Long range rifles of Daesh

The terrorist organization Daesh has released another disgusting propaganda video, this time about their long range shooters. I refuse to call them snipers because that would entail that they are actually professionals and have been formally trained. Luckily for us, the good guys, these terrorists don’t seem to fully comprehend the fundamentals of marksmanship or camouflage. The majority of the hits displayed during the video do not seem to have incapacitated their targets, and most of these look to be at at least 400 meters and in, certainly not precision shooting. Unluckily for us, it appears that they possess some night vision capabilities because one of the clips shows the camera with an IR filter, and the shooter must also have an IR capable scope if he were shooting in low light. Also some of the scopes displayed show IR scopes or image intensifiers. All the equipment appears to be captured or bought off the black market in some fashion as well. I would not recommend watching the video, unless you want to make your blood boil. This style of video propaganda, filming the actual hits of a shooter from his hide, isn’t new at all. During the Iraq campaign, there was an Iraqi insurgent sniper named Juba, who produced similar videos. However, it does show the long range rifle capability of our enemies, which I know we aren’t a political site, but I’m sure every reader on here can agree that a terrorist organization such as Daesh, are evil, and are our enemies. Another good point is that the footage is coming from a select few of their shooters, because you notice the same guys and the same weapons throughout the video. This is good because it means they probably have a very limited long range capability in their combat forces.


Draganov rifle with a Russian scope attached. Notice in many of these photos the complete disregard for camouflage, in this case, wearing desert smocks in a completely woodland environment. 


Romananian PSL  that has been covered up to break out the outline of the rifle, in addition to cammie netting over the shooters. This is probably the only proper usage of camouflage throughout the video. 


Burlap in Ghillies is alright, but only if used moderately. This sucker is what we call a “Burlap Monster”. His scope is going to give him away eventually.  


FN FAL in use with a picatinny rail and what appears to be a night image intensifier by the size of the objective lens. These guys are also just using cammie netting for their break up of outlline, probably the same guys from the first photo.  


M24 most likely captured from the Iraqi Army, as we supply them with a number of these. 


A European hunting rifle of some sort, probably a Blaser. This might have come from a private collection in Syria, as it is not used among any military in the wood stock configuration.


What appears to be some form of synchronized shooting, as they are all shooting in turn from the left. This photo has a mixture of PSLs, and Draganovs.


I can’t identify the rifle in front of them, but it appears to be an anti material rifle.


This is the IR footage I mentioned earlier.


Nice use of the military crest there buddy.


The eye piece appears to be just that, an eye piece.


I’m not sure how this guys bullets are clearing the ground in front of him.


Another Draganov in use.


Laser range finder in use.

Remington M24

Remington M24 with Trijicon RCO, and a BDC reticle not matching the rifle ballistics either.


Draganov from the rear.


Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

Please feel free to get in touch with me about something I can add to a post, an error I’ve made, or if you just want to talk guns. I can be reached at miles@tfb.tv


  • Jake Barnes

    The “Blaser” Is actually a steyr.

    • micmac80

      Yes SSG69
      Guess which ISIS sponsor has plenty of those : Saudi Arabia

      • Dave

        It’s not an SSG69, its just a classic Mannlicher, they all have the same bolt shroud and magazine arrangement in the stock, the bolt handle and contour of the wood stock give it away.

        • Richard Lutz

          It appears to be fitted with the 10 round magazine that was only made for the SSG 69, so it could not be a similar rifle like the Steyr Model M Professional.

    • Gorilla Biscuit

      I was just gonna say that.

  • Harrison Jones

    I bet the US purchasers are wishing they’d have let Trijicon put bible verses on these optics.

    • micmac80

      Its fake china crap and what good are bible verses to anyone .

      • Harrison Jones

        A lot of it is captured and they may be less likely to use it.

        • Liam

          IS are stupid, but I’m not sure they’d be that stupid.

          • Harrison Jones

            Their higher ups are insanely intelligent, but some of their lower level men it would stop. It depended on whether their motivation is sex, money, food for their families, safety for their families, fear for their life, or religion. They have people fighting for all those reason and the less worldly religious freaks it would stop.

          • RealitiCzech

            The lower level guys aren’t that likely to be able to read English… or read, for that matter.

          • Giolli Joker

            In Syria they are most likely able to read. Education in Syria was considered amongst the best in the region, and their Arabic the most “clean”, less influenced by dialects or other languages. Damascus was the place where most westerners were going to learn Arabic.

