IDF and the Micro Tavor X95

A solider posted up some photos of himself and his platoon from back when he served in the IDF in 2010-2012. He focuses mostly on the X95. There are a LOT of photos and comments with each photo. It is interesting seeing the subtle differences and seeing how the guns were setup for the IDF.


The X-95 was called the “Micro” in the IDF, pronounced “Me-crow” You can also see a Tavor specific magazine coupler in this image. The magazines were each facing different directions so the spare would always be on the left side of the weapon and out of the way of your firing arm.


M203 on a Tavor.



Reloading is for fools.


Essentially, it is a dual illuminated red dot optic that is range adjustable for use with the M-203.



Click here to check out the rest of the photos.

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  • Joshua

    It’s a good thing they don’t use ancillary items, because it would suck to have such little rail space.

    No way to mount any NV scopes, barely room for a light and good luck getting anything but the smallest PEQs on there.

    • kgallerno

      Well if you kill all your enemies during the day, there is no need for night sights. 🙂

      • Jacen

        That’s wishful thinking

      • Machinegunnertim

        There is a huge advantage to operating at night when you have the ability to see, aim, and shoot in the dark and your enemy does not.

      • Joshua

        Hopefully they never face a foe who has the capability of fighting at night.

        • Dracon1201

          The great thing is, they probably won’t.

    • DIR911911 .

      you do realize you could just remove the day sight and install the nv in the same spot? especially if you know you are on either day or night patrol.

    • Pastvariant

      At night the DMs would switch from their ACOGs to a “Leor” night vision scope. If you wanted to get a NV capable “normal” rifle, you would mount it on rifle behind the Meprolight or the MARS using the provided mounting system. You can see it in the photos that are taken from behind the optic.

  • Colin s

    Nice pics, find the DMR interesting given US civil x95 accuracy issues.
    The Tavor / M203 combo never looked right but, the x95 / M203 looks bloody ridiculous.

    • JSmath

      It’ s just a long barrel, not a DMR. They need the barrel length to attach the M203.

      • Colin s

        Did you follow the link or just read this page? There are pictures of a DMR version, which the person taking the pictures describes as a DMR (as well as the grenadier version).

    • tong

      No DMR

      Long barrel is for grenade launcher

  • Patrick M.

    I never understood why they didn’t just issue stand alone GLs

    • DIR911911 .

      because then you have 2 guns to carry AND keep track of , this way its lighter and more convenient.

      • iksnilol

        Not really way lighter, and it does mess up the balance.

        I mean, bullpups get away easily due to being so rear heavy. But conventional rifles? They’re screwed.

  • Howard M. Murdock

    I know it’s not tacticool-mall-ninja, but, a solevet outta duct tape and a spent case gets the job done. .75 cents of material versus 30 bucks of polymer and branding. Works for the IDF, good enough for me.

  • Chase Buchanan

    Evidently it’s not all about the Benjamins.

  • John May

    I looked through his Imgur page and an interesting thing about the Tavors/X95s came up. Has IWI recently updated their X95 series? The rifles/carbines have a trigger guard instead of the full hand guard as seen on Tavors and X95s. I checked IWIs website but all the pics they have are of the old style grip/had/trigger guard.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      They are interchangeable.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    So much for the Tavors being “battle proven”. The IDF rarely sees action, and when they do, their wars are extremely short. They literally last for weeks. In comparison, the U.S. military has experienced way, way more combat than the IDF has. So have the French, the Brits, the Canadians, et cetera. Yet nobody ever talks about how battle proven their equipment is.

    This is the second time that I’ve read about IDF soldiers complaining about the reliability of the X95.

    • Martin Grønsdal

      one could also argue that the US involvement in Iraq is what Israel experiences on a daily basis, but at home.

      yet they have their own and effective military industry, a democratic country, and they treat their women right. I take my hat off for that.

      • iksnilol

        Also breaking human rights and oppressing their neighbours.

        They kinda lose a couple of points there.

        • Martin Grønsdal

          which neighbours? do you mean those that neither Jordan nor Egypt wanted?

          the West Bank was Jodanese until 67, and no “palestinian” became Jordanese citizen. Gaza was Egyptian, yet they don’t sport Egyptian passports.

          and that is a start for a discussion in its own right. Look at Syria, before the civil war. Assads father killed 40 000 people in the 80ies. That number in it self constitutes the majority of people killed in the Israel-Arab conflict. The conflict today has killed a quarter of a million, 1/5 of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

          Israel opresses no one. Israel is an oasis in that neighbourhood.

          • iksnilol

            Not really, walling off people from the rest of the world is kinda oppressing them no matter their nationality.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            well, they wall off people that still have a political plan to remove them altogether. (yes, I know some arab groups have removed that goal)

            How do you deal with neighbours like that? Should Israel discuss how they should not be chased in to the sea?

          • iksnilol

            I dunno, maybe protect your border instead of walling in your “enemies”.

            Besides, Israel is just as legitimate as Palestine. IE Not at all.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            they just did… they protect it with a wall. There is no Israeli wall between Jordan and the West-Bank, and Gaza and Egypt… so the Arabs there are free to mingle with their fellow Arabs…

    • politicsbyothermeans

      There are a few pants with integrated knee pads. In my experience they aren’t much better because the pants themselves are still loose so you have a decidedly non-zero chance of coming down on your knee with the pad somewhere other than under your knee.

      The knee pad around the ankle thing… well, once guys started realizing that wearing them all day not only sucked it could actually screw you up, the idea was to wear it around your ankle until you needed it. That made sense when you were getting ready to go outside the wire but did not pass the smell test once you remembered that the enemy gets a vote and you don’t always get to dictate the when and the where of a firefight.

    • Dracon1201

      Look at paintball pants for a good model on what tactical style pants should be. Reinforced beyond all belief, knee and shin protection built in. Breathable. Valken and Dye make incredible pants. I’ve used them. They’re made to stand up to baseball, superman, and knee slides (common tactics in paintball) while protecting your mobility.

  • Dracon1201

    This IS the X95 you are looking for.

  • DIR911911 .

    people with beliefs and loyalty . . . yeah what’s up with that? much better to join some once a month outfit and then have your government ship your ass to Afghanistan or Iraq.

  • Mr. Kill

    I want those red boots.

    • Pastvariant

      They are Belleville 390s with an added dog tag pocket on the inner calf of each boot. I know McRae made a bunch of them for some reason and those were making their way through surplus stores within the past year. You just have to keep your eyes out.

  • Joe

    What’s the LOP of the X95? I know they lengthened the butt for the 26″ standard, but what is it supposed to be on the original?

    • Pastvariant

      Go to the store with a tape measure and you should be able to figure it out just by subtracting the pad at the end completely. The original X-95 used s regular polymer cover that was probably only an eighth of an inch thick tops.