EXCLUSIVE: Silencer Shop Outlines New ’41F’ System

In a calm, cool voice, I have been trying to explain to anyone who will listen that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) upcoming rule change concerning National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled items such as silencers, is not going to be as bad as everyone is expecting. Casually known as ’41F’, the new rules change the way BAFTE Form 4s are submitted and processed – among other details, all responsible persons are now required to submit fingerprints, photographs and undergo a background check. This includes entity applications like trusts and limited liability corporations (LLCs).

What I had not considered, however, is the overall impact on the silencer industry itself: NFA dealers, especially those that conduct the majority of their business through e-commerce, will also have to deal with the new 41F procedures.

Silencer Shop, based in Austin, Texas, is the largest distributor of suppressors in the country, processing up to 300 purchases every day. With that type of volume, Silencer Shop needed to come up with a game-changing process to allow their network of NFA dealers across the US to continue to sell, process and transfer suppressors. And I think they did it.

Sometime before July 13th, when ’41F’ finally takes effect, Silencer Shop will ship out 300 fingerprint-scanning kiosks to select Silencer Shop ‘Powered By’ dealers across the country. Then, after July 13th, when a customer purchases a suppressor from the Silencer Shop website, they select their local dealer of choice, submit payment for both the suppressor(s) and NFA transfer tax(es) and if necessary, uploads their trust or LLC documents. In return, Silencer Shop will email each customer a unique QR code that they can take to those select Powered By dealers to scan and then follow the instructions to use the kiosk to capture an FBI-approved set of fingerprints. (Certain restrictions apply and will be outlined prior to launch.)



The customer’s prints are then securely transmitted to Silencer Shop’s headquarters and stored offline. All of your information is then submitted along with the BATFE Form 4 to initiate the transfer application process. The result is that customers and if needed, their ‘responsible persons’ (we’ll get to that part) will only have to be fingerprinted once no matter how many silencers they buy over the course of months and years to come. And since individuals no longer require a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) sign-off, both individuals and entities will also be able to utilize the kiosk system.

The photograph requirement will be addressed by a custom Silencer Shop App for iOS and Android that will take passport-sized images that will also be transmitted to Silencer Shop HQ. Per the BATFE rules, every two years the photographs will be need to be retaken. Customers will simply use the Silencer Shop App to grab another selfie.

Now, I know what you are saying: The whole issue with the new rules surrounding 41F made using a trust with multiple ‘responsible persons’ or trustees seem overly complicated – who wants to drag their wife, brother, father, daughter, uncle or second cousin twice removed down to the police department to get fingerprinted every time you buy a new silencer. And just the thought of this process alone has created the surge in silencer sales we are seeing now. Recently, Silencer Shop sold all 500 Rugged Obsidian suppressors they had received in a single shipment – in an hour and a half.

Thankfully, Silencer Shop’s new system has the “multiple-trustee” issue covered. As the grantor of your trust, you can login to Silencer Shop’s website designate your trustees – no matter what state they live in – and they in turn will also be sent a QR code. They can then take that QR code to any Powered By dealer with a fingerprint kiosk, scan their fingerprints where they are transmitted to Silencer Shop, linked to your trust and submitted with every Form 4 you submit. If the trustee selects a Powered By dealer with a kiosk that wasn’t on the initial purchase, there may be an additional charge. But remember, once the fingerprint and photograph information is in the system, that trustee can now make purchases on their own, without having to upload any additional documentation.

After the initial outset of 300 kiosks, Silencer Shop will continue to grow the service throughout the country. In the meantime, if you live hours away from a Powered By dealer with a kiosk, for a minimal fee, Silencer Shop will send you a fingerprint packet so that you can take your prints manually (see what I did there) where they will be sent back to be scanned and uploaded to their system. Boom.

As if this wasn’t enough, future features of the kiosk system will include transmitting BATFE documentation for any NFA purchase sold by a participating dealer. So if you buy a machine gun, a short barreled rifle (SBR), a short barreled shotgun (SBS) or a silencer that Silencer Shop does not carry, the Powered By Kiosk will be available to transmit your fingerprints, the App will take your photograph and the whole package will be handled from Silencer Shop’s base of operations in Austin.

