alex does the videos and Steve does the transcripts. Steve is currently on vacation and unable to do the transcripts of the videos.
          Steve will be back this coming Monday and the transcripts will resume as is normal. It’s just an unavoidable temporary situation.
          As far as saying I would make sure they are done that is not something I said. I apologized that on that particular video there was no transcript but normally there are and will be unless something unforeseen occurs. I further said as far as I’m aware there will be transcripts of videos.

          There is no need for that language directed toward Alex. The best way to resolve a concern or perceived problem is email me. It’s better than posting a comment I may or may not see and address.

          • Drunk Possum

            I don’t mind looking stupid, I comment on a lot of blogs and I’m not gonna search and search thru them to find a specific reply. I quoted as I remebered it. Very well, Alex I apologize for the language, but your response was pretty smart ass.

            Phil, as always, a class act, even when dealing with an a$$hole like me.

          • Ah we all say or do things we look back and say why did I say that?? No big deal don’t worry about it at all we’re good.

        • Also, if for some reason in the future if there was a change I’m sure Steve would let people know.

        • The_Champ

          Haha why all the hate? And if you have all that hate, why are you even here? No one is forcing you.
          Thanks for another good video Alex. I have never had need for a transcript, and frankly can’t think of any other YouTuber that offers them so kudos on (usually) going the extra mile.

          • Nobody else does transcripts that I’m aware of. We thought it was a good idea especially for those who may be hearing impaired or heck just want to read the text at their leisure.

          • Cymond

            It’s also great for those of us lying in bed next to our sleeping spouses.

  • sean

    All paths lead to Gun…Great video great laughs

  • Blake

    That was pretty awesome, thanks for the lighter friday evening vid.

    I’m guessing Alex sacrificed the P7 to keep his sacred MP5 off the list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thedonn007

      As soon as I saw the video title I was expecting thr MP5 to be on the list. I would believe that more so than the P7. Yoi could say the same of HK as Glock.

    • Tassiebush

      It’s like the holy underwear of h and k. He keeps that part from view.

      • Cmex

        Alex is a life member. Seriously, he almost always shoves an HK gun onto every list he makes, even if it doesn’t really make sense. Case in point: this very list!

    • RickOAA .

      The P7 is such a cool gun. I had high expectations before shooting one. Not all that impressed. So funky.

  • Roy G Bunting

    I agree about the 2 rules for owning a Glock. Other then sights that work best of the shooter, I really don’t see any reason to modify one.

    That said, it’s fun to see how people do it, and I’m glad it makes them happy.

    • Bob

      You know, you just made me stop and think. I have left all my pistols stock, as they came to me. Most of my rifles on the other hand have received a little modding, including scopes, buttpads/extensions, (hey, I’ve a six foot wingspan here), cheek risers, slings, mags, etc, etc. On reflection I suppose that makes sense. I am attempting to fit the rifle to my body for accurate long range fire, but the pistols are sidearms I consider good for under fifty yards. Don’t need fancy grips and a scope on a pistol to hit something at fifty yards. Stock is fine for backup gun play. Don’t need the extra bits and pieces hanging off weighing my belt down and requiring an oversized holster.

  • smartacus

    it’s safe to say DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS will never have a cult following
    (perhaps a cult of haters though)

    • Anonymoose

      Same with Hi-Point and Cobra (the lesser-known, sub-Hi-Point handgun).

      • M.M.D.C.

        Don’t forget Kel-Tec.

        • Richard

          Oh Kel-tec has it’s cult following as well, it’s just largely ignored/ridiculed for obvious reasons

          • ostiariusalpha

            The Kult of Kel-Tec promises that the space brothers will deliver their advanced technologies for the betterment of mankind in… sometime in the next quarter, or maybe the one after that. The faithful must keep a sharp eye out though, and not forget to maintain their cosmic ablutions, or they’ll miss a manifestation of the ascended master’s benevolence on Gunbroker.

          • jamezb

            Didn’t they ride a comet into the side of Jupiter a few years back?

          • Billy Jack

            I thought that was Taurus.

    • jamezb

      COLT Diamondbacks wanted bad to grow up to be Pythons.