          • Tassiebush

            yeah it seems like it was one of the best countries in the region until the war.

          • Tim X

            The revolution which both Hillary & McCain encouraged and wanted us involved in. What was their real agenda? The revolution was a big mistake. Better that we would encourage on in Mexico!

          • Tassiebush

            I think perhaps revolutions are a bit overrated. I’m just trying to remember the last one that worked out better than what it replaced.

          • canislupus

            The late Eric Hoffer, a man I consider to be a genius, noted that “It is the nature of revolutions to be betrayed.” Note that our own revolution was the only one in history in which all of the participants died in their beds. That is, if they survived the war. The only exception to that was Alexander Hamilton who was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.

          • John Cheek

            Patrick Henry?

          • politicsbyothermeans

            This is not correct.

          • RealitiCzech

            I accept the judgement of the secretary of education.

          • Harrison Jones

            People read stuff. They can type it into a search if they have a keyboard and google translate. Also there are many lower level ISIS guys coming from US and Europe who speak english.

        • wetcorps

          Or just put some duct tape over it.

        • Jambo

          You do realize that even the most hardcore Muslim terrorists don’t have an aversion to the Bible, right? Remember that Spike’s rifle with the verse? Yeah, they have the same verse in the Qur’an. Bible verses do nothing to keep the terrorists away. The only thing that works are well placed shots.

          • Jason Bourne

            What verse is the same in the Quran as in the Bible? Not sure about that one…

        • iksnilol

          Eh, the Bible (together with the Torah) is holy book for muslims as well. Since it contains some of the same bits that the Quran has.

          • Paul O.

            Muslims don’t consider the Bible or the Torah holy. The Quran does contain Bible stories but they are not direct quotes. The Quran was written 650 years after the New Testament was written. However, the Bible wasn’t translated into Arabic until 200 years later. So all Mo’ had to go on were inaccurate oral traditions.

          • iksnilol

            Yes we do, it is a holy book for us. Since whilst not being the holy book itself it has a bit of it in it. Thusly destroying a Bible or Torah would be akin to partially destroying a Quran.

          • Tassiebush

            Jesus is an important prophet under Islam as I understand it?

          • iksnilol


            Not the most important, but important nonetheless 🙂

          • Tim X

            Thank you for the explanation. A lot of us need to get a better understanding of that belief system.

          • Jason Bourne

            Not sure about this. Can you prove these statements?

          • Tim X

            How’s he supposed to “prove” that here? Go talk to sime local muslims. Recently I have, and it’s been a real eye opener. Some I’ve spoken to think o the jihadists the way most Christians think of the kkk. others do believe in some softer form of sharia law.

          • Jason Bourne

            Ummm I have read the Quran. There is a ton of copies from the Torah but not the Bible. The Torah is a “explanation” of the Bible and Jewish tradition. To Tim X: I was asking for a singular reference to the Quran where the Bible and the Quran states the exact same thing. Also, learn to spell check. If you had read the Quran, you will understand that true Muslims are instructed to lie if they need to deceive unbelievers. (Quran 3:28) It’s called Al-Taqiyya. Why talk to Muslims? I have access to all that they claim to believe. Anything else is a sorry excuse or laziness. Read it for yourself, like you are supposed to do with the Bible (2 Tim. 2:15), and do your own research.

          • Core

            I read the Holy Quran in college. I followed up by an analysis of justifiable violence within it. Christians are not defined as infidels by the Quran. So these nut jobs are criminals nothing else. They don’t have justification to jihad, we never prevented them from practicing their religion. America is a nation of tolerance. They are a nation of cowards and rapists.

          • iksnilol

            The Torah is mentioned 18 times in the Quran and is confirmed to be the word of God. Only problem is that much of what is written has been corrupted/added and subtracted to.

            The Psalms are also mentioned in the Quran: http://www.usc.edu/org/cmje/religious-texts/quran/verses/004-qmt.php#004.163

            There’s plenty of material about this.

          • Jason Bourne

            Ahhh but this is a different statement. I never denied that they are mentioned, but the Bible is NEVER quoted. In some places, the uninspired Torah is copied verbatim. If Mohammed was alive, he never would have passed college. He was too busy plagiarizing… Just made my point thank you. The Bible and the Quran are not the same. The Muslim religion is NOT peaceful. Christianity and Muslims share nothing in common except possibly a geographic region.

          • iksnilol


            I never said the books are the same. I said, some bits are.