The entire kiosk system was designed and developed by Silencer Shop itself, literally requiring millions of dollars of investment capital. However, with their huge network of dealers, custom-built technology and sheer volume of sales, I don’t see how anyone else can come close to processing silencer transfers under the 41F rules as efficiently as Silencer Shop.

Here’s to hoping that my Powered By dealer MAC Tactical is one of the initial recipients of the 300 kiosks.

Game Changer. Epic. Whatever you want to call it, Silencer Shop’s system is about as innovative as it comes.

Since plans can change slightly up until July 12th, please wait until all of the details of the Powered By Kiosk program are in place before contacting Silencer Shop for additional information.

Silencer Shop
13729 Research Blvd STE 630
Austin, TX 78750
Phone: 512-931-4556
Fax: 888-659-1246
Email: support@SilencerShop.com


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  • Theo Braunohler

    Holy crap. If this actually works as advertised, this solves a couple major issues with 41f. Provided that you live near one of their dealers, I guess. I’m assuming all the major cities will at least be covered?

  • Dave D

    Wow. This is interesting. Agree that 41F is not the end of the world and commend Silencer Shop for stepping up to the plate to deal with the new system.

    Any news if this will come into play with Form 1s?

    • Pete M

      Great question. I wouldn’t be surprised if Form 1s get added at some point.

    • Kimjungill

      My understanding of 41F is that once prints and photos were in the system you were good for 24 months before having to send them again. Including form 1s

      • Hansohn Brothers

        No, prints and photos must be submitted with every form 4.

        • Pete M

          Great to see one of the best dealers in the business around these parts.

      • Cymond

        That’s what 41p said, but ATF is apparently going back on that.

        “ATF now asserts that when ATF-41F becomes effective, all Forms 1 and Forms 4 submitted by legal entities must be accompanied by fingerprints and photographs regardless of the two-year look back provision stated in the regulation.”


  • MAC Tactical LLC

    Thanks for the info. Pete. We had planned to offer ink fingerprinting and passport photos and still will but this makes things so much easier for the Silencer Shop purchases.

    • Pete M

      Agreed. Sounds like a win for both customers and dealers.

  • Suppressed

    What’s the benefits to hurrying up and buying a can before 7/13?

    • law-abiding-citizen

      You’re saving the hassles of complying with the much more complex rules & requirements of 41F

      • Ben

        Above statement only true if you purchase through a trust. For individuals, the purchasing process will be simpler after 7.13

        • Evil_Bonsai

          Been putting OFF buying anything until after the rule change for this reason.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Is the every 2 years requirement for continued ownership, or just that images must not be older them 24 months at purchase?

    • Pete M

      Just at purchase.

  • toms

    This is still going to kill suppressor sales. Just watch

  • Frank Hunter

    Best thing they can do is take the suppressor off the NFA and use a standard FFL to process. This will reduce the price of filings and also the price od suppressors.

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      Yeah, but since when does the government dislike fees, inconvenience and ‘red tape’?

    • datimes

      The government politicians and apparatchiks in DC despise the most common firearms. They consider suppressors assassination devices. Anyone really think they will ease up on this?

      • Bill


      • Lonnie

        Yeah, you will be able to buy Cuban cigars and a new suppressor at the same time!

    • Thomas S

      Agreed, or the very least collect their $200 at the dealer and just clear the transfer the same as is done with a firearm. Basically make it no more painful than it currently is to buy a rifle or pistol and collect the extra tax on it. It boggles my mind that it is easier to buy and get home with a rifle than a suppressor. Talk about a lack of logic.

    • Theo Braunohler

      There is zero chance of that ever happening. It is far more likely that they will be banned entirely.

      • Bill

        How many suppressors were on the market 20 years ago compared to now? Haven’t several states loosened the laws pertaining to their use in hunting? Hardly seems like the road to a ban.

        • datimes

          Florida FWC (State wildlife conservation) are on record that they support suppressors for hunting. Who would have thunk it?

  • Jack Morris

    Wait, if I were to fill out a form 4 and apply as an individual; I no longer need a CLEO sign off? The last time I went through the process was about 5 years ago.

    • Pete M

      Yup, starting July 13th, CLEO notification only.

      • Slvrwrx

        Hass the notification been outlined? I’ve haven’t read about exactly what needs to be done for form 1/4

        • Pete M

          I believe it’s a copy of your form. Whether it’s a draft or an approved form, I’m not sure.

