New Modular Belly Band from CrossBreed

We all have a box – or perhaps a closet – brimming with discarded holsters. Whatever it is that disqualifies them, be it comfort, height, visibility, or something else entirely, they are so low on our to-use list they don’t even warrant a place in or near the safe (let alone actually with our EDC). And even when you find the seemingly perfect carry option you keep searching, because maybe – just maybe – something better is just around the corner. If you want to carry on-body but prefer not to carry on your belt, there’s something new from CrossBreed that just might be your next favorite holster: the Modular Belly Band.

CrossBreed’s new Modular Belly Band was designed in a collaborative effort with I.C.E. Firearm Training Services owner Rob Pincus. It’s being billed by the company as “a more versatile holster for your active lifestyle” and is the second generation of their modular style. The holster features a longer elastic band for greater security and also to provide support for larger pistols.  Unlike most belly band styles, CrossBreed’s new version incorporates a molded Kydex holster as well. A pair of pockets meant for magazines are also sewn into the band itself along with a single larger pocket meant for gear such as handcuffs.

Rob Pincus had this to say about his new design: “This is the first holster to combine the convenience and comfort of belly band waistline carry and the reliability, consistency and efficient presentation of a kydex holster.”

From I.C.E.: “The Glock 26 sized holster will also fit longer slides(Glock 19, 17, 34, etc.) as well as 9mm, .40 cal and .357 Sig Glocks.  The Smith & Wesson M&P sized holster fits ALL M&P .40 and 9mms.  Glock holster will not fit the Glock 43.”

The belly band holster comes in two sizes: 34″ and 52″. MSRP on the I.C.E. website is $39.95.

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  • Risky

    How do these belly bands feel for every day use? Seems like they would get kinda warm and sweaty but I don’t know. Anyone with any first hand use of these? I’m always interested in new deep concealment options.

    • DwnRange

      You are correct, worn for any length of time these types of carry-bands get hot and sweaty, not to mention you’ll need a larger pant size if you choose to carry as Rob suggest in his video – I’m also betting the addition of the kydex holster makes it even more uncomfortable. You will also need to wear a belt as the hotter and wet with sweat ya get my bluejeans tended to slip downward especially when walking or in and out of a vehicle or on and off a motorcycle – a couple days of trying one of these and I went back to my old reliable IWB.

      Might be okay for winter or guys that wear shorts or lite-weight jogging pants, but spring, summer or fall in Texas for a working man in jeans not too comfy IMHO.

    • James Jones

      I’ve used the bellyband for summer carry for as long as I can remember. I have never had any big sweat issues. I’m a tall and lanky dude, and the bellyband is the thinnest possible way to carry. With summer clothes on, it was my best option. I welcome this new addition since I have been AIWB-ing my G26 israeli style. With the addition of the Kydex, I can carry condition 3.

    • 4Bill_O_Rights

      I’m not promoting any particular make or model but I’ve been using a PistolWear for a couple of years. Deep concealment is no problem. Just shorts and a t-shirt with no need for a belt was my primary objective. It also includes a positive restraint. I’ve been happy with it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Shes hot, id be chasing her too.

  • TreeHugR

    Imma let you finish, Rob, but PistolWear been makin’ modular belly bands fo’ evar.

    • Gorilla Biscuit

      You win the monies!

    • Zoey Nestor

      Drop dead, Kanye!

  • Franklin

    Why are nearly all of the individuals in firearms ads white?

    • Dats Wascit

      When black tranny communists become the majority…then we’ll see some “diversity”.

  • gunsandrockets

    I like it. But it needs a J frame revolver version.

  • Katrina LeFaye

    Well, I have to say if you have a box of unused holsters somewhere feel free to send them to me. I have One holster total.