  • Martin tรถrefeldt

    What about the “Colt Single Action Army” and “Mauser M98”?

    • Anonymoose

      SAAs don’t have as much of a following as ye olde Ruger Blackhawk among fuddly single-action revolver-lovers. SAAs are more like collectibles than shooters.

      • Marcus D.

        That’s why SAAdists like me buy clones, so we can shoot them without guilt.

    • LG

      You must not scoff at the one and true God, Mauser!!!!

  • George

    I was an early employee at Peter Alan Kasler’s Internet Service Provider.

    Let tell you of those that preach of the Glock…

  • Michigunner

    You forgot the CZ-75 fanboys… our extractors get gummed up, our slides are too small, and the insides of our pistols look like someone finished it with a dremel tool and a can of spray paint, but they are the best feeling pistols in the world! Bow before his majesty Jeff Cooper’s second choice!

    • W.P Zeller

      I would, but I’m busy looking for the pieces of slide stop.

    • Sam

      Hear, hear.

      • xrey

        Nice set up.

  • Anonymoose

    It seems to me that a lot more M1-lovers mistakenly say “Guh-rand” instead of the correct “Gehrund.”

  • roguetechie

    What about the loose grouping of cults that are the firearm world’s equivalent to the Egyptian mystery schools branch of occultism?

    Aka the cult of bullpup!

    Like the mystery schools many sub cults exist under this banner such as the Belgian tactical humpback whale cult (FN F2000). The other Austrian cult of long chain polymer (Steyr AUG). The desert cult of the Hebrew Hammer (Favor). One definitely must never forget the strangest bullpup cult who so revere the form that they consider any bullpup with production sufficient to meet demand as heresy, the cult of Kellgren (RFB RDB M43).

    Lesser cults exist of course including the snake cult (bushmaster ARM), the Grendel cult (a subset of the cult of William of GPC), and finally the cult of St. George (praise be the lugs of 3!).

    • jcitizen

      Those are the more modern sects. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • SineNomine

    Fun vid. My personal experience is that 1911 enthusiasts are the most zealous of the bunch.

    • Uniform223

      You’re looking at the greatest handgun ever built. 7 rounds… more than enough to kill anything that moves.

      Sorry I couldn’t resist!!
      (serious cool points to who ever knows what I was referring to)

      • Cmex


        • Matt Wilder

          Wasn’t it #4, and wasn’t he talking about a Colt SAA? I do agree with it used for both firearms though. My black powder .44 Colt Army is a hand cannon to say the least, as is a 1911.
          I swear I’m not the nerd here though..I blame watching my younger brother when I should have been doing real work.

  • Joshua Noble

    >FAL owners are like the Illuminati

    Ha ha, that’s silly. You’re silly. What a funny, silly, in no way true thing to say.


    • Robert Harper

      That’s why there’s apparently such a wait to get into the FAL FILES! :}
      Though it is true that every FAL owner I know, including myself, have multiple FALS and are never happy with having enough of them. Maybe if current, and a few past companies, had decent quality control there wouldn’t be so much hate towards the newer FALS!

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Good one. The P-7 is worthy.

  • mazkact

    You busted me as a Garrandite. After the last Conclave we Southerners are allowed to face Anniston Alabama instead of Camp Perry. A Turner saddlery sling also makes a very fine belt.

  • Pseudo

    Well done, sir. Keep making content like this. Informative, entertaining, and amusing. Really love this. I must admit that I wanted my first purchase to be an FAL, but it ended up being a Glock.

  • Bob

    I have a confession to make… I… I own… Both 1911s and Glock… I know, I’ve felt shamed at my perversion ever since I bought them, but I can’t help it…

    • Richard


      • Bob

        I didn’t plan on being a sinner. Blame my parents. They didn’t raise me right!

