New Outdoor Knives from Browning

Browning knife

Browning introduced a variety of new knives this year, and there are a number of new outdoors knives in the mix. Here is a look at a pair of the new blades that Browning is now offering.

Overtime – Jade/Black

These fixed blade knives come in two varieties: one with a typical drop point blade and the other with a fuller belly for skinning duties. The standard drop point blade version has a D2 high chromium carbon steel blade with a plain edge and full tang. The knife has a limited amount of jimping along its spine.

The handle is made of G10 – a durable laminate – and has a jade green finish with black accent. The blade length is 3 3/8″ long, and the knife has an overall length of 7 7/8″.

This knife is made in the United States and comes with a leather belt sheath. The suggested retail price is $114.99.

Overtime – Tan/Black

Browning skinning knife

This version of the Overtime knife is similar to the Jade, but with a slightly different blade and tan & black G10 handles. On this knife, Browning opted for a deep belly blade with a drop point for hunters who prefer this design for skinning duties.

As with the Jade version, the Tan uses a full tang design with D2 steel. It is also made in the USA and has the same MSRP: $114.99.

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  • tts

    These are really nice knives but there cheap + ugly ones that can do a good job for survival and day to day work uses too and they never seemed to get mentioned.

    I use a putty hacking knife that cost around $20 several years ago for everything and its been wonderful. Works surprisingly well for batoning or as a pry bar if that is your thing since its pretty much a sharpened quarter inch thick slab of steel. Way ugly though.

  • AlmightySatan

    Once again, too much money for something that costs $20 to make.

  • vwVwwVwv

    wait some 6 month and get the copy from china for 19.95 $

    • ♡ Aliexpress

      • vwVwwVwv

        who is Ali?
        i prefere my hammer and a good pice of steel. it’s fun.

  • UninfringedTech

    Might want to check that title!