          • Hansohn Brothers

            At the time of form 4 submission to ATF. From the proposed form 4:

            “The transferee is to provide notification of the proposed acquisition and possession of the firearm described on this Form 4 by providing a copy of the completed form to the chief law enforcement officer in the agency identified below:…”

          • Pete M

            There we go. Thank you.

          • Jack Morris

            Thanks everyone for the clarification! Much appreciated

      • Jim Reid

        thats the way to go

  • Dual sport

    And yet another gun owner telling us that further and unconstitutional restrictions “…are not (that) bad…”

    Until July I can legally and efficiently buy NFA w/o local LEO, anti gun LEO, knowing that I have done so. After July they are notified and can tell everyone in the county about what I own. There will also be a list of us, written or otherwise. On top of that I now also have the hassle of dragging my family to someplace just to be finger printed if I want to purchase after July.

    No, thanks.

    In the next couple of weeks I will make a couple of purchases. This fall Hillary will become president, begin making drastic changes to gun laws that are enforced by her henchmen and the NRA will seek to compromise since they can’t get off the defensive.

    If I am wrong I will gladly apologize, eat my hat and buy more NFA of suppressors are removed, but I will buying my last shortly.

    • Pete M

      “And yet another gun owner telling us that further and unconstitutional restrictions “…are not (that) bad””

      I want the NFA repealed. I write about the joys of suppressor ownership. I try to bring new owners into our club. I try to help people when they have questions. I write my representatives, copying the American Suppressor Association each time.

      What good does it do to be negative? What good does it do anybody to drive a wedge between responsible gun owners.

      I feel like I’m pulling my weight. Are you pulling yours?

      • Audie Bakerson

        What state are you in?

        If the primary hasn’t happened yet write the primary candidates for congress and (if it’s that year where you are) senate.

      • Dual sport

        I do all those things with all Constitutional matters, not just the Second Amendment. I also believe that if one isn’t doing those things they don’t deserve to own what you and I own. (Here’s some optimism for you.) we live in the golden age of the Second Amendment and I don’t want to compromise it away.

        I am old enough to remember the compromises that werent “that bad” the NRA was going along with, which is why we can’t buy an HK 94 for a decent price. That ’94 nonsense set our ownership back by a decade. That’s like prison time. You don’t get it back. Don’t fall into that same trap. Dig your heels in and help us save this country for my grandchildren and theirs. Yours if you have any or want any.

        Again, I will come on here and apologize to you and the world if I am wrong with a smile on my face but I deal with reality every day and our country changed drastically eight years ago. We have crested that peak. History shall not be denied.

    • Jim Reid

      Iam waiting on my last supp to be appr sometime in july an thats it for me, Iam done

  • Ben

    If I don’t have a Silencer Shop dealer, is there anything stopping me and my dad from just doing a stack of our own fingerprint cards at home? I see the “FBI fingerprint cards” available at various police supply stores.

    • Pete M

      You can get free fingerprint cards from the ATF. Just google “fingerprint card ATF request”

    • Bill

      I’ll bet that you’ll need to have prints taken by a local agency or fingerprinting/background check service. I don’t work for the ATF, but while I appreciate attempting to save them some work, they might be a little leery of home-done prints. “Uh, yeah, these are my fingerprints, sure are, just mine, nobody else’s, did them myself, so I’m certain they aren’t my cousin Clem’s who doesn’t have a criminal history because he’s never been caught.”

  • marathag

    The real fix is to move to get then off the NFA in entirety

    • And as long as we’re dreaming, I’d like a pony.

      While that is, of course, the logical solution, until people in elected office (and the lobbyists who own them) stop getting the entirety of their firearm knowledge from Hollywood– where silencers sound like sneezing cats and are only used by mafia hitmen in tailored suits– it ain’t happenin’.

  • Thomas S

    Wait, so the change in rules pushed a company to make it less painful for me to purchase a suppressor? The government didn’t squash this as soon as someone thought of it? Hmmm, being able to take care of the entire process right at the store in a reasonable amount of time, who woulda thunk it (paperwork side, wait times still suck). Now, we just need to get suppressors off the NFA all together (or get rid of the NFA and that thing Bush Sr. did to imports).

    • Mystick

      The ATF moves slow…. they’ll catch up at their semi-annual meeting.

