News from Glock at IWA Germany. Let there be COLOR…

“Coloured frames”

I’m actually not sure if I’m going to write that Glock had no news at IWA this year, or if – stop press(!) – Glock released some of the biggest news ever?

I’ll let you decide, but please study the pictures closely before deciding.

Having seen these “coloured frames” in the flesh I am disappointed.

Choice is always nice, of course, and Gaston Glock will most likely have a laugh at collectors that now have to buy 3-4 times the amount of Glocks to have ‘everything’.

However my disappointment is mainly due to that Glock chose very strange tones.

For instance, I’m a big fan of Olive Drab, but the “Battle Field Green” is very…uncool, and so goes for the rest of Glock spectrum.

In my opinion Glock simply chose the wrong tones. They’re probably too “light” in color for my liking.

Perhaps they’re perfect for you, and the answer to your call?


The one in the middle is black.

Battle Field Green” with and without camera flash.




Flat Dark Earth” is what Glock calls this. Other things come to mind when I see this color.




Not “Wolf Grey” or some other cool name, just “Grey”.

Again, a darker version would have been my choice.



Glock wants you to rate their new colors. I’ll go black. They’re all “3s, don’t like” to me.


So, am I too pessimistic or is this the future for Glock?

You are more than welcome to rate these new colors below.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Major Tom

    Awww, so no pistols in red, white and blue? Nothing in gold, silver, platinum, diamond or tiger stripes?

    I’m reminded of a certain marketing quote by Ford from the 1920s: “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black”.

    • Bigbigpoopi

      Charter Arms beat em to it.

    • USMC03Vet

      It’s a start I guess. Glock has some fugly colors though….

    • Indiana Finney

      Looks like there’s a red frame in the background of the first Grey picture.

      • WTHarewetalkingabout

        Glock has been minting RED and turquoise/light blue frames forever – for practice, reset and training models. And it looks like a slow news day – because all three colors have been available for years from Lipsey and others as “limited runs” or “custom runs”.

        • Billy Jack

          Yup. FDE non-Vickers versions are always available on TSS Warehs and occasionally at GrabaG usually at a higher cost. ODG and grey are hard to find but the Vickers Gen3 customs are around and worth it if you wear OWB or have tough underwear. I’ve stared at those Vickers units a bit too long a few times.

          • HSR47

            As an RTF2 addict, I’m thankful that Vickers and Lipseys got Glock to do those two runs, and I hope they do more in the future.

            Apart from the rare cases where an RTF2 Glock comes into my employer’s inventory as a used gun (it’s happened once in the three years I’ve been there), they’re pretty much the only way I can afford to get RTF2 Glocks in 9mm.

          • Billy Jack

            I think they may. They were open to it and now they’re deciding to produce more variations. I’m wondering if their sales have stagnated a bit due to saturation.

  • Sounds silly, but the custom shops that have been doing the Tiffany Blue and polished stainless slides on various guns makes me ashamed to like the colorway due to gender stereotypes and associations…. but I still like it.

    That or an ALL WHITE grip with stainless slide and slide lock. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Bigbigpoopi


      • USMC03Vet

        Pretty hot. SCCY colors are great.

        • iksnilol

          SCCY colors are pretty boring: light blue and dark grey or white when it is overcast.


          • USMC03Vet

            What about blazing orange and red?

          • iksnilol

            That’s witchcraft… And we burn witches.

          • Vizzini

            Then cops would start shooting kids with even “unrealistic” colored toy guns, saying they mistook them for a blazing orange or red Glock.

  • PeterK

    I don’t hate them. I’d probably be happy with the gray or the fde.

    I wonder if material properties affected the color choices at all?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I wonder if material properties affected the color choices at all?

      Yes. Always. Dyes are always heavier and weaker than the nylon or glass fibers it’s replacing. But not significant enough to matter in this case.

      • Evan

        Per their website, “The GLOCK hi-tech polymer does not include glass fibre reinforcement, resulting in unsurpassed breaking strength in the cold.”

    • NDS

      The tan frames especially seem to be a completely different polymer… I stipple the standard gen3 black frame at 720 deg F, and the gen4 black at 700. I dial tan gen4 down to around 650 and it still is VERY soft. I’ve only done one tan gen3 frame and that was so sketchy I doubt I’d do I again without some sort of disclaimer.

