SPIKE’S TACTICAL Brings the Silence in BROWN RECLUSE 9mm Carbine

Brown Recluse

[Credit: Silencer Shop] Spike's Tactical Brown Recluse 9mm Carbine Integrally Suppressed w/ Stacked Baffles & Ported Barrel MSRP of $2,165.00

Spike’s Tactical quietly released a brand new 9mm carbine, the Brown Recluse, on Silencer Shop’s website. Being fresh off the press and with no advertising pushing it, Silencer Shop appears to be the only source for this firearm. At the moment, it is not even listed on Spike’s own website.

Silencer Shop does a great job of explaining its awesome-ness in their product description:

A carbine, chambered in 9mm, that runs off of Colt SMG mags, and is integrally suppressed… somebody pinch me!  Spike’s Tactical absolutely smashed the proverbial nail on its proverbial head.  This thing is awesome.  Running on the Spike’s 9mm lower (that accepts standard AR components like triggers and safeties) this is one recluse that you won’t mind seeing when you open the safe.

While the lower is cool, the proprietary blowback upper is really what makes this rifle sing.  The upper receiver resembles a standard AR-15, but that is where the similarities end.  Completely rebuilt to run reliably on 9mm ammunition, the Brown Recluse sports: a clipped ejection port, oversized brass deflector, and a Spike’s blowback style 9mm bolt carrier group.

Did we mention this thing was integrally suppressed?  The suppressor tube/body is nestled under a spikes quad-rail handguard and permanently affixed to the barrel making the Recluse a “One-Stamp Gun.”  That is to say that, it is not considered a Short-Barreled Rifle because the barrel extends past the 16” requirement.  The suppressor is then the only part of this firearm that is an NFA item.  Speaking of the suppressor, it utilizes a traditional baffle stack (generally more efficient) which is somewhat rare in integral systems that tend to favor a more simplistic monocore.

I know some of you have gotten this far wondering the whole time if the barrel was ported or not.  The answer is yes.  Similar to the concept made popular with the MP-5SD, the Brown Recluse has a ported barrel to bleed off gasses and turn standard 115gr (or 124gr) FMJ’s subsonic before they pass the crown of the barrel.  As with anything; science still applies.  Altitude, powder and projectiles will all affect the “always subsonic” concept but we can safely say that for almost anyone firing off-the-shelf FMJ’s, the system will be subsonic!

Brown Recluse

[Credit: Silencer Shop] Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse 9mm Carbine (Integrally Suppressed)

Some insight into the firearm’s early popularity could be found on AR15.com. One individual asked the open-ended question of: “Please enlighten me on this 9mm integral rifle.” Silencer Shop ends up chiming into the conversation stating that they received the 1st ever shipment of this firearm. Aside from explaining the quality, they noted that all 25 Brown Recluse rifles SOLD OUT in 72 hours!

Brown Recluse

[Credit: Silencer Shop] Coyote Brown Nylon Softcase for the Brown Recluse

It would be great to see a range battle in rifle quality between the Wilson Combat AR9 suppressed and the Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse. As more become available and are more widely distributed and sold be on the lookout for this quality, integrally-suppressed rifle.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I really wish they’d stop doing straight-blowback 9mm uppers. I like Colt compatibility for the most part, but the bolts and buffers are so freaking heavy that you get a LOT of gun movement and recoil due to the large amount of reciprocating mass. Would love for someone to come out with a true delayed blowback for the AR-9mm platform, or even a DI system with a lightweight bolt and buffer.

    One of the reasons the MP5 is still reigning champ of the 9mm carbine world is that delayed blowback system with a much lighter reciprocating mass.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      i have been quietly waiting for someone to come out with a rotating bolt DI 9mm for a while, i imagine it would be pretty easy too…

      • PK

        Less easy than you’d think, but DI pistol cal uppers have been on the market for a while.

        • Schnee

          In 9mm? Other than the mpx?

          • PK

            Well, sure! First one to spring to mind is made by a gentleman in Macon, GA, by the name of Rudy. He’s made .40S&W DI uppers, 10mm DI uppers, 7.62x25mm DI uppers, 45ACP DI uppers, and 9x19mm DI uppers so far as I can recall.

            His company is called “Macon Armory”, and he goes by “Mad-Machinist” on arfcom.

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            RMW Extreme also makes DI pistol-caliber uppers.

            A 10mm is in my future plans at some point.

        • Xtorin O’hern

          really? whats so hard about it?

          • PK

            The case OAL is very short, so in the shorter instances (9x19mm especially) workarounds need to be made so that the empties don’t get stuck in the barrel extension. Further, the volume of gas generation is substantially lower than 5.56x45mm, so it can be tricky to get running reliably. There’s a reason very few 9x19mm SMGs and semi-auto carbines are anything but roller-delayed or straight blowback.

    • RP

      The Sig MPX has a low mass carrier with a rotating bolt. They shoot softer/slower than most. I’ve been impressed with it. I feel it shoots much nicer than the new CZ Scorpion, for example, with its direct blowback design.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        Yup! The MPX has done it right, in my opinion. The only thing that bums me out is that price. I had hoped that when the CZ came out it would force Sig to lower the price on them, but they have done no such thing and that kinda sucks.

        I might pick one up eventually anyways though.

        The CZ is nice, but again, it’s also just a straight-blowback like the AR-9MM.

    • Schnee

      Please will someone knock off the SIG MPX and make it an upper compatible with the 9mm AR lowers?

  • Nicholas C

    Interesting, I will have to see if Silencershop has one for review they can send me

  • Mike N.

    It’s a cool rifle, though I’d have preferred a Glock magazine version. Also, I have several Spike’s lowers, but I can never buy another one again after it was pointed out to me that their logo looks like dueling penises. Once seen, it can’t been unseen.

    • Steve Milliron

      Dammit! It’s true…

    • Ilike_waffles

      Hahaha, that is me also. I will not buy a spikes rollmarked lower because of the dueling penis. I have a spikes honey badger and even though my ex-wife refers to me as a giant penis i dont want that on my gun. But they make some cool stuff.

  • jng1226

    Question about the ported barrel: Does it also slow down already-subsonic 147-grain rounds? If so, I wonder if the ported barrel is optional as subsonic 147 is super-easy and cheap to load and I wouldn’t want the velocity to be “artificially” reduced all the time, and it would likely foul the suppressor much quicker as well necessitating disassembly and cleaning much sooner than without.

  • De Facto

    What magazine does he use to feed the 7.62×25 upper?

    • PK

      PPS43, I think is what he has the magwell blocks accept.

  • Nameson

    Who cares? Roll out an affordable 9mm AR instead of another rich boy’s playtoy and I just might go wake up my wallet.