            And you’re venturing into Alex Jones territory… So yeah, I can’t really continue this conversation, I am too busy planning to conquer the word and whatnot since that’s apparently a part of my religion.

          • Jason Bourne

            It’s ok! I never expected you to be able to engage in a logical discussion anyway! Thanks for your ignorance. People like you are easily ruled by what ever whim a ruler wishes. You’re a sheep

          • iksnilol

            I did engage in logic. It was thee who ventured forth into crazyland.

            Next thing you’re probably gonna do is say that not paying taxes to “Obummer” is “patriotic”.

            Also, aren’t you a sheep for obeying unconstitutional laws (IE any gun laws)? Sleep tight, lil’ patriot.

          • Jason Bourne

            “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” Mark 12:17

            I thought you were done talking to me because I’m so ignorant?

        • politicsbyothermeans

          You’re assuming that ISIL and their affiliates are just Muslim. There are a lot of adventurers over there and more than a few of them are more than happy to shoot whoever for whichever side.

          • MacK

            yeah, there are so many of “those” it skews the figures. :rolls eyes

      • Core

        Bible verses remind us that we kill because we have to, not because we want to. It gives us strength when we believe we have none, and faith is the one thing that can’t be taken from us even in death. It seperates us from the savages that force our hands in battle. If not anything other than giving me a code that helps me cling to my humanity in times when war is hell. I met few who didn’t seek faith in a higher power when faced with death, and they teach us to show compassion and respect to those with none.

        • micmac80

          Same cloud be said by any of the allah al akbar crowd.
          And it would still all be bullshit.

    • Anonymoose

      They’re still on the civilian models.

    • Tim X

      Muslims don’t deny the Bible. They believe that Jesus was a prophet, not a semi diety. We need to start understanding that religion better. That’s not to say ISIS shouldn’t be liquidated.

      • Jack 250

        Jesus said He was the final prophet, all other after him will be false prophets

    • CavScout

      Doesn’t really matter. Just like Christianity was tacked on to Judism, Islam was tacked on to Christianity. So they believe in Jesus I believe, but that Muhamad came after. So Abraham and friends with Judism, Jesus with Christianity, Muhamad with Islam, and David Karesh with the Dividians. 😉

    • Rodney Steward

      Or pictures of a pig!

  • Jambo

    If anything, this is a sign that they are learning more. Before, insurgents were a joke. It was rare if they could shoot, and even rarer if they could coordinate like a real fighting force. Now daesh has these things and keeps learning more. This might be due to the fact that they have a lot of Saddam’s former men helping them along. Whatever the case, the more we delay in taking the fight to them, the worse it will get.

    • RealitiCzech

      It’s easy to learn more when you’re fighting a force that’s not much better than your own. It’s hard to learn more when the US .mil wipes out your entire force with air support in your first battle.
      ISIS exists still because everyone ‘fighting ISIS’ is actually fighting each other for control of the region.

  • Joe Schmo

    These “snipers” suck. I find it laughable that they showed any of those shots. Only a few were actual kills, and the rest of the footage just displayed their poor marksmanship.

    Luckily, we have drones.

    • KestrelBike

      It’s not even about being truly effective, it’s about being propaganda-effective, which this is in troves for the uneducated, ignorant youth that they’re trying to sway with these videos.

      • Bill

        They could be firing blanks or airsoft and these videos would still have the desired effect. US firearms blog readers are not the intended audience.

  • micmac80

    Cheapo china optics make shooting at distances hard .

  • Tassiebush

    I’m actually a little surprised they don’t have this a bit better developed. Perhaps their loss rate of experienced fighters has eroded their capabilities? I would have thought that between their Chechen veterans and their Iraqi insurgency veterans as well as just recent experience they’d have it worked out to a greater level of refinement.
    The videos seem to play such an important role in their system. Propaganda is an obvious one. I recall seeing in a documentary back in the Chechen war period that the videos were used as proof to collect their pay from the warlord. I wonder if IS uses that model at all?

    • Bill

      They do, and plenty of Chechens are fighting there. We’d do well to target their geeks; the video production guys and social media types, and cut off their propaganda machine. Kill their recruiting and lessen their impact. Investing more in cyberwarfare and less in combat support could really help the Peshmerga, Iraqis and Free Syrians, who already know how to spray bullets around, but may not have clean, 24 hour electricity to run the computers need to hack ISIS’s propaganda arm.

      • Tassiebush

        I think too the cyber warfare really can’t have much of a unintended negative impact. The targets are identifiable.

