8 Year Old Crushing Targets With CZ-USA Scorpion Evo 3 SBR

Here is a video that was shared in a gun group of a guy’s son crushing a tactical drill with a Scorpion Evo 3. Stewie just turned eight. He has his own plate carrier and custom gear that his dad modified or had made for him.

Range day…. This is why I can’t go to public ranges. He is still struggling with the size of the rifle but we continue to work on stance and technique…..and itchy nose. You would be surprised how accurate his hits are….damn video game generation. You just can’t compete with their hand eye coordination.

In one comment his father mentioned that Stewie started playing Call of Duty when he was three years old. He learned to read and count from the game.


So far so good. The kid looks like he is a great shot. Needs more practice but I told the father that if he has time he should take his son out to a local action match and let the kid run and gun. Of course only when the father is confident in the son’s ability to be safe and responsible.

Here is a photo of Stewie with a MP5SD .22LR and customized stock.


Nicholas C

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  • But The Real Question Is

    What’s his Kill to Death ratio?

  • Tim Barrera

    PARENTING WIN!!!!!!!

  • politicsbyothermeans

    10/10, would operate with.

  • Harrison Jones

    That kids is awesome! That stuff makes me want to have kids or for my cousins to hurry up and have some!

    • CountryBoy

      There were days my parents would have gladly rented me out, I’m sure!

  • Harrison Jones

    The gun seems to way a little much for him and I think that’s affecting his technique. Once he grows into the gun his abilities will be insane. Those MP5 22 clones aren’t light either. I can only imagine what’d he be a able to do with an MP7, P90, or custom 10/22 SBR!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Kid didnt look like he was struggling to me. Looked damned near casual.
    I didnt start playing COD until I was 30 so I have a long way to go.

  • Jay

    His name is stewie….hmm…

    I don’t like where this is going.

  • ItalianAmerican

    Very nice. And as a parent myself, I super approve of how this is done. These are the kind of images that can circulate the world and let it know that young Americans are always ready. Because it IS going to make a difference.

  • Johnny G

    We all know children are best adapted to using crew-operated heavy machine guns. Teamwork and all that. Plus I’m sure two 8 year olds can lift a .50 cal ammo can just fine.

    • Austin

      Thats ridiculous, they are much better suited for vehicle teams like a tank crew

  • BrandonAKsALot

    That kid is better than a lot of adults I’ve seen.

  • Captain Obvious

    Generation Kill

  • Big Daddy

    All children should have firearms training. Show them to respect the gun and they won’t abuse them. They will learn to respect themselves and others as well as learn discipline and responsibility. Our society lacks that kind of training and it shows now. Start teaching citizenship again and the strength of America because of it’s freedoms and it’s laws, namely the Constitution. Start making strong confident hard working young men and women, not whiny couch potatoes afraid of everything. My ex didn’t want her son playing organized football because she didn’t like the coaches yelling at him……yeah exactly.

  • Austin

    Always good to see kids learning young

  • Anomanom

    Children should start with the AKM. It’s worked for child soldiers all over the world for decades.

  • Guygasm

    A little hard to tell from the video, but it looks like he has non-existent trigger discipline. Seems like his finger stays put on the trigger when he lowers and turns the weapon. At least I can’t see his hand shifting like I would expect. I’m perfectly fine with teaching him to shoot at this age, but I feel some fundamentals are lacking with more focus on tacticool head turning.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I rewatched the video and I think we just don’t get a good angle to tell, I checked out some of this guys earlier videos and apparently the kid has been shooting for four years already so I would like to think he has most of the fundamentals down by now.

      I work a lot behind a gun counter and this kid probably has more discipline than 75% of the people I see.

  • KiwiGuy

    The “I have to dress up in tactical before shooting” is strong with this child. Next step is the Costa grip and painted tactical beard ?

  • 3331

    Why? Why teach somebody “shooting” without trying to teach them the fundamentals? Sight picture, trigger control, focus on accuracy would be so much better than something “tactical” – This kid might (or might not) start forming terrible habbits. Why take that risk?

    • Twilight sparkle

      Check out the earlier vids from this guy, the kid has been shooting for 4 years now

  • Saxonist Sealclubber

    He needs to learn how to shoot with both eyes open.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    Way too young to be handling firearms. I don’t care how mature or responsible your eight year-old seems, he’s still a kid. There will be plenty of time for such things when he’s older.

    Demonstrations of irresponsibility like this make fence-sitters into anti-gunners

    • Jeeff the Griz

      Thanks for your opinion. I’ll be the judge of what maturity level my daughter is. 11 years old and 2 deer down w/ 300 black AR, shooting .22 cricket since 5.

    • CountryBoy

      Certainly, all situations with kids aren’t the same. Some kids won’t like it, some will, and some parents may not be capable of teaching properly – or even doing it themselves safely.

      You’re judging everyone based on what you feel about you and your kids, and you may be right for your family. Obviously this lad has a good teacher and is learning the fundamentals early. While I don’t know if COD is needed to do that (I’d prefer my 8-year-old NOT play it), that’s my opinion. My sons learned to shoot starting at age 5 with NERF, age 7 with BB/pellet guns, and age nine with .22 rifles. Once they realized how little recoil there was with my AR in .223, they went to that.

      That was well before games like COD, and while they’re not competitive shooters (and we weren’t trying to do that), they’re quite capable of protecting themselves and their families, as they’re now in the 30’s. Neither is fearful of guns, and teaching them at such a young age helped.

      Some folks just feel kids should know about such things, and if you don’t hold that opinion, that’s fine. But others do.

  • Cymond

    What is that pinging noise? Is that the flash hider? I handled a MP-X carbine with a flash hider that rang for a solid 5 seconds just from dropping the bolt.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with him learning to shoot, or with kids shooting in general. However, I would not let a toddler play Call of Duty! C’mon people, violent video games should wait until they’re a teen, or at least a “tween”!

  • William Davis

    Way too young to be playing adult first person shoot games then move into tactical drills with combat weapons, distinctively different then learning how to shoot .22 and 410 in a sportsman capacity. Probalibility that this kid is blowing away his schoolmates 8 years from now is high. This is there where that fine line between constitutionalist and radical get blurred, as only other videos have seen of 8 year olds in tactically gear with assault riffles is in the Middle East and usually are from groups like ISIL and Hamas

    • Cynic

      The game… possibly though I’d have no issue him playing WITH parental supervision.

      The gun I have no problem with, teaching the kid respect for the weapon and maturity could potentially save a life of friends find daddy’s gun when he’s at someone’s house.

      My generation don’t hunt our draw to guns is from video games tactical style shooting is our generations version of plinking at cans.

      I’d rather see the kid learning guns aren’t evil than being taught they aren’t needed. If he wants to dress up like dad and like the video game more power to.him no different than cowboy rigs and cap guns tbh. Hell spending time with his dad is gonna be something that helps him

  • Kebab_Remover

    That is really neat that he’s learning to be proficient with firearms. I got my first rifle when I was 8 years old. A .22 semi auto Marlin. Loved that rifle.

  • Mikial

    Nice! The kid is doing great.

    All my kids learned to shoot at a young age, although we didn’t have the kind of gear that’s available now. Still, they learned to shoot pistols, semi-auto rifles and shotguns and to do it well. This is good stuff and something that the kid will benefit from all his life as well as the bond it creates between parent and child.

    Of course, I’m sure the liberals are going into cardiac arrest after seeing this vid. Another positive benefit. 😉

  • CavScout

    Needs some basic training. Like ‘follow through’ and weird stuff like that… Stunt.

  • steve

    Pff. I could take him.