Strike Industries and Accuracy Grip Company

Strike Industries is introducing a new style of AR-15 grip for shooters that would like some adjustability with their pistol grip. The new Accuracy Grip is a standard A2 style grip that has 10 replaceable panels allowing the shooter to fine tune where the pad of the finger lays on the trigger. These grips were done in cooperation with Accuracy Grip company.

Strike will also be introducing what they call the “finger bump” that will allow shooters to add the same style of adjustability to most polymer pistol grips. We will update you when we have photos and more information on the “finger bump”.

MSRP for the Accuracy Grip is $39.99, there is no indication on the MSRP of the “finger bump” at this time. You can learn more by checking out the Accuracy Grip’s product page on Strike Industries site by clicking here.


The Accuracy Grip is a fully modular grip designed to increase comfort and custom fit the hand to the trigger,  along with improving accuracy and tactical maneuverability of the AR-15 platform rifles.

The Accuracy Grip comes with a main body, two (2) blank panels, and eight (8) selectable Trigger Finger Extenders (TFE’s).  The user selects from the various sizes of TFE’s to ensure a proper grip i.e., consistent trigger finger placement.  Proper and consistent trigger finger placement will virtually eliminate all lateral push and torque normally exerted on the trigger. The shooter will experience consistent and repeatable shot placement.

– 5 right and 3 left Trigger finger extender panels , 2 plain panels, main body.
– Right hand shooters can utilize the left TFE as a platform to rest the thumb to allow for greater tactical control of the rifle when it is held away from the body.
– Complete with patented TFE technology,  Accuracy Grip has addressed  the military requirement for a “fully functional tactical modular grip, designed to fit all hand sizes”.




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  • Suppressed

    Right-handed people have 40% more options than us lefties?!?!? Muh rights!

    Srsly tho, if it’s going to be all modular, they should have made it so you can remove that annoying finger bump on the front of the grip.

    • Austin

      Seriously, how hard is it to mirror the right handed options?

      • randomswede

        Depends on the process, but as an example there’s a dude on youtube called John Grimsmo who makes knife using CNC machines.
        He made a batch of left handed knives, 100% mirrored, and mirroring the blueprints was minutes of work but then making the G-Code (what the mill understands) was just as much work as the right handed.

        As many left handed people are more capable using tools made for right handed than vice versa, the actual loss in trade is less than 10% for not providing any option.
        It’s arguably uneconomical to provide any left handed options unless you make it your niche with a loyal set of customers .

        • Austin

          For a good bit of things right handed would work fine but with long guns should go off of eye dominance which brings it up to a third of shooters being lefty

          • randomswede

            3 out of 8 is about 37% so a little more than 33%, they should be right on the money in that case.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Feel your pain bro. I just learned to shoot righty. Luckily I’m right eye dominate

    • Jacob

      Yall better relax. Us righties outnumber you.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    ôrTHəˈpēdik grip

  • Zachary marrs

    You mean the A-PEG? i have several and they look nothing like this