  • aka_mythos

    I don’t believe I should have to be fingerprinted so I probably won’t ever buy another NFA item.

    • Rnasser Rnasser

      What is the downside of fingerprinting? You need to fill a form with all your data anyway to buy a silencer and transfer it.

  • aweds1

    What about the law enforcement notification part of 41F? How does that work?

    • Hansohn Brothers

      “Law Enforcement Notification. The transferee must provide a copy of the Form 4 to the chief law enforcement officer who has jurisdiction over the area of the transferee’s address shown in item 2a of the Form 4. In addition, if the transferee is other than an individual, a copy of the Form 5320.23, National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire, completed by each responsible person must be provided to their respective chief law enforcement officer. The chief law enforcement officer is considered to be the Chief of Police; the Sheriff; the Head of the State Police, or a State or local district attorney or prosecutor.”

      For our clients, we will forward the form 4s to the Head of Virginia State Police.

      For Silencer Shop, I suspect they will forward the form 4 to the customer to notify their CLEO.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Thank god the government once again solved a problem that wasn’t there.

  • Evil_Bonsai

    Now just need a Form 1 Store (TM), where you walk in, pick out the SBR/SBS (et al) you want, fill out the forms, use the fingerprint kiosk and picture app, pay for item(s) and fees then wait. Pick up items when approved.

  • Jim Jones

    So am I to understand that you guys will not post explanations of the law that demonstrate how the fingerprinted and photography of all trustees does not necessarily need to happen?

    • Pete M

      Sorry, not following your question.

      • Jim Jones

        That’s because I posted a simple legal explanation on how one can avoid having all other trustees go through the photo/fingerprints hassle, and it went into “comment awaiting moderation” mode, never to be published.

      • Jim Jones

        It’s not some sort of state secret, and the ATF has already acknowledged it.

      • Jim Jones

        The ATF can’t do anything about your legal right to add a responsible persons to an existing trust without notifying them. As long as the trust does not acquire any more items, those added responsible persons don’t have to get fingerprinted or photographed.

      • Jim Jones

        If you need any new items, simply create an identical trust, except for the name, and add trustees after acquisition.

  • Geoffry K

    When will the new forms that do not require CLEO signoff be online at ATF for download?
    My County Sheriff has always signed off on them anyway.

  • Ryan

    Firstly I would offer congratulations to Silencer Shop for a job well done in their creation to preempt to imminent rule changes coming to us from the good folks at the BATFE. I hope that it wasn’t a total waste of funds if Trump gets elected and scraps the NFA as it’s currently written, but I still honestly applaud SilencerShop for their forward thinking. Great company with the most experience dealing with this particular red tape.
    Now would we all be better off if SBR, SBS, and suppressors were all simply removed from NFA regulations, leaving that act to simply control the flow of actual machineguns as it was originally intended? Yes. Yes we would. The market would explode with sales in all three categories. That much is a no brainer. SBR and SBS used in crimes are nearly ALWAYS home cut jobs, not legally purchased firearms. Even if it’s just a 4473, what dumbass would use a firearm purchased under their own name to commit a crime? Duh. Come on folks…
    Republican or Democrat you must recognize that law abiding gun owners do commit crimes with their firearms any more so that law abiding people anywhere. Return to us our God given right to own whatever we choose so long as they cannot harm others independently. The best, and only truly effective safety device on a weapon is the brain of its operator. No firearm yet in civilian hands can be made to fire without triggering it to do so by some means. They don’t just go off and hurt anyone.
    As a kid, and as an adult I’ve had three misfires in my life. All three were my own fault, at least to some level. The last was a mechanical failure of a striker to disengage therefore causing a slam fire as I inserted a fresh magazine and closed the slide. Had I been more observant I might have noticed that the striker was still stuck rock solid from the bolt face. But we live and learn.
    It is long past time that OUR government Of the People, By the People, and For the PEOPLE, started treating it’s people as adults. Hold us accountable for our actions, certainly, but do not continue to punish us for the actions of others.

  • Navy Davy

    I’d really like to know how many homicides have been committed with a ‘silencer’ every year. Bet nobody knows. No records kept. No investigator can even tell. So why are silencers such a dangerous thing that our government makes it so difficult and expensive to own one? And many States ban them entirely and completely. Like mine. CA.
    NFA must watch all the James Bond movies.