Rapid Armor/SMG Backpack

    Remember the Ares Armor RAD Pack? It was a backpack system that rapidly deploys a front armor plate and a handgun from a backpack. Well these people made a better version of that design. This backpack has a sub machine gun inside it along with the armor. The armor panel looks like a proper plate carrier design and even has side attachments to secure the front armor panel. This backpack system can accommodate sub machine guns as big as 580mm in length. So P90s, MP5s, HKG36C and UMP-9 can fit in this system.

    I am not sure but the text is either Spanish or Portuguese. Can anyone tell what language it is? I did not see who makes this backpack system. There seems to possibly a model number MCP-BIR2. But a precursory Google search did not come up with anything.

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