Rapid Armor/SMG Backpack

Remember the Ares Armor RAD Pack? It was a backpack system that rapidly deploys a front armor plate and a handgun from a backpack. Well these people made a better version of that design. This backpack has a sub machine gun inside it along with the armor. The armor panel looks like a proper plate carrier design and even has side attachments to secure the front armor panel. This backpack system can accommodate sub machine guns as big as 580mm in length. So P90s, MP5s, HKG36C and UMP-9 can fit in this system.

I am not sure but the text is either Spanish or Portuguese. Can anyone tell what language it is? I did not see who makes this backpack system. There seems to possibly a model number MCP-BIR2. But a precursory Google search did not come up with anything.

Nicholas C

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  • GearHead

    Neat. sew in some rare earth magnets into the cumberbun system and might be a real low profile winning system.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    That music doesn’t say goofy gimmick at all.

    • rob in katy

      Still cooler than the man bag thing…I was thinking if they made the man purse bigger it would look like a schachel and my wife would let me have one. If I came home with that thing in the other post I would be sleeping in the barn.

    • JSmath

      Intercultural Comm 101, my man: What may seem odd or even wrong to you might just be right up another culture’s alley. … That sounds a lot darker than intended but it’ll work.

      The music is goofy as sh**.

  • That text is in Spanish

  • anon

    Its really pretty neat, but i’m having trouble thinking of a purpose for it.

    • Dracon1201

      It’seems discrete, so you can literally do any job with it: VIP Protection, undercover operations, police for sting ops, EDC if you’re really worried. Literally anything.

      • Anonymoose

        And you don’t think a bulky backpack like that would stick out like a sore thumb? Maybe if you were hiking around the mountains or something, it would look okay, but it’s pretty darn tacticool for anywhere else.

        • MadMonkey

          Another tool in the box. Around here it would be perfect for EP.

        • george

          In europe there is a lot of urban environment. In a crowd a man with a backpack doesn’t stick out. The police could even have different color backpacks so they can be even more inconspicuous

          • Anonymoose

            So you say. It still seems ungainly, unfashionable, and unprofessional (or maybe a little too “professional”). Backpacks can turn any guy into a dorky student or traveler (unless on a motorcycle- then they could be a yuppie). I understand a lot of people go on backpacking trips around Europe and the coasts of the US, but if I saw a generic police-type or a typical 30-40-something tacticool guy with close-cropped hair carrying a big, bulky hiking pack like this, I could instantly peg him as being neither a student nor a tourist. Now, for certain spec ops guys who aren’t ripped, but have shaggy hair and semi-unkempt (but not long) beards, maybe they could pull it off and pretend to be tourists, but none of the guys in this video, and probably almost all of the users on this site would just stand out.

          • Paul Joly

            You think too much.
            A man with a black bag is far more lowpro than another one in full kit with an SMG on his chest.

          • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

            The ARES backpack mentioned earlier is way more discreet but it only carries a handgun. Maybe a small-ish backpack BT MP9-centered would fit the “very discreet but powerful” bill?

        • Dracon1201

          No, I don’the think it would be out of place. People don’the notice jack crap. This one isn’the even that big. Maybe if 10 people are wearing them together, lol. But 1 or 2? Nah. I think a good point was raised, though, about the mountain pack thing. It would be a good way to camouflage it, even in an urban area.

        • I instantly seen a good option for like a bike cop or event security or something similar as well. Not necessarily trying be uber-discreet, but some operations where you don’t want to be in full vest/gear but still like the option of having a vest with a PDW style weapon there. When you’re stopped and talking to a family though you don’t look like a swat officer in their eyes.

  • Nicholas C

    Yeah I saw that. But their photos are rather vague. Plus we do not get a good picture of the armor or the bag.

    • Randomer

      Sniegel also offered it in a mixed colour pattern that looked much more like a traditional hiking backpack, which I imagine worked much better.

      I’m yet to see a hiker in the EU who carried a black, coyote, OG or grey pack with a single colourway rather than a mix. People carrying single coloured packs tend to stand out. Especially anything with MOLLE visible on the outside.

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    The text is Spanish
    Some free and loose translation:
    MCP-BIR2 Special OPS weapons system.
    Capable of carrying SMG, Assault rifle or PDW, full coverage ballistic vest plus mission gear. Looking like a normal backpack the user can use this as a tactical advantage reducing the chances of blowing the cover and once deployed shows visible ID. Protection levels can be adjusted to different threat levels.
    (Features:) Weapon firmly attached and sling, fast deployment, tactical reloads, weapon transition. compatible weapons H&K MP5K, MP5A3/A5, UMP9, FNP90, H&K G36 and other no longer than 580mm

    • Nicholas C


  • koko

    Great, but it seems that it would work only with short haired operators. What about the rest of us, who are followers of Steven Seagal? And what about wearing cool shades, while deploying this system?

  • Shootingwithapurpose.com

    Why did Ares stop making the RAD pack? I’d be interested in something like this but they stopped making it a couple years ago. It isn’t on their web site anymore. You can buy them on Ebay sometimes but what the heck?

  • santi

    Really great product for law enforcement but gahh!! The production quality could us a little more attention but I understand that is not all to important if the product is quality and useful.