RM380 Added to Maryland Handgun Roster

    In the state of Maryland firearms are rather heavily regulated. In fact, the state keeps a registry of handguns which may be purchased by residents. According to Maryland law residents are only allowed to buy handguns manufactured after January 1, 1985 – and those guns must also be listed on the Maryland Handgun Roster. (Interesting sidenote: up until this year the state also required FFLs to turn over the spent casing supplied by manufacturers with new guns to the Department of State Police Crime Laboratory upon the sale, rental, or transfer of said firearm. The practice was discontinued in 2015 after being deemed ineffective.)

    The inclusion of a new handgun on the Maryland Handgun Roster is great for residents since it opens up their options at least somewhat. Now Maryland has announced they are adding the Remington RM380 to the roster. The RM380, a micro pistol designed with concealed carry in mind, was first announced by Remington in April of 2015. At that time I reviewed it for The Firearm Blog; the review can be viewed here.

    In recent years pistols chambered in .380 ACP gained popularity partly due to their being purchased by new shooters. Of course, they’re also used by a number of gun owners for concealed carry whether as a backup or main carry weapon.

    It would be nice if the addition of another semi-auto pistol to the Maryland Handgun Roster was a sign the state was considering expanding its semi-auto horizons, but it seems unlikely. This is good for Remington, though, since it will undoubtedly boost sales of the RM380.

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