  • W.P Zeller

    This vid is a great example of how Alex’s movies are among the best on the Net.
    Cracked me up, but not out loud, because of waiting with high trepidation for the various cultists to come in screaming obscenities.
    The comments string is among the more intellectual, though. A pleasure to read how drily the TFB community can respond. I’m practically dehydrated.
    Not that I don’t have my, uh, preference. I spent my youth waiting until the minute arrived I could buy a .45 (as they were called then), and so I did- I was at the gun store instead of the tavern immediately upon gaining my majority.
    I still have that gun, and it’s still, after almost four and a half decades, my favorite gun ever to shoot. In my mature years, I’ve had to go with the lightweight version for everyday use on the belt, but the differences are modest.
    I appreciate the history. I appreciate the unusually high suitability for competition (most of my Sundays are frittered away doing USPSA matches… with a, wait for it, Colt .45). I appreciate the elegant subtlety of the design, both as an artifact of the early 20th century industrial revolution and as a work of mechanical art today in the hands of the Rich Dettelhousers and Ted Yosts.
    Yeah, but I mostly just like going to the range and shooting my .45.
    The antis are there, too, but that’s what hearing protection is for.

  • oldman

    If Glocks are perfect why do you need to modify one.

    • Bob

      I have no idea. I haven’t done a thing to mine. I shoot it about as well as any other pistol really. I only own one pistol that I can’t hit a man sized target out to fifty yards with reliably and that is a .22 with no rear sights, so I don’t think that should count. I think much of the Glock hate is because they are this funky plastic thing that looks like a Dewalt drill. I am sentimental about my 1911s, but I think of my Glock as a tool that shoots bullets. Does a good job of that, but there is no soul or character to it.

      • oldman

        Glocks are good guns and I will admit they are not my cup of tea. It is not their look or that they are plastic. I like an external safety it is what I learned on and am the most comfortable with. But that is my hang up one should shoot what they are comfortable with.

    • guest

      Because heretics, modding-customization-fa**ots think that a factory gun is for some reason not good enough – despite the fact that they chose that specific gun, and must be modified. The thought alone of having a pistol identical to say another guy at the range, with the only difference being the serial number, scares those people.

      • oldman

        Good answer.

  • oldman

    You missed the Browning hi power and Cz75.

    • xrey

      I would put the CZ/1911/Browning/Sig as specialized cult following. Glocks, because of LE is all too common.

      • oldman

        I would still say CZ 75 Browning hi power as the cult following has ben around a lot longer then the Glock Though the CZ and Browning may be a full blown religion and not a cult.

  • John Redman

    Personally I worship at the alter of the M1A and often decons of the DPMS LR .308 and Weaterby Mark V are in attendance.
    While I’ve heard of the P-7 it’s not something I’ve looked into. That may change.

  • 17-47

    AK and Glock users are not a cult, they are more like gun atheists: while everyone else has to dig up reasons why some steam-powered overweight monstrosity from 1000 years BC (hint, hint 1911 fans) with as much ammo capacity as a Nagant revolver is relevant, that some over-complicated gun that has “jams” as modus operandi while at the same time a price tag worth several guns is somehow advantageous just because one can attach a lazer, a sight, a phone and coffee cup holder, a tactical toilet paper roll holder and 10 grips and backup sights (hint, AR fans!) constitutes a “tactical” rifle…

    while all those religious fanatics are bickering with their toys and antiquities an AK or Glock user can just say “gun is fine”, turn around, and walk away. Very simple.

    • LG

      A man who truly drank the Glock Cool-Aid!

      • guest

        Unfortunately there is no such cool-aid. No cool-aid, no gimmicky “special editions”, no fancy features, no gazillion levers/buttons, no “wow”-factor, no nothing. Glock is as religious and as exciting as a hammer or a shovel: brutally simple, and does just what it is intended to do.

        And speaking of religious nutjobs, big expectations, different types of appeal etc: one time at my local range there was one guy who had with him a 4000$ 1911. Looked quite good. Pulled it out of some special case, with soft padding inside. Showed it around to some guys who due to them being easily taken aback were probably jealous that they too can not waste 2-3 monthly salaries on one handgun like this guy. Anyway he went on to say how precisely machined it was, how the slide is crimped on to the barrel so there is a maximum of 0.0001 nanometers of “play”, how some other religious fanatic threw one away as soon as it did not shoot “one” every time he fired off more than one round at the same target… etc ad nauseum.
        Then he showed how the tolerances were so tight that when he pulled back the slide half-way, with some manipulation he got it to stop there half-way, and when he gently shook the gun it slid forward.
        I stood a couple of feet behind this crowd with my stunningly boring G17 and said “if the slide can stop half-way it is made way too tight and is unreliable”. The zealot looked at me as if trying to burn a hole in my forehead with his Browning-o-vision-ray that he thought he was emitting from his eyes, with no avail, so he said nothing and turned away.
        After maybe 10 more minutes of worshipping this 1911 that Jesus, Buddha, Allah and Browning made by combining their efforts, he of course put it away back into the velvet-covered box or whatever the f*** one carries such a thing around in, and went home.