      • Nicks87

        I noticed the same thing, after totally F-ing up my OD green G17 frame.

      • ZEBRA-wit-RABIES

        Great info thanks!

  • Madcap_Magician

    Vomit green and poop brown? Count me in!

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      You might wanna see a doctor…

  • KestrelBike

    Glock wouldn’t be Glock without f’ing up ODGreen.

    • Billy Jack

      They got the intials right BFG

  • Adam D.

    The grey one looks nice!
    I’ve always been a fan of everything (lighter) grey, planes, cars, clothing, SNES,
    I like this one too. Of course it’s just the looks, no serious thoughts on applications.

  • Andrew

    You can always darken them with RIT dye…

  • Evan

    How about making an ambidextrous mag release instead of puke green frames?

    • Greg M

      I’m pretty sure all gen 4 are ambi. You just switch it around.

      • Evan

        I want an actual ambi mag release, not one I have to switch, but that’s still an improvement that I was unaware of.

        • ARCNA442

          Actually, Glock did make a fully ambi mag release prior to the Gen 4, but it was unreliable and was taken off the market.

          • Evan

            Yeah, when I say “ambi mag release” (slide release too, for that matter), functional and reliable are implied. Plenty of companies make ambi controls for pistols, there’s no good reason not to.

          • ARCNA442

            I think the good reason is that it is difficult to do well. There really aren’t that many firearms with fully ambi controls (granted, it is a fairly recent phenomena) and those that do often have ergonomics or reliability issues them.

          • Evan

            It seems that every new gun review I read specifically mentions ambi controls. I’m not an expert on gun design, but it seems to me that making working ambidextrous controls would be quite simple. And I don’t see an ergonomic issue, I’ve been shooting guns with right hand controls left handed my whole life, and it’s never caused me a problem. It’s 2016, ambi controls should be an industry standard by now.

          • Drunk Possum

            While maybe not super ergo, the way Springfield ( or HS Produkt) designed their ambi mag release is kind of ingenious. The mag has basically a hole for a catch right in the centerline and it uses a pivoting locking mechanism. When you press the mag release from either side, it pivots the lever and the mag drops free. Yeah, the mag release pin rotates a little bit too, but for me, it’s virtually unnoticeable unless I’m really paying attention to it.

          • Rick5555

            A lot of manufactures are providing ambi magazine releases. And the controls are quite reliable. Springfield on the XD Mod 2. versions…i.e. their new grip zone, the FNH-FNS and FNX. HK has ambi mag release too. Companies can make the ambi release very reliable and durable. Reason, some manufactures don’t use this. Is the mag release system has to be completely re-done. As well as, the magazine it self has to have a redesign. Which will add to the cost of said pistol. So companies shy away, so they don’t have to increase the price to a particular line of pistols.

          • ARCNA442

            Of the proven handguns (issued by major agencies that can test them) on the market, only the newer HK’s are fully ambidextrous, and they achieved that by using the ergonomically divisive paddle release.

            Given that virtually every other major manufacturer has switched to reversible magazine releases that required new magazines anyways, I don’t think that’s what’s preventing greater adoption.

          • ePoch 270

            I never understood the issue with HK Mag release. I’ve carried a USP 45 and a HK45 for 19 years and I’ve found them to be tremendous.

          • Nicks87

            No thanks, just more protrusions to get caught on clothing and what not.

      • iksnilol

        Actual ambi, not silly half-arsed ambi.

        Think HK or Walther paddle release on pistols.

      • ePoch 270

        That’s reversible, not Ambi. Big difference.

    • Vizzini

      I’ve been releasing magazines with my index finger so long I’d actually have to retrain myself. Not even interested.

  • Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt

    European color preferences are always a shade off of American ones. Guess they once again didn’t consider the American market. I’m surprised they didn’t throw a sky blue in the mix.

  • NoNamesOnTheNet

    I have a Grey Frame G20. It’s very dependant on lighting conditions for how it looks. However, I had my G43 cerakoted to match it as closely as possible. We used a Magpul Stealth Grey and it is a far more attractive color.