  • JOshua next time you tell one of our writers to shut the F up you might want to reconsider. Insulting writers is not tolerated. I would hope you have the ability to express your point without that kind of language.
    Banning is not something I want to do but better that than have our writers insulted.

    • Brett

      AAAAaaw Snap.

    • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I do think he has a point about helping the enemy out

      • CommonSense23

        The enemy can litteraly just go online and download the US Army sniper school manual if they are so inclined. 60 year old tactics really aren’t secret.

        • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          But why make it easy? Just my 2 cents

          • CommonSense23

            Easy? It’s called Google. Small unit tactics are all about the basics, which haven’t really changed since WW2 and all open source.

          • zxcvzxcv

            >But why make it easy?

            It is already easy, if they want they could download all the US Army field manuals they want. That we should be afraid of the ISIS boogeyman and censor what we talk about or try to circulate complete lies instead of trying to learn more because they might learn something is ridiculous. Unfortunately I can’t go all out to express this due to the possibility of TFB blocking my post, but I have an extreme hatred of your kind and any person who seeks to limit what I can read and talk about because the information might fall into the wrong hands.

          • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            That’s ok, I think you need to take your meds

          • Bill

            Lighten up, Francis. It’s the principle of operational security. I can tell you how to make an IED, or how fissile material is transported, or the ins and outs of CBRNE lab and materiel security, but if you think I’m going to publish that kind of info on a public blog, well, fire up the hate, ’cause you’ll have to dig it up without my help. And I’m not nearly as concerned about ISIS getting that info than I am that 17 year old Jim-Bob Filkus will blow up his dad’s barn, his face landing 2 blocks away whilst playing Mr. Wizard with the fertilizer for this year’s soybeans.

          • zxcvzxcv

            Whether you want to publish such information is ultimately up to you, but to demand others censor themselves or taint their reputation be pushing misinformation like other posters on here have is ridiculous. I really don’t give a damn about your operational security and have had no issue in the past posting information that I’ve acquired that is normally rather controlled for those who wish to learn, and will keep doing it.

          • Bill

            What misinformation? ISIS’s?

            “(I)…have had no issue in the past posting information that I’ve acquired that is normally rather controlled for those who wish to learn, and will keep doing it.”

            So said Edward Snowden, and Bradley, oops, sorry, Chelsea Manning.

            Self-censorship, AKA the art of keeping one’s mouth shut at the appropriate time, is something we usually learn in elementary school, reinforced later in life when the wife asks if those jeans make her butt look huge.

          • zxcvzxcv

            >What misinformation? ISIS’s?

            See J0shua’s post at the start of the thread.

            Thanks for reminding me about how I should be afraid of the US government, but like I’ve been told since 9/11 “when you give into fear, then the terrorists win” and therefore I refuse.

      • Bill

        ISIS and the vast majority of organized, “successful” terror and militant groups do not have to rely on open-source common firearms blogs for operational doctrine.

      • Like CommonSense23 said you can get online and find tons of information on camo, sniper tactics etc, so I just don’t see how any of what Miles talked about could possibly help them.

        • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          If you say so, I am sure it’s true. Sorry for injecting my opinion

          • Hey opinions are welcome especially the way you stated yours. No problem here.

          • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            What he got was a critique. Those are hard to find on Google. A critique of his operating style isn’t found on Google. That was my point. Google gives you facts, not critiques.
            Sorry it appears lost on some, like the moron that seems to think he should flame me for merely stating a respectful opinion. Perhaps I should have fleshed it out a little better.

          • You did keep it calm and respectful which gains you some respect among those of us here at TFB.
            We may not agree but getting angry just takes us from the topic.

          • hellofromillinois

            Google gives you whatever the internet says, not necessarily facts.

          • Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Some for get that

        • Core

          Tactics change very rapidly in urban environments and peripheral technology growing at an exponential rate.

      • Phil Hsueh

        As if TFB is the first place they’re going to look for advice on what they’re doing right and wrong, tactically speaking? I’d be surprised if they were even aware of TFB much less actively trolling it for tips on what they’re doing in their sniping. As others have mentioned, there are much better places out there for them to go to in order to find out about how to be a sniper than here.

        • All the Raindrops

          If they want a press release on the newest UTG product, TFB is the place to go. What they could do with that info, god only knows. Stay safe out there.

  • USMC03Vet

    It breaks my heart we are not dropping MOAB’s on these cockroaches whenever they scurry outside to make these videos.