        So he literally came to the range just to show it off, brag, not shoot at all, and go home where he probably has sex with it… or something… because I can not imagine it being actually used.

        In the meanwhile I did my usual 400 rounds or so with my 17, as usual didn’t give a damn about cleaning it (as I almost always do ever since I found out that the only critical part in regards to cleaning Glocks is that channel for the striker, the rest is purely aesthetical) and just threw it in the bag and went home. So yeah, that’s why I think owning a Glock is kinda like being an atheist.

    • Out of the Blue

      There are some atheists who proselytize zealously. This interpretation could work.

    • crackedlenses

      I didn’t know ARs “has “jams””, unless you don’t know what you’re doing….

  • KEL3

    Great video and so true. I fully admit that I have made some of the cult statements mentioned in the video. Heck, I own three of the five “cult” firearms.
    BTW: The P7 does make you life better and cooler.

  • Tassiebush

    I’m still chuckling about the team glock tramp stamp! If the missus had one would that mean I had a glock ..ection?

  • Trey

    For those of you with an anime bent please feel free to read up on or better yet watch scrapped princess as is the norm for most anime they pick a genre of words to name all of the things that have to be named.
    This one picked Firearms names like Browning Mauser Winni Chester and of course the star of the show Cassul.

    • Cmex

      Wat? I’ll give it a watch.

  • TJbrena

    No Mosin-Nagant, Alex?

    I guess you’d have to take the disclaimer out at the front saying you love all these guns.

  • flashoverride

    Hail Garand full of grace, John Browning is with thee, blessed man among gunmakers and blessed are the wearers of Springfield Armory. Hail Garand, father of M1s, pray for us shooters now and at the hour of bending our op rods.

  • Ben Wong

    the bastards of Saint Hi-Point !

  • VF 1777

    Hysterical vid Alex. Even ripped on yourself a little there with the P7. I got a good lol, thanks

  • Sasquatch

    Oh the glockanazis. Don’t let them catch you shooting an fns 9 and love it. They might try to Brian wash you!

  • Cmex

    I’d say you got 3 of these right.

    The M1911 is a pretty culty gun. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t’ve’d possessed at least 50 demotes about it on my computer when I was in 11’th grade! I’m honestly not sure, though, if the cult stems from the gun itself, or the fact that Jeff Cooper spent the last half century of his life trying to convince people it was Jesus times the Mahdi times Half Life 3. Oh well, it’s cultists are at unending war with Glock cultists.

    Glock pistols are good. Just good. Too bad Glock slings its slogal “Perfection” everywhere like a stripper in dire need of money. No idea how the fandom war got started, but my bet is Jeff Cooper said something against the Glock, and his M1911 cultists said things against Glock cultists, so the Glock cultists fired back, igniting into the second longest running firearms flamewar after AK-47 vs M16.

    Garand rifles, well, I don’t think there’s really a cult around their quality or awesomeness, but rather their historical mystique. It’s really not much different than people who have hardons for cowboy guns or other historical arms. Yes, there are Garand fanatics, but they’re not quite as delusional as the people who will tell you with a straight face that pistols suck across the board compared to revolvers.

    I have never heard of the FAL cult, and I’d know, having once upon a time been a FAL owner. I loved it and I plan on buying one again someday, but I’ve never seen a FAL cult or a FAL cultist.

    The P7 is not going to gain a cult following, Alex. It’s not catching on. Quit trying to flash your pet piece everywhere like a stripper in desperate need of cash. You shan’t succeed.

