8 Year Old Crushing Targets With CZ-USA Scorpion Evo 3 SBR

    Here is a video that was shared in a gun group of a guy’s son crushing a tactical drill with a Scorpion Evo 3. Stewie just turned eight. He has his own plate carrier and custom gear that his dad modified or had made for him.

    Range day…. This is why I can’t go to public ranges. He is still struggling with the size of the rifle but we continue to work on stance and technique…..and itchy nose. You would be surprised how accurate his hits are….damn video game generation. You just can’t compete with their hand eye coordination.

    In one comment his father mentioned that Stewie started playing Call of Duty when he was three years old. He learned to read and count from the game.


    So far so good. The kid looks like he is a great shot. Needs more practice but I told the father that if he has time he should take his son out to a local action match and let the kid run and gun. Of course only when the father is confident in the son’s ability to be safe and responsible.

    Here is a photo of Stewie with a MP5SD .22LR and customized stock.


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