    You can see how different lighting changes things in the following pictures.

  • Bill

    I know that choosing .mil camo patterns is like a 10 year long version of “Fury Road” with committees instead of cars, but why not just use the same NSN or milspec colors as, well, the military? Granted, GLOCK being Austrian may have different camo colorways than we do in the U.S., but sheesh, I haven’t seen a green like that since a puppy was fed the wrong formula.

  • M&M’s

    Glock doesn’t choose the color. Their customer (Distributors) do. DE,GR,OD – Lipsey’s, BFG – Amchar

  • iksnilol

    Glock being uncool!?


  • Ratcraft

    I do not like coloured frames. I do like colored frames tho. Darker tho. I love the dark green used for the XDm9. Light green? not so much.

  • MSmit

    I actually picked up one of the “battlefield green” glock 26s at my local shop two weeks ago and I like it more than I thought I would. While it definitely is lighter than I normally would like it’s better in person than in picture.

  • Random FFL

    Most of these are REALLY old news. I’ve been selling the FDE ones for years. There were also OD Glocks for a couple years but they were special ordered by a distributor and are gone now. That same distributor is the one who ordered the Battlefield green colors which by the way customers LOVE and are selling like crazy. The Gray ones weren’t too big of a hit. I agree the colors aren’t very accurate, but they aren’t any worse than Sig’s and Kel-tec’s attempts. Bottom line is they have to release colors to compete with everybody else at this point.

  • Joe

    Color is cool, just not colored polymer. When you dye or alter black plastic it becomes weaker. The only exception to this (supposedly) is Magpul’s new “Sand” color line.

  • Geoff

    All joking aside, I would all over a MultiCam or TigerStripe Glock like a fat kid on smarties.

    • Southpaw89

      Could always hydro-dip.

  • rharry

    They really need dirty girl pink!!

  • mig1nc

    Can’t tell on my monitor, is it like Steyr Green?

  • Southpaw89

    I hope those pictures aren’t doing the colors justice, they look way too washed out.

  • Mike Reagan

    I think the technical term is ‘Fugly’

  • Hoth

    Turds of a different color. Yay?

  • Justin Roney

    I realize Glock probably feels they don’t need to innovate to maintain market share…but colored frames? That’s all they’ve got? What about single stack versions in all the major calibers and sizes, or changeable side and front strap panels, or more MOS versions? Do they even do any market research?

    • Mcameron

      glock makes changes to their guns that have actual purpose……not based on what the current internet trend it……

      there is not reason for a single stack G17……if you have tiny baby hands and cant fit around a G17 grip, buy a 1911.

      changeable front strap?… one does that….and theres no reason to with a changeable back strap.

      glock has been selling well for 30+ years now… need to screw around with stupid gimicky ideas to sell guns.

      • Justin Roney

        The purpose of a business is to corner market share and sell more of whatever you are producing. Businesses that don’t innovate and try to coast slowly die.

        Ergonomics isn’t a gimmick, it’s the science of how humans use objects and how to make that interface better. I’m sure people said rifles with pistol grips was a fad too. I’ve known lots of people that said they didn’t like the finger grooves on the Glocks. They fit my hand fine, but they don’t for others. Are thin handguards, AFG’s, and red dot sights internet fads? No, they are ergonomic improvements designed to make the weapon easier to use by a wider segment of the population.

        The whole point of making, say, a single stack .45 in 17/19 size would be exactly what you said, a competitor for 1911 size carry guns at half the price. I think they’re missing out on the large group of new shooters the last few years.

  • Edeco

    I might like that green. Be the first time for a non black/grey polymer gun. Hard to say, screen settings and all, but I might be getting a retro feel from it.


    With flash , and without.

  • Scouse

    I thought no Pistols in Australia was the law Dave?
    So buy a pistol, compete in say, IDPA Dave?
    I am with Henry Ford (Black)
    Quick word on reversing Magazine release, I have a friend in Canada, a Police Officer, for 30 years, his dept. recently went to a .40 cal. S&W that you can swap the release to the right, he did.
    Since going to pistols from Revolvers, he has used his index finger for that function, likes it better, went right back.