    • Matt Wilder

      Well, for me, I’d say it was the 1911 itself, and had nothing to do with Jeff Cooper, and quite frankly knew nothing of him till I was well into my 20’s. Growing up, my brother and I learned to shoot pistols with first my grandfather’s .22 Colt Woodsman Match Target, then later his .38 Colt Police Special, and finally his 1917 Erfurt made Luger and the Sauer 38h I own now. We were spoiled rotten to say the least. That is, until one day, his best friend from when he was a kid showed up with his WWII era 1911, and let me shoot it. I fell in love from that moment on….didn’t care much for Lugers after that.

  • Joel

    People paying $3000 or $4000 for a 105 year old pistol design that was military issue? Yes, that sounds like a cult.

  • RenHoek

    Wow, no Desert Eagle? The Scientology of pistols.

  • RickOAA .

    I have only 1911’s out of those. Not a cultist. The rest are okay.

    If breaking down a 1911, lubing a gun properly, and operating a safety are too much, by all means get something else. The “1911’s suck” nonsense gets old.

    Starting with one does spoil one a bit, as there is no other centerfire pistol out there that’s easier to shoot.

    Have CZ and HK as well. Being stuck on one type of pistol is dull.

  • Arch

    Great video.

    In 1962 as an 18 year old Plebe at Annapolis, the first pistol and big bore rifle I ever fired were the Model 1911 and the M1 Garand. My wife has her grandfather’s Colt M1911 issued to him in France in 1918. I have a newer version, but her old gun is just a better shooting pistol. Last month, I took a house guest over to the CMP and there weren’t any rack or field grade Garands available. The back orders are months.

    Since 1964, I’ve been hand loading and the Glock 40 S&W scares me. The Glock Bulge is real. Putting a full charge 40 cal cartridge in the magazine is asking for a KB.

  • xrey

    Glocks aren’t a cult. They sell to LE cheap so there are more of them, in law enforcement. I don’t know about the public, but I’m guessing maybe as many as LE since they have been around for almost 30 years. I like Glocks, but not my first choice and I will add it to my list because there are too many of them. Maybe this should have been titled “Classic Guns with cult followings”. My top 5 in any order, CZ’s, 1911’s, Glocks, Sigs and H&K’s for automatics. For long guns, AR’s, H&K’s, AK’s, Remington 700’s, and shotguns of all kinds. Revolvers are more special now than before as it is a whole different breed.

  • Zebra Dun

    Winchester/Marlin lever action rifles and the Holy Savage lever action rifle are left off why?

  • Archie Montgomery

    Pretty good satire.

    In my experience, the only two real ‘cults’ are those who favor Glocks or 1911s, more accurately, Government Model. I’ve never had anyone attempt to convert me to Garand, FAL or P7 worship.

    I honestly do prefer the Government Model. It fits me and does what I want it to do. I am aware there are problems at times, but they are normally fixable.

    I endorse Glocks for those who want a decent 9mm pistol and are not dedicated handgun shooters. My only exception to them is they don’t have any soul. They’re about as personable as a claw hammer.

    And yes, I think the AR-15 has a larger cult following than the P-7; as mentioned prior by Dario.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Not nearly enough mockery of the most over-rated rifle in history–the GarAND.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Since the Mosin Nagant is not on this list, clearly, it is actually a perfect weapon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    It seems there should be something by Sig in here; seem to know more Glock & Sig cult people than any other brand. Glad I am not much a cult person, though I do have a Sig, just not what most people that talk Sig would own.

  • ChiptheBarber

    Boy, I’m late to the party on this one. Don’t know how I missed this video when it first came out. I’ve always suspected that there is something inherently wrong with me though and this great video from AlexC pretty much confirms it. I DO like a brand spanking new Gen 4 Glock as well as just about any version of a 1911. I love AR15s but wish I owned half a dozen each of FN FALs and H&K 91s. I get completely giddy over beautiful high grade walnut and bluing so deep you think you’re going to see a lost civilization on the other side AND shiny (or flat) black/grey polymer or FDE, ODG, etc. I’m thinking about going to see a shrink (or just buy another lottery ticket). A successful run with either one of them would cure my problem I think. Thanks Alex.

  • Simcha M.

    Fun video, Alex; however I think I would have made two separate videos; one for pistols and the other for long-guns.