You may be familiar with the Limcat Spearcat. Limcat makes some amazing race guns. This one is a custom called the Supercat. Clearly the owner of this is a fan of Superman.


  • Trey

    Well at least they didn’t try to make it look like a toy.

  • Nicks87

    Omg, it looks like a toy! #triggered #outrage.

  • Edeco


    So many colors, textures, different kinds of lines, lines that don’t meet up, graphics, fonts… it’s amazingly unpleasant. Good thing Raymond Loewy isn’t around to witness this.

    • Drunk Possum

      Limcat actually makes a fantastic custom firearm. I’ve handled more than a few. I’d say they’re right on par with SVI. Jonny is a helluva guy too.

    • Bill


      • Edeco

        Indeed. Perfect match; probably the best fundamentals of a US car maker at the time, relatively few half-baked luxury features, plus Loewy’s bare-bones style.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    That is one ugly a-s pistol.

  • john huscio

    Official sidearm of the Lego special forces.

    • Mystick

      Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of an elite operator squad….

  • Southpaw89

    Shouldn’t that be in .38 Super? Just sayin…

  • hami

    The haters gonna hate. Up-vote this comment because that handgun is unique. And I bet it suits it’s shooter perfectly.

    • Mystick

      No need to insult the man…

  • Robert w

    I wonder if this is going to a teen I know that shoots USPSA at Richmond Rod and Gun. He already has an older Superman motif open gun. I wonder if his dad got it redone.

  • Darhar M.

    That is one fugly looking firearm.

  • W.P Zeller

    The “arms race” in USPSA has pretty much turned into a cosmetics race.
    Any actual innovations in technology get completely overrun with the looks of the things- what cuts they have, what colors they are.
    USPSA Open and Limited divisions have gone so far down the road with comic-book looks that the gun thing seems to have receded into the background.
    Perhaps I qualify for curmudgeon status a little too well, but the looks on Open/Ltd. shooters’ faces when one recites the words behind the acronym is instructive: United States PRACTICAL Shooting Association.
    I actually don’t much care if race guns are in the USPSA matches I’m at, but any suggestion that an Open gun has anything to do with practical shooting is absurd.
    Yes, they are in a separate division, but when a preening Open shooter brags about winning the match overall, it’s a good illustration of the term “unclear on the concept”.

    • ZQuel

      They’re Open because of two things: Dots & Comps. Besides getting them reliable, that’s all that really matters on Open guns since that’s what puts them ahead of all the other iron sight/non-comp divisions. Outside of that, it’s true that nothing else really matters, so what do people start doing? Slide cuts to lighten the slide and make the gun cycle faster because Open guns do shoot fast, and then they do cosmetics because everyone likes to personalize their gear.

      Practicality-wise? They do perform the same tasks all the other shooters do, just faster especially at distance and while moving. I’m not sure about pistol comps / barrel porting ever making it to carry, concealed, service type handguns since they don’t fire the major loads like the race guns do. I can however see the dot or some sort of optical/electrical sighting system make it, especially if said system can be integrated into the slide or frame so that it doesn’t add extra bulk to the gun. And reliability obviously is a big issue for optic/electrical systems in a gun that has a cycling slide, but I’m sure that will be solved eventually.

    • Drunk Possum

      The “practical” in USPSA left a long time ago, buddy.

  • Pete Sheppard

    *Shakes head* 🙁

  • Mystick


  • gusto

    JMB is turning over in his grave

    Has anybody tried an upside down gun?
    couldn’t that help with recoil control?