The Best Part of the Chiappa Survival Rifle: Inserts Available Individually

Chiappa, known for their fun Rhino revolvers and other firearms designs has released their X-Caliber shotshell to cartridge inserts individually. While the Survival Rifle has had some public difficulties, the inserts are a highly sought-after component for those trying to build a one-gun-does-all survival rifle.

The X-Caliber set was previously only offered as a single complete group, much to the chagrin of those prepping single calibers. Listening to their customers, the inserts are now available individually across both the 12 gauge and 20 gauge line-up.


Available inserts include:

12 Gauge:

  1. 20ga,
  2. 410ga/45COLT,
  3. 45ACP,
  4. 44MAG,
  5. 40S&W,
  6. 357MAG/38SPL,
  7. 9MM,
  8. 380ACP

20 Gauge

  1.  410ga/45COLT,
  2. 45ACP,
  3. 357MAG/38SPL,
  4. 9MM

The offerings cover the most-requested inserts, but notably absent is 22LR, the prepper’s most popular caliber. I am sure Chiappa will hear this and offer it in the near future.

The X-Caliber inserts are only compatible with break-action shotguns. Their length (8″) precludes their use from common pump-action and semi-auto offerings. To use, simple insert into the barrel with the rim interfacing with the extractors of the gun. Guns complete with ejectors may find the inserts a bit more “fun” for usage.


Unfortunately, no word on pricing for the individual units. The full set of adapters runs for about $279 retail, so likely street prices are $35 – 50.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • PK

    Every time I see this, it reminds me of my Springfield M6 rifles and my Savage 24… but how much happier I am with those guns, even the ugly-as-sin “stainless” M6.

    Something about two triggers and internal hammers on the Chiappa combination guns is off-putting for me, for no particular reason. The same goes for exposed pan-head screws and so on, it makes me worry about build quality and overall QC, issues which have been discussed previously.

    At least the adapters are reasonably priced for anyone who doesn’t have a lathe. I bet they sell more of those than the base gun!

  • Rick O’Shay

    Am I understanding this correctly that the implication is, if I have a break action shotgun of any brand, I could buy these inserts individually if I so chose, and use them in my gun?

    I really don’t understand WHY someone would want to go with something like this rather than just owning the proper gun for the caliber, but “cater to the market” and whatnot, I suppose. I’m not a fan of the prepper mindset that you can just rely on these inserts and scrounge for ammo. Rather than prepping half-assed, just buy a proper gun, the ammo you need, and invest time and training into it and actually be good at it. That’s far more valuable than this offering.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      People have been playing too many video games if they think you can rummage through a deserted building and find any reasonable amount of useful stuff during such an event

      • Andy

        Are you saying Fallout 4 isn’t a 100% accurate doomsday preparation system? I was wondering why I didn’t have a robot butler . . .

    • American Freedom

      I think the idea, which in my way of thinking is smart thinking, that IF things got bad in a “prepper” scenario , that a person could possibly use several different types of rounds in one gun if you were to run out of the ammo you had.

      That to me is good thinking and being prepared for any ammo situation.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I doubt we will see a .22 insert because:

    1) The Survival Rifle already has a dedicated .22 barrel so it would be a product they would only sell to people looking to use it in a different gun
    2) With it being a rimfire cartridge the barrel would need to be offset to one side of the insert which would amplify the already poor accuracy of the insert system

    3) It might be challenging get the offset right so that all shotgun firing pins (that dont necessarily strike in the exact same place) to reliably ignite .22 ammo

    • gunsandrockets

      1) .22 WMR would still be useful

      2) accuracy of any rifled insert is going to be lousy anyway

      3) offset isn’t going to be the problem as much as that crushing the rim of a rimfire case requires more energy and often a different firing pin profile than crushing a centerfire cap.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    What attachment do they have for shooting down ICBM’s?

    Lotta good that .410 is going to do you after your state turns into a cloud of vapor.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Well if Ive learned anything from “preppers” a well placed .22LR will bring down EVERYTHING

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I think the prepper trend is like a lifestyle obsession or something.
        Do they think China is going to invade America?
        Maybe, but not until America is glowing and then only if they have any troops left that have any teeth left.
        I think its a fantasy for some people, living out in the woods on your own playing urban commando.

        • Rick O’Shay

          This might just be me, but a lot of those preppers grew up in the Cold War, and movies like Red Dawn really created a pop culture mindset that we might be invaded and that it’s everyone for themselves if it ever happens. Follow it up with another generation playing post-apocalyptic video games, a toxic political climate where people really see the other side as Satan reincarnate, and it doesn’t take much of a leap of the imagination to envision doom and gloom.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I understand all that, I grew up during the cold war and love Red Dawn but the next war is going to be a global nuclear/biologic war. All your flashlights and .22’s arent going to mean jack sh-t.
            Personally id rather just fry than spend the remainder of my life wandering through the irradiated wasteland looking for a can of beans that hasnt absorbed enough rads to power a submarine.
            I will anyway, I live in a major target city.