    • politicsbyothermeans

      If it makes you feel any better, their OPSEC is so bad that Anonymous is actively calling in their locations to at least two FOs with Twitter accounts there in Syria. It’s not MOABs but Daesh are legit getting killed by neckbeards forwarding coordinates to lanyard pullers in theater.

      • Core


  • Geoff

    Ah, come on fellas. Everyone knows that the Islamic State, err, Daesh, can be stopped if we just were even nicer and more deferential to Islam and gave them jobs, opportunities and stuff……
    Oh, and they’re like totally not Islamic, as Islam is totally like peaceful. Yeah!

    • Evan

      That’s RACIST!

  • Maro Vlasic

    DEATH TO takfiri/wahabi scum!!!!!

  • Bob

    Maybe this is due to my screen resolution, but can someone explain the statement “Nice use of the military crest there buddy”?

    • Tassiebush

      Military crest refers to a position that is skylined. Tops of ridges of any sort. At least that’s my understanding.

      • Bob

        Ah. I wondered if that might be it. And now that I looked at it again, there is a crest in the right hand corner…

        • Tassiebush

          I remembered it wrong. SlowJoeCrow has provided the correct explanation.

  • Bob

    Just watched the video. Not impressed. Shooting at random people standing around isn’t exactly a challenge. Anybody could do what these guys are doing, though maybe by the standards of the region hitting something with less than a mag of ammo is considered good.

  • Blake

    You don’t even link the video? Lame.

  • Bob

    And to keep spamming here, what was up with the tracer glancing off or through that guy’s shoulder?

  • Tassiebush

    You’re absolutely correct I remembered it wrong. I am face palming as I write this!

  • The-Strategist WL Lucas

    this vid is used for propaganda, for recruitament; and if they are smart, they want to confuse us about their skills, per example: maybe they want us to think they are weak by not camouflaging theirself accordingly… but this is just a hunch.

    • Bjørn Vermo

      If you use proper camouflage, it is VERY difficult to shoot viewable video.

  • Giolli Joker

    “All the equipment appears to be captured or bought off the black market in some fashion as well.”
    Do you have evidence?
    What about the time that ISIS in Syria was not yet a thing and the US was arming all forces opposing Assad?
    Before the POTUS declared on television that they had no strategy against ISIS…
    And even after, I remember at least one case of armament and supplies for the “good” (?) rebels being dropped in an ISIS controlled area…

  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar paki tape, but otherwise,

  • Evan

    Thanks for calling them Da’ish and not “ISIS”. I can’t stand that incorrect and idiotic acronym. Either way, they’re savages.

  • Dan

    I’m going to be “that guy” this is ok but the IRA post got pulled? Weird.

  • Dan

    Freaking ISIS carp tried to take one of our guys out!

    • Tassiebush

      Carp diem

  • SP mclaughlin

    I dig that PSO-COG look.

  • Mr Silly

    Putin and many others tried to warn the Americans. The only successful strategy against “insurgents”- created or organic is kesselchlacht (see Otto Hellbrun)- entirely surrounded remove their only two advantages- freedom of movement (space) and time. Sorry, aerial assault & bombings simply do not work. Separatist warfare requires high quality, high-mobility light infantry enforcing cordon sanitaire with light, cheap down in the mud and weeds capable COIN loiterers for difficult or dug-in positions- that is cheap bomb-price ratios. Surely the US has plenty of excess serviceable prop-aircraft in storage it can donate.
    USA can redeem itself by providing its superb SIG-INT, real-time battlefield data and imagery to state forces it may dislike- but are clearly the lesser of two evils. US soldiers on the ground would only complicate an already chaotic situation and make more possible an accidental state-state conflict. US Batman- we need your brains and your resources not your brawn, Mr Wayne.

  • DW

    I don’t think ISIS read TFB. How to confirm? see if they lube guns with crisco or other commercial veggie oil.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    Since the dictionary definiton of sniper is something like: “a person who shoots at another person from a hidden place”,or “a rifleman who fires from a concealed place, esp a military marksman who fires from cover usually at long ranges at individual enemy soldiers”, they are indeed snipers, as were named similarly armed and trained (poorly or not) people in numerous other wars before.

    It is just trendy to call “sniper” only to a profesional soldier that have been formally trained. But they don’t care about these subtleties, and certainly the receiving end doesn’t either.

