Armless Man Is Still Armed

This is some fancy footwork. Bubba Stevenson was born without arms. Yet that does not dissuade him at all. He participated in a local IDPA match. Ken Cash posted up this video.

I wanted to share this with the blue bullet shooters. This is Bubba Stevenson. He came to our IDPA practice tonight. He was born with no arms, but that does not stop him. Bubba didnt miss… Not once, not even a head shot and hes only been shooting for a little over a year. So if you ever hear someone say “they cant”…be sure and call B.S. on them…just an amazing young man.


Kudos to Bubba and all those like him. They find away. As my friend Hunter Cayll often says “No Excuses”.

Nicholas C

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  • c4v3man

    I can’t imagine not only firing a gun and controlling the recoil with your feet, but him clearing the weapon and showing safe at the end… unbelievable.

    Would be interesting to see what he could do with a modified sig brace to mount to his lower leg and an AR pistol.

    • Nicholas C

      That would be cool.

    • The Bellman

      Actually using a sig brace as a brace?

      The legends were true…

  • Bob

    You know, having ran around in the woods barefoot and doing Tae Kwon Do as a child, I have fairly flexible feet and can pick up things with my toes… I might try this… With an empty gun first. I’m crazy, not stupid. There is a difference. ;D

    • Dan

      I think my ex girlfriend could do this. I swear she had monkey feet.

  • Jerry The Geek

    I Am In AWE!

    Well, yes, awed by the proficiency in both marksmanship and safe gun-handling using prehensile pedal-digits.

    But more so by the determination of this man to run his life the way HE wants to, regardless of what anyone else expects of him.

    Dude, you so rock.

  • Joel


  • RICH


  • Call me a complete ignorant twerp, but I would naturally feel uncomfortable around this until the first or second shot fired… immediately relieving my security hesitations.

    • hikerguy

      It’s alright, I thought the same. I imagine a lot of us here thought the same until seeing him shoot.

  • John Wisch

    Gotta be careful not to get a toe jam.

  • smartacus

    he is flipping the bird to those who believe handicapped=No 2A

  • 277Volt

    I love seeing someone giving life’s challenges a big FU.

  • MrEllis

    Four armchair range masters just fainted.

  • hikerguy

    Years ago I met fellow with one arm who was an active outdoorsman and did everything, including hunting, fishing, and a lot of other things with a single arm. When asked about it, he would always say that being handicapped was just a state of mind. Kudos to this gentleman. Bubba is truly awesome.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    When I reviewed NJ gun laws once, I was astounded that they specifically allow handicapped people to not be allowed to buy or own firearms. It’s codified in clearly unconstitutional law in a state that hates its own citizens and especially the handicapped this much.

    I’m astounded pro gun leagal efforts haven’t torn the NJ antigun legislature a new hole over their blatant discrimination of handicapped people. In NJ this man would never be allowed to own a firearm.

    Further NJ gun laws ban a wide range of accessories and gun designs that are handicapped friendly. Simple example, some handicapped people might have a hard time putting on ear protection, but a blind banning of all silencers puts these people at risk for hearing loss.

    Adjustable stocks are banned because of a law that bans collapsible stocks. A rifle that fits both a full grown man and his small frame wife is illegal in NJ. A clear discrimination against women.

    A short shotgun suitable for someone in a wheel chair to shoot, you guessed it, illegal in NJ. In NJ, the legislature thinks handicapped people are not citizens. And the US Constitution’s second amendment subject to unlimited second guessing.

  • Fruitbat44



    Wow…. this is what we call “will power”. Good Going!!!

  • J S

    Love the fact that nothing stops him. Also being named Bubba makes this everything
    I need to know…