          • jay

            The other side isn’t satan. But they do work for him. ;-}

          • Zebra Dun

            Yup, I recall duck and cover, form up after things quit falling down and going straight home from school, where Mom had Tang and a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting.

        • Hambul

          For me it was mostly me asking myself what I was going to do if the power and/or water goes out for more than a week city-wide or worse, larger. That’s mostly what I expect.
          Given that I live in a suburb, my main concern is keeping people away from my house should the city folk themselves need to head outwards to look for aid/supplies, and/or jerkasses deciding to take advantage of the loss of utilities and loot/vandalize.
          It’s mostly looking out for number one in an area with enough people to realize that if everybody no longer had water or electricity for a fairly long span of time that things would go bad quickly.

          However, I admit that I’m not a true prepper, and that if things were bad for more than two or three months (at which point my food supply would run out after a month or two with stretching unless I myself scavenge), I’d consider giving up hope.

          • Andy

            That I’m fine with. But my wife has a cousin who has been issuing more or less semi-annual “the world will end next month!!!eleven!!” messages since 2010. As in “those aren’t septic tanks, those are FEMA coffins! For the death camps that are going to open next month!!” And telling people to stop paying their mortgages and the cash out their retirement to buy prepper gear,cause the world is ending before you’d get evicted/retire.

        • Badwolf

          There are degrees of prepping. For me, the likelihood of an invasion is on the far end of the scale, next to zombie outbreak. But there are many disasters that are more likely to happen, like Katrina. Or maybe just as simple as getting mugged in an alley.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I live around Waco, you never know what’s going to happen here. So far we’ve had massive tornados, botched atf raids, biker shootouts, and we’re right next to a city that had a huge fertilizer factory explosion. I like to keep some camping supplies on hand, both for camping and just incase. That seems like a reasonable thing no matter where you live.

          • Zebra Dun

            Your average prepper is basically a devoted camper re-enforced.

        • Tassiebush

          I think that’s sorta true but not the full picture. IMO prepping ranges from the paranoid to fairly reasonable. It’s all about the anticipated problem and the planning. It’d be very reasonable in many countries to plan to survive a conflict or natural disaster. Pretty reasonable to see potential for disaster from a few sources. But less reasonable to assume you will be wandering a permanent post apocalyptic wilderness with no laws or social norms.

  • stephen

    A video review was already done on this and the gun is terrible (also a post by TFB); so my question is why would you blog about it again? Did Chiappa fix all the problems? Not to my knowledge.

    Must not be any other exciting gun news so we have to rehash the crappy stuff.

    Oh well

    • Doubleoevan

      This post isn’t about the gun per se, but about the inserts that you could only buy as a set before (without the Chiappa rifle) now being sold individually. You can use these inserts in most break-action shotguns. Most of the complaints in the original review you refer to were about the gun itself and not necessarily the inserts. The usefulness of such a system is clearly debatable, but newsworthy enough for a 2nd post about the topic.

    • Rusty S.

      This is a “lemonade from lemons” business scenario. The gun/insert package isn’t doing so well, so an alternate financial avenue via individual sales of inserts is prudent.

  • iksnilol

    Can´t you use the inserts in other shotguns as well?

  • Captain obvious

    Good inserts are available from other sources, both individually and in sets, for a lot cheaper.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Why can’t they make an ultralight singleshot “Survival” rifle in a centerfire handgun or rifle caliber? If Heizer can make an action that supports 223 and 7.62×39 in a derringer, why not add a longer barrel and buttstock and have an actually useful ultralight centerfire rifle? It could have interchangeable barrels so you buy the barrels in the calibers you stockpiled. I’m sure 16″+ barrels would be more expensive then 8″ inserts, but you’d have repeatable accuracy

    Yes, I know about the H&R rifles, they are twice as heavy and often don’t include iron sights.

    • Rick O’Shay

      It almost sounds like you’re just describing a bolt action rifle, but with interchangeable barrels. I would think with the pressures you’re seeing with .223 and similar calibers, the weak point of the rifle suddenly becomes where you attached your barrel, rather than the locked bolt, and now you’ve got a potential kaboom problem.

      Unless someone could design a QD interface system for barrels similar to silencers or the bolt lugs… then you might be on to something.

      • Justin

        the Thompson Center Dimension is a switch barrel bolt action. I’ve never seen one in the wild or heard about any one that has but I’m hoping to see one someday so I can get a feel for it and check the balance. the fact it comes in left hand is a major plus for me.

  • Zebra Dun

    That was intense as a book Hollywood made it less intense but still scary.
    That is the ultimate SHTF.

    • Rick O’Shay

      The book was hard to read. Just absolutely brutal on the morale. It’s one of the few books redone as a movie, where the movie really captured the emotional tone of the book. Loved them both. Not sure I could ever read or watch them again.

  • Zebra Dun

    Useful for the calibers you already stock.
    .357 Mag/.38 spl, .45 acp/.45 Colt 20 and .410 ga for me.
    You won’t need all the inserts of course.