    • Bill

      Unless you’re in LE and prefer the warm and fuzzy “precision rifleman.” We don’t employ “snipers.”

      • Rnasser Rnasser

        Or in some places their name is actually “countersniper” to differentiate from the bad guys.

    • Tassiebush

      I read that the original term sniper was related to hunting snipes, the waterfowl. It got applied to soldiers acting in the current context of the word presumably because their stalking and concealment was a similar process. It’s funny to think the term originated with a type of shotgunner.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Regardless of their training level the only thing that matters is whether they are hitting.
    Are they?

  • Lance

    Like the barbarians they are, the use anything they get there hands on from exSyrian army SVD to exIraqi army M-24s. Weird to see ACOGs used with bolt actions.

  • politicsbyothermeans

    You’re right not to call them snipers. I’ve seen numerous videos of them taking shot after shot from exactly the same position. Absolutely haram.

  • Don Ward

    It’s effing called ISIS Miles. Quit doing the SJW defeatist John Kerry-lite #Hashtag slacktivist garbage of calling it DAESH. Seriously. *Don Ward autism level TRIGGERED*

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      If the guys actually fighting them call them Daesh, that’s good enough for me. I don’t care what the media use.

    • Phil Hsueh

      From what I’ve read, they don’t like being called Daesh, so calling them that instead of IS or ISIL, or ISIS is actually insulting. So, if that’s indeed true then I’m happy that people are calling IS Deash instead.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Never underestimate the enemy.

  • Vojtecho Veprolito

    What the hell is DragAnov? Designer of SVD was Yevgeny DragUnov.

  • duh

    Did Carlos Hatchcock call the enemy sniper something other then sniper when he shot him through the scope, because he was not trained like Carlos was? I don’t think so.

    Sounds like snobbery to me.

  • Leith Jeroudi

    The unidentified sniper rifle looks like a KSVK, or it could be a captured Kurdish PKK AMSR home made rifle

  • Dave

    Ya know, ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh are all just acronyms for the same thing. Throughout the Middle East they are called “Daesh” but it’s just the Arabic initials. “Sham” can be translated as either Syria or the “Levant”. It’s about the same as saying “Wehrmacht” instead of “German Army”. Not worth stressing over.

  • Nathan

    The wooden european hunting rifle is a steyr, I believe it’s a steyr ssg69 with wooden stock. Blasers have straight pull bolts.

  • Hub92

    The hunting rifle seems to be a Steyr Mannlicher S model… A great old fashion hunting rifle with an amazingly smooth action but not the same era of Blaser.

  • Matt Shermer

    The ACOG M24 combination is hilarious because I remember when all the people who showed off playing Call of Duty used that combination…I his they are going to teach 21st century quickscoping, which then begs the question how are they all not dead yet.

  • KP

    Perhaps if you Americans weren’t invading this country there wouldn’t be a problem.

    These are freedom fighters, from their point of view, and you are the playground bully, a view shared by a lot of the world.

    Anyway, a poorly written propaganda piece for the rednecks in the USA..

  • RegT


    I know calling ISIS “Daesh” is the new, cool thing, but it is actually a push by the Left to make people forget these psycho muslims are practicing members of islam (intentionally not capitalizing that death cult). The more we accept the use of Daesh instead of ISIS, the easier it is for Obama and other muslim sympathizers to claim they have nothing to do with islam.

    • Doom

      good point.

  • dltaylor51

    We had these animals under our heal for over 1300 years and then Bush and Obama came along and let them get back on their feet and now they are going to be at our necks unless we beat them back into the stone age where they belong.Islam is going to be a constant threat untill the world nuts up and destroys them forever.

  • Alex Pei

    That ACOG’s too big to be an RCO/TA31 variant. It probably is a .308 TA11.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Their propaganda might be working for their intended audience of easily duped bullet catchers, but it serves as a reassurance to any modern military opposing them. I’m just an American guy, and I’m far better equipped than their elite “snipers”. Average Joe American Hunter would be more effective in a combat situation. Sorry for the gratuitous sports analogy, but compared to a modern military, this looks like a pee wee baseball team trying to play in the big leagues. It’s not the same ball park. It’s almost not even the same game.

    That being said, I think US foreign policy has been a disaster, and from the looks of it, an engineered disaster. It’s certainly not the fault of those who serve. The blame falls entirely on the “civilian leadership”. So many traumatic brain injuries, lost limbs and lost lives… while making the US less safe.

  • g4inlv

    The sporting rifle is a Steyr.