Long range rifles of Daesh

    The terrorist organization Daesh has released another disgusting propaganda video, this time about their long range shooters. I refuse to call them snipers because that would entail that they are actually professionals and have been formally trained. Luckily for us, the good guys, these terrorists don’t seem to fully comprehend the fundamentals of marksmanship or camouflage. The majority of the hits displayed during the video do not seem to have incapacitated their targets, and most of these look to be at at least 400 meters and in, certainly not precision shooting. Unluckily for us, it appears that they possess some night vision capabilities because one of the clips shows the camera with an IR filter, and the shooter must also have an IR capable scope if he were shooting in low light. Also some of the scopes displayed show IR scopes or image intensifiers. All the equipment appears to be captured or bought off the black market in some fashion as well. I would not recommend watching the video, unless you want to make your blood boil. This style of video propaganda, filming the actual hits of a shooter from his hide, isn’t new at all. During the Iraq campaign, there was an Iraqi insurgent sniper named Juba, who produced similar videos. However, it does show the long range rifle capability of our enemies, which I know we aren’t a political site, but I’m sure every reader on here can agree that a terrorist organization such as Daesh, are evil, and are our enemies. Another good point is that the footage is coming from a select few of their shooters, because you notice the same guys and the same weapons throughout the video. This is good because it means they probably have a very limited long range capability in their combat forces.


    Draganov rifle with a Russian scope attached. Notice in many of these photos the complete disregard for camouflage, in this case, wearing desert smocks in a completely woodland environment. 


    Romananian PSL  that has been covered up to break out the outline of the rifle, in addition to cammie netting over the shooters. This is probably the only proper usage of camouflage throughout the video. 


    Burlap in Ghillies is alright, but only if used moderately. This sucker is what we call a “Burlap Monster”. His scope is going to give him away eventually.  


    FN FAL in use with a picatinny rail and what appears to be a night image intensifier by the size of the objective lens. These guys are also just using cammie netting for their break up of outlline, probably the same guys from the first photo.  


    M24 most likely captured from the Iraqi Army, as we supply them with a number of these. 


    A European hunting rifle of some sort, probably a Blaser. This might have come from a private collection in Syria, as it is not used among any military in the wood stock configuration.


    What appears to be some form of synchronized shooting, as they are all shooting in turn from the left. This photo has a mixture of PSLs, and Draganovs.


    I can’t identify the rifle in front of them, but it appears to be an anti material rifle.


    This is the IR footage I mentioned earlier.


    Nice use of the military crest there buddy.


    The eye piece appears to be just that, an eye piece.


    I’m not sure how this guys bullets are clearing the ground in front of him.


    Another Draganov in use.


    Laser range finder in use.

    Remington M24

    Remington M24 with Trijicon RCO, and a BDC reticle not matching the rifle ballistics either.


    Draganov from the rear.


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